10 Content Marketing Outsourcing Questions

Content marketing outsourcing is something every business should consider not only if they want to grow but if they want to retain their existing customers.

All businesses can be divided into components, each component have a certain function. Upon identification of this component and its functions a business owner can decide whether it is ideal to be outsourced or not.

Content marketing is no different.

It has become to be one of the necessities to maintain the health of your business.

Ask yourself these questions before deciding on content marketing outsourcing:

1. Do you have someone in-house who have the set of skills needed?

Content marketing is not simply writing articles and blog posts. To be a content writer or editor you need to acquire several skills that are the basic requirements of the job.


Someone in your current team may be qualified to perform the job so no need to outsource.


Nonetheless, to maintain being competitive in the market, you may want to consider someone who is more experienced.

This is when you must consider content marketing outsourcing.

Consider also their current function in your business, will moving them to focus on your content marketing reduce or increase manpower risks?


2. What is your content marketing budget?

Your budget on content marketing pre-determines the possible outcome of your online marketing campaign.

Your budget does not have to always be in par to that of your competitors.

If you create a good plan and find luck in your content marketing outsourcing, you will typically gain the same results.

It doesn’t mean that you would pay your workers less, what is being suggested is that you have a thorough screening if you decide to outsource to ensure every penny spent is working for its purpose.


If your company have not yet started on your content marketing, ensure that you assign at least 20-30% of your advertising budget for online marketing.

Once there are visible results in the numbers of conversion (do not rely on traffic numbers), you can scale higher.

Do not increase your budget unless you can prove it works for your business.

The thing is, no matter how small the budget, you should feel that it is working even at a narrow timeframe. Otherwise you are outsourcing to a wrong company.

Even if you do not go for online marketing brands that will typically charge over $1000 monthly, you would be able to feel a little increase in the your sales conversion and customer retention.

Extensive content promotion does not typically mean thousands upon thousands of dollars.

It only needs a good freelance worker who is willing to take you not only as a client, but a business partner.


3. Outsource to freelancers or agencies?

This probably is the point wherein decision is crucial.

You have both options which are both lucrative.

Agencies have plenty to brag over freelancers, one is that they are a established organization compared to being a self-employed individual.

This does not mean that freelancers’ skills are less or work is slower.

A good freelancer would present himself / herself with the same confidence of an agency.

If not better, because they can work on your project outside working hours of an agency.

Meaning collaboration is not limited.

Agencies will not take you as a client if you cannot pay good money to start the project.

Consider the overheads that agencies will charge you, if you are small business, you might end up draining your advertising budget quick with an agency.


Freelance content marketers may charge less, but those of good caliber who knows the business will probably charge over $100 an hour.

Those are the ones with established network in the content marketing industry and warrants a greater audience upon release of every material based on the topic you assigned.

Some freelance content marketers are expensive but are results-oriented.

Whether you decide on an agency with proven track record or a freelancer, it remains to be best that you review their portfolio and ask for a sample work on your type of business.

While others may discard the idea mentioned earlier, asking for a sample will allow you to gain insight whether they can write for your audience.


Nothing will beat an agency in terms of dependability. In general they

can offer peace of mind because they have a physical office you can go to and business registrations should anything go wrong.

Nonetheless, consider the fact that freelancers are business owners on their own. Not only are they competitive in terms of quality, they also aim to grow their business while putting clients first.

Furthermore, freelancers often work by performance, meaning your advertising dollars are safe until they have produced something.

Top notch freelancers often beat top listed agencies in terms of performance and ability to collaborate.

4. How much confidential materials are you willing to share?

Most content marketing strategies will involve you sharing data to your content marketer. When you do, consider how much confidential information are going out.

In content marketing outsourcing, find a freelancer who have non-disclosure policy of the data you submit for reference.

Although for small businesses this may not be a concern at the moment and be overshadowed by the eagerness to just start content marketing.

Nonetheless, if you give your freelance marketer access to your customer database, leads and emailing list. These data are very sensitive information that may lead to serious business problems in the future.

212929672b68a2366d6d2a0f636c72b6Make sure you cover agreements on this matters before any move on content marketing outsourcing.

Non-compete policy must also be clearly defined at the beginning of hiring either an agency or a freelancer.

Ensure that they cannot work on your top competitors. When competition gets tough, it is easy to sell data that are relevant to sales conversion. Beware!

5. Are they an expert on any field of practice besides content marketing?

Outsourcing your content to someone who have expertise closer to your business will guarantee faster, better and compelling content.

For example maybe they have a background on health practice, and your business is related to health and medicine. You are guaranteed it is easier for them to translate, write and elaborate on medical terminologies involved in that field.

Every area of expertise have its own colloquialism, it will be great not having to worry on content creation.


Further, some agencies are experts on writing about weddings and events but they may not be a well-known agency on real estate and web design. Consider these factors.

patbaganosmallbannerThis does not make an agency of a freelancer weak. It only suggests that you are better off with someone who understands your industry by default.


8. How will you define success?

Get your numbers ready. Have a clear list defining your goals with a fixed budget.

Defining your goals will enable you to establish your working relationship with your content marketer. How you both align towards a common goal is very important to achieve your content marketing goals.


Furthermore, your goals will allow you to appraise your freelancer’s performance.

If at the primary stage of the project your freelancer shows no progress towards your goal.

It will save you a lot of money and time to just leave the service and look for a new one.

8. Am I guaranteed success? Really?

Words are just words, unless there are numbers to back it up. While seeking for the #1 spot is everyone’s goal, there are no guarantees.

Nonetheless, when promised, go for it.

SEO rankings may vary as search engine like Google have different kinds of updates on how the algorithms behave.


It takes about 6-12 months before guaranteed results appear in the data.

It takes time before you can hold them to the guarantee they give you. What are the sanctions should they fail to deliver?

9. Does content marketing fit into your other marketing efforts seamlessly?

Most small business do not recognize how content marketing can impact their overall marketing efforts. There is much consideration besides budget and human resources.

If content marketing will not fit with your other marketing strategies you need to find a way how they all fit together.


The whole idea of marketing should be a cohesive business strategy to convert consumers to potential customers and potential customers to sales.

But it doesn’t stop there, you must also strive to retain these customers.

This is the reason why marketing never stops and takes too many forms. To


10. How will you track progress?

It does not mean that you are done with your content marketing outsourcing that you will just sit around hoping for the best.

Freelancers love to communicate, some actually, some won’t bother to touch base from time to time.


It is important that you define the schedule for collaboration and topics to be discussed.

Have your content marketer present a detailed report to save you from worrying on how to track the progress as often as possible.


Most, if not all, businesses who have a website needs online content marketing.

The importance of content marketing grows yearly as technology offer more ways for consumers to be entertained. Content marketing is undeniably replacing traditional media because of consumer behavior.

Among small business solutions, the most common option is content marketing outsourcing to freelance content writers and editors. This saves them money as they arrive at their desired marketing goal.

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