“Words are like weapons they betray.” – Madonna’s Joan of Arc from the album Rebel Heart.

So can words rebuild, encourage the discouraged, inspire the uninspired and defend the defenseless.

Words have power and best we direct that towards success, both our own and our community.

Patbagano.com is a website aiming to share tips, tricks and knowledge with new bloggers, freelancers and individuals who are struggling in their careers to establish a strong online presence.

Each word I write to form sentences, each sentences to contribute to a paragraph, paragraphs turning into a post, I dedicate them all to whoever is in need of them. May it be a certain post about content marketing tips, blogging strategies, blog post ideas or shared views on self-mastery and life in general, its dedicated to my readers.

The word guru implies a very strong title, I don’t think I am one. I think, there is much more I can teach the world by not being an authority, by simply staying on the same level as a friend who knows how to coach another friend.

I built this website based on my experiences and knowledge that sums up who I am today. Some of my life stories you would find under the section called Self-mastery. I often do not include those post in the blog feed showing at the front page of this website.

I’ve been tempted to write, rewrite, edit and completely change this about page to better define what this is really all about.

I discovered as it takes more stability as my personal brand that this website is not About me. This website is about you, about what you can learn from. This website is about how my readers can remeasure and redefine success while they learn from my mistakes and conquests.

I was 22 years old when I discovered the power of the spoken and written words. I also learned how one can make a living out of it and how one can be trained to be better at it. A decade later, so many things happened. I learned from so many mistakes that caused me to fail and so many failures that caused me a somewhat mediocre success.

Now I that I am 32 years old I wish to fulfill a totally different set of goals, along with this blog I branded with my name. I wish to tell the world what I know, I wish to assist those who may find value in my skills, ultimately I wish to redefine lives using the power of writing.

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