Benefits of Blogging for Small Business Marketing

I always get asked how blogging for small business can increase sales, not because any of my blogs now (and, or, then) ever made a lot of money. Simply because people think I know a lot about this stuff because I am quite techie.

Hmmm. So you may be having an impression that I am not an authority on this matter, blogging for small business.

Well, I may have not made thousands upon thousands of dollars by blogging using my personal brand.

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But I can tell you that I made some brands stand out by ghost blogging for them, and yes, they are those who made lots of money.

It may be a wrong move, but I enjoyed it that time. Had I focused on my own brand, I could’ve made good amount of money.


It is never too late, isn’t it?

So why did my clients, from back in 2008 until recently considered outsourcing their business blogging to me and many others?

It’s a proven success that I am also trying to pattern my marketing strategies now.

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So here are the reasons why blogging of small business is important:



Everybody hates to be stuck in traffic. That’ if you are on the road.

But for your website? Nom nom nom nom, I can skip 1 meal every day and spend hours on my computer as long as I can have more website visitors.

How is your website found in the internet?

  • They can type your web address directly on their browser, but those are probably people you already know. That doesn’t get you any more than what you already have.

blogging for small business

  • Buy the traffic! Buy an email list and hope people open them after blasting them marketing campaign that they did not opt in. Not only is that expensive, it’s very unethical and can even fracture your brand’s credibility BADLY.


  • Paid banner advertisements to be displayed on websites that your target consumers are frequenting. But relying on clicks, given they have not yet installed an ad blocker, is an expensive move. You need to upsize your marketing budget about 200% if you are considering this long term.


Well your next options would be blogging, social media and SEO. These three are actually related to each other already so that’s an added bonus.

I am pretty sure that your websites have quite a few pages, like:

  • About
  • Contact
  • Products
  • Services

Can you update them, say, every day? That would be crazy right? They are static pages and their function is to be stationary. I googled it for you, see below.

static page meaning snip

In terms of updating your website and making your pages more dynamic, blogging for small business solves this issue.

Every post is another indexed page on your website, that’s another page for your customers to know about you.

That’s another page for search engines to index and rank.

Meaning the more blog posts you have with great multiple varied keywords you are adding more signals to search engines to divert traffic.

Making your website active signals search engines to crawl more often on your pages. This directly influence your website ranking greatly.

Active websites get more hits and higher rankings.

Shareable content makes you socially active. Blogs can be shared among friends, through their news feeds, timelines or messages.

This takes you to a different ball game, now taking a more popular name as social media marketing. Social media is a major key player in diverting traffic.

blogging for small business
blogging for small business

Blog “share” and “like” buttons easily makes you social.


Being social is an important step in marketing, there is no other way to drive more traffic to your website today than with the help of social media.

I hope you find the infographic I made below to be descriptive

***It is not guaranteed to convert 100% of readership into leads. Set your benchmark realistically. Just keep your calls-to-action on every blog post and keep blogging.

Makes You an Authority

One of the perks of having a blog is that your customers and visitors will consider you as an authority in your market.

Remember, consumers want to buy from experts. If you are consistent with providing content that is helpful for the majority of your target customers, they will keep on coming back wanting to learn more.

Keep on answering their common questions, this is the most what makes blogging for small business the best marketing strategy.

Just imagine how you impact consumer behavior by educating them about confusing areas of your product or business.


Unfortunately, there is no easy metric to measure “market authority” through blogging. It is more like a fact laid out for every content marketer to follow.

Authority enables target conversion to leads and strengthens the possibility of sales and retention.

Continuous Lead Generation

Blogging for small business drives continuous results. It is an effective lead generation solution.

Meaning you are able to generate leads 24/7/365.


Your blog post, no matter how old, will show up in search results.

Results in search engines show up because of the relevance of the keywords you used in creating the content. Older posts are indexed and ranked higher than new posts actually.

An old post may still be able to convert 10 – 100 leads monthly even if it is a year old.

Those mentioned above are top 3 reasons why business must incorporate blogging into their marketing tactics.

patbaganologobannerOther reasons blogging for small business can increase marketing productivity is that blogs are great outlet for public relation
s type information.

Further, testing information release to better understand your consumer persona’s reaction before any major investment are better done in blogs.

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