10 Definite Reasons Why WordPress is Best for Small Businesses

why wordpress is best for small businesses

There are plenty of reasons why WordPress is best for small businesses but here are the 10 most gripping reasons. Designing a website from scratch is an agonizing experience, that’s if you time travel before open source (CMS) content management systems. Joomla, Drupal and WordPress are the most popular among the content management systems today. But WordPress took the big lead by powering about 15,886,000 of the entire web. Check WordPress statistics here.

If you are a small business or even if you are not, WordPress is definitely the best choice to use as the platform for managing your website. Not only is WordPress customizable and expandable, it is also continuously developed by the open source community.

Why WordPress is best for small businesses relies mostly to the fact it is lightweight, easy and convenient to use for everyone. It allows website creation easily even if you have no or minimal coding skills. Oh that is part of the first reason already. Here you go:

1.      It is very easy

Even the novice to website creation can easily build a website after WordPress installation. Another reason why WordPress is best for small businesses is because it is available as 1-click install on your domain name through your web host, most web hosting sites use Softaculous and Fantastico Deluxe.

Click here to learn about WordPress installation using Softaculous.

Click here to learn about WordPress installation using Fantastico.


Once you have installed, you can easily change the theme through your dashboard. I would suggest play around with the Dashboard for a while. It is fun.

2.      Wide selection of plugins

WordPress plugins are the extensions to the default WordPress website. You can easily add functions to your website by installing a plugin.


The traditional way of building website is to code the functions and paste them on your CSS and PHP files. WordPress fixed that fuss by plugins. For example, you want a page to display a contact form so that visitors can easily contact you through your email. Instead of coding a form template, you can easily download a plugin for contact form and install. The plugin itself will have settings where you will be guided step-by-step to publishing.

3.      Easy to change website themes

Themes in WordPress is not only to change the look appearance of your website but also to some degree dictates your website’s functionality. A theme for a business directory will function differently from the theme for a blog. The possibilities are endless in terms of themes, you can create yours, use the thousands upon thousands of free themes or purchase premium themes.


Theme installation and activation is just a few clicks in WordPress and you will not lose your content when you do. This is why WordPress is best for small businesses, you have the flexibility to rebrand and give your visitors a different look.

4.      WordPress solves SEO dilemma in terms of coding

The coding behind a website is one of the things that must be factored in SEO. A messy code behind your CMS will definitely discourage the crawling spiders of search engines. Although not visible to the human eye. Bugs can be everywhere in a single webpage.


For human users it is ok, but for robots, no! It can affect your ranking if the page is terribly coded. By default, WordPress is search engine friendly. The crawlers deployed by the search engines love to read WordPress websites from headers to footers. Imagine how that affects ranking.

5.      Budget friendly

Designing with WordPress allows you to tap into a community of web designers, open source developers, web engineers and CSS specialists offering their development for free. Meaning, when you troubleshoot almost anything that concerns functionality, you are almost 90% to find the answer without having to hire someone to do it for you.

Most of novice issues in WordPress are found in WP Beginner.


Nonetheless, if you are looking for functionality that handles databases, internet data exchange, ecommerce or those more advanced. It is better to hire a website designer or a WordPress expert.

6.      It can handle any type of media

This is another reason why WordPress is best for small businesses who wish to deliver various forms of content for their users. Designing a post or a page using WordPress allows you not only to format your text the best way but can handle embeds of videos, images, PDFS and other forms of media to enhance user experience.


7.      Promotes growth

WordPress may be lightweight and started as a blogging platform. Why WordPress is best for small businesses is because it has evolved into a powerful CMS. It won’t slow down even if your website has hundred thousand published pages. It will remain to function the same. You do not have to change your CMS, just keep on publishing.


8.      Easiest way to manage

Need to post while on the go? WordPress fixes that for you. You can download WordPress for iOS and Android for free and log into your website. It will notify you of new comments and allow you to post and edit pages. That is something that cannot be done with another CMS. If you are an active blogger this one is the best solution.


9.      Can handle multiple users

WordPress made website membership simple. You can assign users into different roles. Allowing you to have someone to manage it on your behalf or add content has never been easy. While it may evoke giving control to another person, do not worry, you can limit their access and roles in the admin panel.

Not only is it your CMS but can add function to your business as a collaboration software.


10. Easy Updates

Everything you install in WordPress will remind you if an update is needed through update notifications in the admin panel. Updating your theme and plugin versions is easily handled with just a few clicks.

WordPress version updates can easily be done as well without losing your data or breaking your website. It’s just a matter of a few clicks.


No other CMS can deliver smart performance as a CMS for small businesses, no wonder website designers always emphasize the reasons why WordPress is best for small businesses.


10 Best WordPress Plugins for Beginner Bloggers

best wordpress plugins

I am rounding up 10 best WordPress plugins for those who just started to blog. These plugins are some of my favorites because they are customizable and free.

The WordPress plugin repository can be quite confusing, there is almost a plugin for anything. However, some are buggy and does not measure with the promised functionality.

WordPress plugins are responsible for making a website become what the owner intends it to be. In this post we are only discussing how plugins can increase the performance of your blog while not compromising visuals.

These best WordPress plugins will help your blog work smarter and faster:


1.      Display Posts Shortchode

This plugin allows you to display listings of post on any page you like. There is a great list of parameters that will customize the way the post will be displayed. This comes in handy when your theme will not allow you to display post according to your desire.

displaypost sc

Adding a shortcode on a post or page will display the posts based on the arguments you set. It is very easy. They have the available parameters you can use in this page.

2.      WordPress SEO by Yoast

If you are not using this plugin, you are missing out on a lot of things. This is definitely among the Best WordPress Plugins to make sure you are visible in Search Engines.

yoast sc

WordPress SEO by Yoast handles all SEO elements you need for your blog to be optimized. For content writers, the greatest impact is how it handles the SEO elements and showing green and red bullets. Before you publish you can edit until everything is green.

3.      Free and Simple Contact Form Plugin – PirateForms

While there are a lot of contact form in the WordPress plugins repository. I like to keep mine simple. Pirate forms ensures that you create a simple contact form that you can insert to a page or post.


4.      Jetpack

A very useful plugin from the WordPress team. Jetpack is a bundle of 33 different tools to ensure smarter and faster blog.


Jetpack is most popular for its built-in analytics. You can view your website statistics from your WordPress dashboard without having to connect a third-party website. Jetpack is full featured, yet free for anyone to use on their WordPress hosted blogs.

5.      Inline Related Posts

With Inline Related Posts you can enhance user experience by creating posts boxes within your content. When you insert the shortcode, Inline Related Post automatically displays a related article found in your archives to your reader.

Capture IRP

You can place multiple related posts boxes throughout your blog posts, without messing up with your formatting.

6.      Digg Digg

This plugin by Buffer delivers you social sharing at its best. You can display social buttons nicely in your blog. It allows you to place the buttons anywhere you like.

digg digg

Floating, before post or after post. Popular sharing buttons available are, Twitter, Buffer, Facebook Share, Facebook Like, Digg, LinkedIn, Google +1, Reddit, dZone, TweetMeme, Topsy, Yahoo Buzz, StumbleUpon, Del.icio.us, Sphinn, Designbump, WebBlend, BlogEngage, Serpd, Pinterest, Pocket and Tumblr.

7.      Scroll Triggered Box – Dreamgrow

Scroll triggered box can improve your email capturing within your blog. It can increase productivity of your marketing efforts and help you build an email list. What is good about scroll triggered box is that it will only appear once your visitor is engaged with your content. This is better than having a pop-up.

Capture scroll trig

Scroll triggered box by Dreamgrow is highly customizable. You can place any call-to-action with this plugin.

8.      WP Hide Post

It does exactly what its name implies, hiding posts within the blog displays. There are some posts I often publish but I don’t want to appear in my homepage. WP Hide Post can make you decide where to display the post or not all.

wp hide post

If you are making several marketing materials that you might want to reference to later but not exactly show as a blog post. This plugin solves the problem. Hope you like how i drew the arrow and smiley up there. XD

9.      Custom Login

For branding purposes, if you want to rid of the traditional WordPress Login, you can use this plugin. It allows you to change the logo and background image and customizing it to suit your brand better. It basically changes everything in your login page, including the font styles and alignment.


10. Simple Image Widget

While this may sound very basic. Simple image widget allows you to display any kind of image and define the size in your widget area. Whether you are adding in the footer or your sidebar this is among the best WordPress plugin that delivers that functionality.


Image widget is a great way to design your blog and add an image that is either clickable or not.

Need help in setting up your WordPress Plugins or anything about blogging, SEO and content marketing. Please let me know, I love collaborating to help people achieve their website and blogging goals.

7 Misconceptions About WordPress

Misconceptions About WordPress

There are plenty of misconceptions about WordPress. Personally I love WordPress and I use it to make my own websites. WordPress started as a blogging platform the evolved as one of the most powerful and widely used Content Management System today. Powering almost 25% of the entire internet.

In my web designing services, it’s easy to notice how uncomfortable some clients are when I mention using WordPress to setup their website. That is because they are trapped within the idea of WordPress functioning only as a blog.

I already knew WordPress about 10 years ago when I first had an inkling about blogging.

In this post I have summed up the most common misconceptions about WordPress that I have heard.

Big Companies Do Not Use WordPress

Absolutely wrong! It may have started out as a blogging platform widely used by bands, persona bloggers and small business but WordPress is a mean Content Management System. Even Yahoo! is using WordPress as their CMS.

It is amazing how these misconceptions about WordPress still goes around even to the some web designers who have a fair experience.


WordPress is capable to host the smallest landing page to corporate websites with unique and robust functionalities.

The themes and plugins repository is overflowing, from contact forms to the most complex functions like accounting, billing and memberships.

All WordPress Sites Are Similar in Look and Feel

Are you kidding me? This is one of the biggest misconceptions about WordPress that cracks me up. WordPress, among the three big open source CMS, Drupal and Joomla, offers the most customization from back-end to front-end.


It will only look and feel the same if you stick with the default theme. Nevertheless, there are plenty of themes and theme files can easily be manipulated to better fit your brand and taste.

SEO Ready

While there is partial truth in WordPress being the most SEO friendly CMS. SEO is not simply the design. These are among the misconceptions about WordPress and SEO that commonly leaves website owners to no longer work on their content.


WordPress does have an advantage on SEO because of the way the platform is built. Making deployed SEO web crawlers read the page better.

Nonetheless, one shoud look into SEO plugins, there are quite a lot to choose from in the plugin directory. However, always put into mind that SEO is dependent mostly on your content. I personally love YOAST SEO. It does great wonders in optimizing your page.

It Is Not Secure

Just because it is open source and free does not make it easier to be hacked. WordPress have the largest community of developers contributing to fixing holes in its coding security and ensuring it is kept up to date.


Installing a security program will make your website secure. You must also regularly update your plugins to increase security of your WordPress website.

WordPress does not provide support

The amount of support you get from the WordPress community is actually tremendous. There is a thread of almost any possible problem that you might encounter. WordPress.org Support will help you troubleshoot installation to customization.

Capturewp org

Best thing about it is that, it does not only cover the basics, the topics covered in the support includes CSS, HTML and PHP.

Impossible To Customize

Another of the most common among misconceptions about WordPress is on themes customization. With the themes repository, both free and paid, it is impossible not to find a theme that adapts to your brand. But if you are really picky, you can choose the theme closer to what is on your mind, then work on the CSS from there. Don’t know how to? Time to get a web designer then.

WordPress Is Only Ideal For Basic Sites

I found that people who mention these misconceptions about WordPress are probably those who never used it. Anybody who has used WordPress for at least 2 websites as a platform would know how extendible it is.


It can power blogs to company portals, membership sites to e-commerce, all this can be handled by WordPress.

If you are thinking of setting up your website, consider WordPress as your CMS and do not get discourage about the misconceptions you hear about this wonderful CMS.

The challenges you may encounter in setting up WordPress is by far still going to be easier than those you might cross with other CMS. WordPress makes website management easier compared to Joomla and Drupal especially if you lack coding skills.

Using WordPress As Business Website CMS

using wordpress over other cms

Here are 9 reasons why WordPress is best for any Business Website:

I remember using WordPress years ago, and witnessed how it evolved from a blog platform into a powerful Content Management System. For some people the idea of using WordPress to power a business website is a little difficult to grasp because they are trapped in the idea of blogging platform.

Percentage-550x298Recently, I found myself getting trapped in arguments in defense of WordPress to run a business website. I find business owners to fall into one of two groups:

Group 1 – Those who know they need a website but haven’t found time or money to make it.

Group 2 – You have a website that is either outdated and not functioning the way you want it to.

Falling in either of the groups above, WordPress is definitely your best business website solution. Among the reasons why are the following:

  1. Ease of Access. WordPress is a platform that allows even those with no HTML coding skills to setup a website, manage it and update it. All you need is a good internet connection, a reliable web host and a computer. If you have no budget for hosting yet, you can head to wordpress.com and setup your business website under a subdomain. For a small fee you can have premium features such us your own domain name. For basic web pages just to establish your online presence, WordPress.com is a good starting point. You can migrate to a web hosting account in the future when you are ready.wordpress-update-2
  2. Blogging and business website. Because WordPress started out as a blogging platform ages ago before becoming one of the most powerful content management system in planet, means your website is already blog “ready”. Managing pages and regularly updating blog posts will be so easy it is literally done in seconds.wordpress-blog
  3. Thousands upon thousands of free and premium themes. A WordPress powered website allows you to have a professional looking website in a matter of minutes simply by installing and activating themes. You can design, re-design or even change the entire look and feel of your website depending on your taste. The only time to hire a web designer to aid you is if you require certain changes in the style sheets that directly affects the way you wish your website to look and function.wordpress-training
  4. Complex business features handled by plugins. WordPress plugins are easy to search and installed with just one click. Major website functions such as forms, memberships and newsletters can be handled by already available to use plugins. Just install the one you feel is right for you and you are good to go without the need to hire a coder.6_wp_plugins_aunad9
  5. SEO friendly. There is no other content management system as Search Engine friendly as WordPress. I personally use free Yoast SEO plugin to handle my SEO optimization, although there are other techniques needed in SEO such as attack on content writing, at least the basics has been solved by WordPress.wpseo-wide
  6. 25% of internet is powered by WordPress. WordPress began to dominate the web not only because it is a freeware available for anyone but because of the technical support from the online community. You will find almost all the answers from as simple as adjusting fonts to complex .css and .php questions.CMSComparison2015
  7. WordPress across devices. Websites using WordPress are mobile friendly and adaptable to any browser and operating system. No need to worry that your website is not accessible via android or iOS. This is automatically done for you, that is how wonderful WordPress is. This ensures no customer is missed regardless of the device they are using and operating system they are on.clean_screen
  8. WordPress is mature. With over ten years of serving millions of websites and ever growing community of developers and designers using WordPress tops other CMS. WordPress is a publishing system that can handle the most basic to most complex web applications a business may require.wp10_01
  9. Open Source. You are going to run your website on a platform free from commercial restrictions and copyright restrictions. You can create any kind of website with only your imagination and skills may limit. You may choose to host your website with any webhost and not fear that development and commercial interest may restrict your presence.opensource

Using WordPress allows you full control of your content and design. You are given a platform that can help you boast your brand, product and services with no limits, so there is no reason why not use WordPress as your  business Content Management System.