Ways To Hire Effective Content Marketing Writers and Editors

There are so many talented writers quitting their corporate jobs and started offering their freelance services. Does this mean that it’s easy to outsource to content marketing writers? Not quite!

I have been in content marketing since 2008, stopped and focused on another job around 2012, and now going back to full time in content marketing starting my own brand. What I have learned is that there are so many things to catch up on, nevertheless easy because I have my bases covered.

Today, the number of online freelance content writers can be overwhelming and their writing portfolio may include a lot of accomplishments to brag. Nevertheless, as everyone is qualified to be a content writer, I often wonder where is the line drawn between okay, good and efficient. This motivated me to write this piece.

Content marketing is different from other forms of writing. A good content writer has methodology in creating captivating content. Before the writing process, research is an important step to ensure that you can have all your thoughts about the topic in place. Otherwise your ideas may shoot in all directions making your piece incoherent. Someone can write a good piece in a news format but if evaluated, can fail plenty of important arguments involved in content marketing.

Here are five simple ways to evaluate content marketing writers:


audience-minionsCaptivate your audience

If you know your target audience well, you know what kind of materials they want to browse. You probably have an idea how to captivate them, good content marketing writers know the recipe to make this happen. To succeed in content marketing, you need to ensure captivating content published timely for your readers to browse. Not only that, the published material must contain the essence of driving conversion. In the instance of hiring someone who used to be a good journalist, he or she may not be able to write captivating contents on topics that matters to your business. Such has to be given much consideration. More importantly, you need to ensure that they are happy with your content marketing budget and ghostwriting for someone else.

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shutterstock_212138536Do they know how to write?

Be sure your writer can write. Silly statement, but is very important especially if you are outsourcing your content overseas. There’s an amazing number of people advertising as writers with impressive resumes and present well, nonetheless lacking real aptitude for writing. Also beware of the material they submit as their samples, anything can be copied now.

Some content marketing services firms have highly skilled writers to front for a project before a client contracts their services. However, the tasks will be delegated to someone else who may not have the same writing aptitude as you may have expected in the beginning. Tricky!

ipad-tablet-technology-touch-largeGenuine Interest In Your Business

All your marketing efforts will go to waste considering content marketing writers you are hiring are not interested in your type of business. Interest plays an important role in creating content that will captivate your audience. There should be resonance between your published materials and your target audience, effective content marketing writers have the know-how to make this happen and not just feed the search engine robots.

Furthermore, you are more guaranteed with content marketing writers who have a business mentality over those who have an employee mentality. This warrants you success because they also want to grow their business and not just receiving a paycheck.


It is very important that you can trust your writers not only in timely submissions and creation of relevant content. Better hire content marketing writers who takes responsibility in your company branding.

Moreover, content marketing writers who have the initiative to bring something to you table and work with your team and only one goal, success of your business. When you found someone trustworthy, you need to empower them to retain the same level of service.

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An effective content marketing writer knows that editing is the key to the success of a published material. While SEO plays an integral part of any content marketing strategy. One of the key skill in this business is learning to plan a draft and edit as many times as possible checking readability of the material and grammar.

You want content marketing writers who can hold the overall logic of a material and can restructure it as many times as possible for republication. The shape of the written content must be adaptable to various publishing platforms without worry of plagiarism or weak content.

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