Content Marketing Plan

Whether you are a small business growing or a corporation in the making, the success of your business relies on your strategic content marketing plan that aligns with your other business goals.

content marketing plan

Planning will allow you to take on broader goals and guarantee achieving it. At the planning stage of content marketing you need to have clear checkpoints and realistic goals. Having such, will enable you to have a stronger framework and can lead to success.

Before you begin any planning you must be able to answer the following questions:

  1. What is my brand?

Establishing your brand is essential otherwise you will not be able to pinpoint your target audience.

  1. What do I want to accomplish?

Have a clear definition of what you want to accomplish out of content marketing. Is it reaching 10000 potential customers weekly, daily or monthly?  

  1. What sets my product or service apart from my competitors?

Knowing the strong points of your business will enable you to streamline content emphasizing these strengths. It is very important so you can reach exactly the type of audience your business needs.

  1. What makes me the best?

In establishing your brand, it is important to point out what makes your brand exceptional so all your published materials will resonate to this fact.


Furthermore, you should be able to have a clear answer to the following questions when starting a content marketing plan:

  1. What are my company needs and will content marketing aid my current marketing programs?

Identify the needs of your company and if upon identification it is undeniable that you need content marketing, then go for it. Nonetheless, you need to make sure that your content marketing will help your other marketing efforts and not eliminate them.

  1. How much content marketing effort should we be making?

Define your budget and scope of audience. This will help you decide whether your content marketing efforts will be solely textual, visual, combination of both or must include social media. Doing all at once may impact your budget badly.

  1. What will our content marketing program look like?

Will it be outsourced, in-house or combination of both?  

  1. How will content marketing affect our existing marketing campaigns?

Will your budget and human resources be affected causing you to eliminate weak marketing campaigns?

  1. What risks are involved in content marketing and how do we reduce these risks?

If in-house, can we afford new equipment and added salary for new staff? If outsourced, will there be any problem working with someone remotely?

  1. What are the specific goals?

Clearly define your goals in numbers. This will better determine your growth or losses and allow you to change your strategies when you revisit this questions.

patbaganologobannerThe answers to the questions above shall determine all the obstacles and will allow you to remove these obstacles, if not, reduce the risks these obstacles may bring. Nevertheless, these questions must be revisited once in a while re-strategize your content marketing approach. It will give you a clear standpoint on where your business is, your brand status and where you wish to be.

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Content marketing plan must be executed well to aid other marketing programs to drive optimization of all your resources.

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