7 Things About Virtual Assistants

7 Things About Virtual Assistants You Need To Know

virtual-assistants-deskThe term virtual assistant has been dominating the entire web but most business owners are either unfamiliar with it or hesitant about outsourcing their business to a virtual assistant.

While the term “virtual” may evoke the idea you are letting a complete stranger handle your business logistics, while it is true, it also can increase your productivity.

A qualified virtual assistant has a long list of expertise that you can take advantage of to increase productivity. Furthermore, a virtual assistant, can carry out delegated tasks even after office hours.

virtual assistant

1. Email Correspondence and Filtering. With the internet dominating business logistics. There is no reason why you cannot delegate email correspondence to a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant can be given clear instructions on how to filter, follow up and answer certain emails. Along with this, a highly trained virtual assistant can run your email marketing campaigns while you spend more time doing that things that matter to you most.

2. Dedication and commitment to your success. A virtual assistant is an independent contract worker who can guarantee success of every task they carry out. Since they are running their own business and committed to its success. It means that your success is taken seriously as well. Time is of great value for most virtual assistants and this is to your advantage compared to a worker on a regular payroll.

3. Pay per performance. As mentioned earlier, VA’s time is very valuable, their working hours can be bought on blocks of time or performance output. Means you do not have to pay for a worker on a usual 6-9 hour shift and spend on wasted hours.

4. Blog Management. A VA in general are well trained to handle blogging. They can reply to comments, post entries on your behalf and even scavenge the internet for related blogs to your business and comment to increase your backlinks.

5. Manage your social media accounts. With internet as their primary avenue to earn. Most virtual assistants are updated in terms of social media marketing. Even virtual assistant with elementary web skills can carry out social media marketing tasks to ensure your presence is regularly updated.

Freelance web content writer as a job

6. Data encoding and manipulation. Every small business owner knows how much time it takes to encode data, from your contact list to creating pdf and PowerPoint presentations. A virtual assistant can handle your data from raw reference and encode, edit and convert them to your desired format.

7. Customer service and outbound calls. With voice calling setup and reliable internet connection. Your VA can even handle voice calls both inbound and outbound to increase production and sales. Consider hiring someone with telephone skills if this is a strategy you wish to take.

These are a few among the things you need to know about a virtual assistant. Outsourcing to VA services is the current trend among businesses of all scales, it ensures your dominance in the industry while allowing you to have more time spent on things that matter to you.

10 Quick Tips About Content Writing Services

Content writing services

Finding the right content writing services to outsource your web content needs can be take a lot of time and pressure. Almost everyone who have access to a computer calls themselves content writers if they are able to write 500 words or more. But is this really the case?

I will take you through 10 quick tips to find the right content writing services for your business.

Market knowle5-Tips-for-Effective-Content-Writing1dge. Hire professionals who know the market you play at. This ensures that your contents are current, compelling and coherent.

Language and grammar.
You can always outsource to India or the Philippines. However, you need to be very careful in choosing a non-native speaker in creating content.

You need to ensure that your content writer have a firm grasp on standard English to make engaging contents for your readers and visitors.

Pricing and payment scheme. Payment is usually per number of words, per article or post and some per project. Go for per project if you require a steady stream of content in a blog or if you require a bulk number of content on a particular topic.

Nonetheless, cheap does not always work to your advantage, as cheaply priced articles may lack the whole point of doing SEO. Every piece should be 100% quality, original and keyword-rich.

download (1)Blackhat SEO. While blackhat SEO claims to show results of raising search rankings, a lot of people who spent thousands of dollars regret the move. Blackhat SEO do not always drive the “worthy” traffic.

Be careful that your advertising and marketing dollars go to numbers you cannot convert to sales. Be impressed with someone who can promise a good conversion rate while keeping your online presence 100% quality.

Track record. Good content writing services provider would be able to boast successful projects in the past. However, be careful with content writers who spills the brands they handled and name customers they wrote for. Ask yourself this, “would you want your customers to know that your contents were not made by you?”.

This is very important if you want to leave the impression that the material found on your website or blog is by you. Do not lose credibility. Good writers would ask you to test their skills, have a website with their portfolio and samples, but never share the names and brands they worked for.

Speed. Fast does not always mean efficient. Find content writing services that factors in research time to create contents. Some content writers may just spin an already written article which is found all over the web.

If you want genuine written content that deserves your investment you need to consider this.

Quality assurance. Find a service where they edit and proofread their materials before submission. If you can do the proofreading yourself, ensure that your content writer takes criticism well and not charge extra for editions.

content_writing_servicesAffiliations. Although there is no strong impact on the skills of any firm or individual offering content writing services, affiliations can be a good starting point to learn about them and their works.

Some affiliations though are bought, meaning the qualifications are not valued. Go for content writers who have good standing.

Reliability. There are some content writing services who provide all that you want, except they have too many clients on hand. Needless to say, you might be placed on low priority.

Choose content writing services that would prioritize your projects and reliable to collaborate with.

Business partner. Hire someone who thinks like a business partner. Someone who can give ideas on how to improve and takes your success seriously. This will be the greatest move you can ever make.

contentmarketingYour content will represent you. Every word written and the fashion it was written are like words coming directly from your mouth. Keep this in mind when you consider to hire someone for your content needs.

5 Content Writing Tools Every Writer Should Be Using

Content Writing Tools

Content Writing Tools Anyone Can Use For Free

Content writing tools are essential even to the most inspired writer. You wouldn’t be able to survive the growing competition without preparing your favorite set of tools to shape an article, blog entry or press release.

Diverse topics can cause you to feel overwhelmed and sometimes stop you from making any progress. It is very important to not lose a bit of interest in writing. I have listed the top 5 content writing tools that I find helpful in producing quality content.

Use Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator.

It asks you to write 3 nouns and it will generate ideas of what to write about them. Let’s face the fact that often finding a title and base spot to begin writing from is a tough call. This is the best way to get over a writer’s block.


Use Google Trends.

Google trends give you the trending topics globally. You can search keywords or topics you want to write about and it will give you related topics depending on trending and number of queries. This is a good tool to create keyword rich contents that are relevant and up to date.


Readability Test Tool.

Although some things may seem okay from your point of view. It is however important that your contents score good in readability tests which analyzes the material you submit.


Zen Pen for focused writing.

When you need to write without distractions a simple white webpage with minimal text adjustments. Easy on the eye but great on productivity.


Portent’s Content Idea Generator.

If inspiration is lacking and need ideas on how to attack a certain topic. Use Portent’s Content Idea Generator and you might just find the best way to write about a certain topic.


Those were just 5 of my favorite content writing tools available for free use. Every writer has their own set of tools and it is important to start building your arsenal of tools to combat those uninspired days.

5 Things About SEO Content Writing You Should Know

SEO Content Writing

SEO content writing services rose to popularity with the undeniable effect of internet among normal lives of people. Everyone is online, from the top earning individuals to the students and non-working class. This reason alone is enough to conclude that single best place to find potential customers is where they spend most of their time, online. Content then became king and will reign supreme for years to come because there is no other way to make your potential customers learn about you than written words and graphics.

SEO content writing services became a necessity for most business owners, from the smallest to the biggest enterprise globally. Since there is a need to drive traffic before you can start converting them to sales. How this traffic is targeted is what SEO is all about.

Anyone who has access to the internet knows that finding information begins in search engines. Otherwise it would be impossible find what you need.

Here are 5 Things About SEO Content Writing Services You Should Know before hiring anyone to formulate a magic trick to divert the traffic from your competition to you.


Writing contents for websites

1. Establish your goals. Establish your business identity well before asking an SEO content writing specialist to formulate marketing strategies.

Most SEO content writing services are virtual, they will only learn about your business and your goals if you collaborate with them efficiently. The best thing to do is have an established outline of business goals before hiring. This will save you much time and money in avoiding mistakes and production of irrelevant content.

2. Do not go for cheap services. Cheap services lead to cheap results. SEO content writing became a fad among people of different writing skill levels. And sadly, there are people who have very weak research skills and questionable command of the English language who claims to be an online writer. No offense, but hiring such services will make you lose potential customers as your credibility sinks with your investment.

3. Clean approach. There are plenty of promises coming from various firms offering SEO content writing services, some blackhat SEO companies may guarantee your rankings in a matter of days and weeks with their magic formula. Nonetheless, with the impressive data they present to your desk, how many are actual customers you can convert? Making your brand and website crawl among the deep web but to those not related to yoour business, will only bring you views, not potential customers, meaning never to be converted. It is money going to waste.

Furthermore, search engines like Google may penalize your links and websites if they notice you appear in various irrelevant categories, may cause you to never be indexed. Definitely a great deal of headache in the future. Beware.

4. Content represent you. Content are not just words strung together to divert traffic, nor are words meant for display and not to convey the meaning and nature of your business. Each word written for SEO Content Writing is word representing you and your business. Keep this in mind when you prospect hiring someone to work for you. Ask yourself, “Do I want to be represented by this person?”.

5. You own every right for anything you pay for. patbaganologobannerEnsure that the SEO content writing done under your business and brand is under your ownership. Some SEO writers tend to publish articles and materials of the same content and voice but for another client. If you notice there is something wrong, don’t take any excuses and move to another provider.

These are just the basics covering several points to be considered in choosing SEO content writing services for your business. Choose services from those who are like you, business-minded people who represent themselves well with clients.

Virtual Assistant Outsourcing – 9 Good Reasons

virtual assistant

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is not a new business strategy. A lot of businesses in different scales have been outsourcing way back in the 90’s, although it may less then because of technical limitations. But with the growth of technology, a lot of business logistics can be assigned to a remote worker through the internet. Consider the following reasons why outsourcing may take your business to where you wish to take it:

1.    Budget

Virtual assistants work part-time or full-time depending on your demand and usually these blocks of time are bought as fixed price. For this reason alone, it saves your monthly salary expenses, office expenses, equipment and other usual office consumables.

Budget household bills

2.    Space Limitations

You are saved thousands of dollars in terms of renting additional working space. A virtual assistant is available to carry on the task you delegate without worrying about an office space.


3.    Availability

Virtual assistants are available on times you specified independent from holidays. You are guaranteed tasks will be done if you specified it done on a weekend or a bank holiday.

rendered concept of a data security triangle with server
rendered concept of a data security triangle with server

4.    Access to wider expertise

Virtual assistants are specialized support system to your business who can carry out delegated tasks from personal to as complex as IT and accounting. Depending on the set of skills you need and that your virtual assistant possesses, there is guaranteed output.


5.    Flexible job descriptions

You may collaborate with your virtual assistant to work on flexibility in terms of your business needs. Virtual assistants may work on project basis, hourly basis and other variables and often ready to compromise on budget depending on volume and weight of delegated work.


6.    Confidentiality

A hired virtual assistant protects the best interest of your business and acts on your behalf. You are guaranteed that a virtual assistant will observe, prevent and act upon any challenges that may cost the business.


7.    An Expert

Your virtual assistant can be great business partner with invaluable and unbiased advice about the business. Further, you can ask your virtual assistant to research about your market and present data relevant to your profits and conversion rates.


8.    Multi-tasking

Virtual assistants are not only good with fixing your calendar, data encoding and research. You may also delegate social media tasks, content writing, transcribing, spreadsheets, customer care and power point presentations. The primary role of a virtual assistant is to improve your business as they can remotely work assuming multiple roles.


9.    Less stress

patbaganologobannerHiring a virtual assistant whose availability is beyond office hours makes sure that you have more control over your time and focus on things that matter. If there is one thing that virtual assistants are actually made for is to ensure that you spend less time worrying about the next email, presentation or research.