Just something I wish to share before 2017


2016 is somehow the year of my awakening, I broke free from a lot of hurdles I once thought impossible to escape. I was circling a spiral of problems for many years in the past. I keep with me the understanding that there are plenty more “awakenings” that will happen in my life.

It has been a crazy year, but I have been blessed. I am blessed with select friends that I would never have learned to appreciate at this level had I not blot out the acquaintances that served no immense meaning or benefit in my life. To the few, thank you so much. I need not tag or mention you.

I did not rediscover myself. To say that I rebuilt my life is an understatement. The truth is, I discovered a brand-new kind of me, a found a strong grip at my worth as a human and even stronger grip on my talents and abilities that were once forgotten. I found the gem that sits at my center and that is a bigger version of me.

I did not win a fight, there was no battle to begin with. I am still riddled by how some people around me act, react and overreact. Thank you for the entertainment.

To the men I turned down this year, I am really sorry. I am not being a diva and I am not being an ice queen. But I really, truly, honestly want to enjoy this feeling of being unacquired. I will go through my journey feeling flattered of your affection and proposals, but someone is meant for you guys, not me, not this time.

My name is my brand, my career is my name. I am in a continuous loop to serve my purpose. I am thankful for my job, the clients and even those inquiries I need to turn down. I can only wish 2017 to give me more opportunities for me to reach my bigger and better goals.

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Truth is, there are plenty of things I wish didn’t happen. But that would mean I wouldn’t be as wise as I am now. So, I’d rather accept that life is all about experiences.

So, I finally bid farewell to the hopes and dreams imagined for me by others. I finally bid farewell to the memories of trauma, horror and pain. I welcome the coming year with louder voice, stronger body, prettier face and most important of all, a strong mind.

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