Pat’s Progress Report 07-08/2016

August known as the Ghost Festival Month in Chinese culture took a hit on me. I was once a very superstitious person but learned to drop that along the way and adopt to a more practical view in life.

So what happened to the month of August 2016?

I am blogging with ease and launched my Ebook

Writing is becoming more natural to me again. In fact, I think I write better now than I talk. I think better when I write than I would engage in another activity. I now have 116 published posts which is pretty low compared to my expectation of running around 150 articles or above. Some things happened, and that, you will find out as we go along.

Also published my first eBook for the website, Take It Easy Blogging 1 for free download.


I stalled with blogging after getting Blogger

No, I did not get a blogger. I got Blogger, my sweet baby (puppy) who passed away after 10 days of acquiring her. She caught the Canine Parvovirus which took about 5 days of trying to nurse her back to health. I failed, and she didn’t make it. I know I shouldn’t be saying I failed, but I still feel bad about it and keep on wondering what could I have done more. Even the vet never gave assurance after getting her on IV fluids. I miss her so much.


I launched

Thinking my friend who have potential as a travel blogfer and kind of encouraged me to start it will blog soon. Another disappointment, he isn’t blogging still. Just to launch the site and not waste the domain name. I wrote a few content on that site and designed it. So that took about a few days that I could’ve spent on But that’s a startup and actually part of the whole idea of so, no regrets.


Twitter is still my main content distribution channel

Followers increased but not to a shocking number. In fact very low increase. I was hoping to reach 2000 or more for the whole month of August but some things just don’t work. I need to learn how to penetrate other Twitter users by creating content appropriate for them. That is included on my September goal.



I joined Quora not to blog, just answering questions and linking to my articles. It might provide good backlinks and traffic. Other websites, I have to consider, it might be a total waste of time. But I am really enjoying Quora right now.


God of the internet stopped sending trolls

Fortunately there are no trolls sending me random messages recently. My inbox might have been filtered by the angels of the web that’s why my eyes don’t get a chance to lay on the wonderful trolling messages.

I don’t know, either is not good.


No customers still

No customers for a writing gig, no inquiry for almost the whole month. I must have been doing something wrong, but that is fair enough at the moment so I can focus on content creation and research.

But a good trickling of cash would be appreciated. Hope September is kind to my .com and that is it for now.


pat progress

Pat’s Noteworthy Progress 06-07/2016

Progress: Today I am on my first month publishing in

I thought it would be nice if I would write monthly about my progress to let myself and everyone else know whether I am failing or getting closer to my goals.

Goal setting is a strength I am revisiting. I somehow allowed other people set their ideas of my success in the past. They ended up frustrated and I ended up even more frustrated. That is just not going to happen again.

I am really considering including a “life story” category on this blog, but I do have self-mastery. Let’s see, how that will take form.

Let us go back to my noteworthy progress report.


·        1 month from my first blog post, I write better

Blogging is a journey. I have read from blogging gurus that I look up to, Penelope Trunk and Jeff Bullas that blogging is a great tool to improve your writing. I improved so much I have noticed.

Well I may be persecuted by my words because I keep on mentioning in this blog that I have writing experience. True, I am not a newbie but almost like one. With the changes in online publishing. Being stagnant for 4 years or so made me feel like “crawling” on eggshells most of the time.


When I say I write better I mean I am closer to the blogging style of 2016. It is different you know. Check this post by Neil Patel to learn how to blog better.

I remember how my first post looked and sounded like. I was just excited publishing content on this blog it really does not matter then how it would sound/read like. Nonetheless, I just went ahead and posted it and I am not taking it down to track my progress better. Judge me! <joke>

·        1 month after publishing my first blog post, I have more twitter followers

My twitter has been dormant from 2013 -2015, I think. The last blog I intended to build and market was from a “dead” passion on tea, Its dissolved in the matrix. It is worth noticing that, even I had about 300 something followers on topics of #tea most of them unfollowed me because I was posting more about writing and content marketing. (I know that’s a shameful number, but I wasn’t active then)

Nonetheless, there was a rapid growth in my followers because of I publish regular content on this blog and tweeted it regularly. As of writing this I have 1,043 followers.  Shows that this is where my strength should be focused.

twitter progress

In short, it’s a noteworthy progress.

·        Some inquiries on my services

I had several inquiries on my writing services. In the past, without a website I only advertise on freelance boards and classifieds.

Owning your own website and blog really does get potential customers even just being live within 30 days. Nonetheless, I turned them down.

Here are the reasons why:

  • I hate basement bargain hunters. Content takes time to make and anyone paying $1 for 100 words can keep the money to himself. Its offending. This is the main reason there are a lot of bullshit floating online.
  • Some inquiries are just from the internet trolls, people who have nothing to do, they are just excited to use every contact form they encounter online. I am not even talking about spam bots. These are bones-blood- flesh trolls.


It is important that when you own a website, especially if you are a new one, that you are strong enough to say no.

I would rather spend my time writing content for my blog than blog for a cheap price for someone who cannot value my time.

·        1 month after blogging, I can cope with my losses

Blogging and writing about advertising, social media, content marketing and “blogging about blogging” allowed me to cope with my losses.

  • I lost my best friend and cousin in 2014.
  • I lost my business in 2015.
  • I broke my relationship in 2015, husband left leaving each other harsh words to note for life.

So you see, it wasn’t easy dealing with some stuff, I learned though that life has to go on. Well that is after I tried many different things to cope.

Blogging pulled me back together to 1 piece as I establish my own brand I am rediscovering and empowering that writer, trainer and manager I once was.

I knew I have forgiven the past when I realized how excited I am with the future.


Check out my Self-mastery posts often to get inspiration when you feel low or just plain insights of how I am learning love, pain, attachment and anger. My main posts will always be in content marketing and blogging, and those may not show up in my front page feed.