Long-Form Content Marketing Strategy

With recent change in the content marketing game, long-form content is buzzing over the content marketing industry.

Does it really have an impact to your content marketing strategy?

Long form content is often a discarded idea among content marketers and small business owners with content marketing campaigns.

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Over 700 words of content that are high quality will require more writing time and research to guarantee that it is truly engaging and relevant to a particular set of audience.

For a long while, content marketing focused on 400 – 600 words in content creation for blogs, email marketing and articles. Further, small snippet of texts for social media advertising was considered efficient.

long-form content
long-form content

In reality, optimization of your website does not rely on long-form content or short-form content.

In optimization efforts, the strength of written material is still weighed upon the relevance and originality of the content.

Nonetheless, long-form content does pose advantages in your content marketing efforts. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Expert in the Industry

Any business who took on content marketing as an integral part of their marketing effort should consider establishing themselves as industry experts.

Consumer behavior show that they are more likely drawn into websites and blogs with content that have thorough knowledge over their interest.


Relevant long-form content materials found on your website will increase your credibility, making you the expert in your market.

  1. Time

The time visitors spend on a page is an integral part of Google ranking.


Most people only consider the volume of visits but do not consider the length of time spent by their visitors. Google algorithm rewards higher rankings for pages that have more “on-page time” and high social share. Be informed!

Google search console must become your best friend.


  1. Make noise in social media

Huffington Post mentioned that pieces with 3,000 to 10,000 words are shared in social media on the average over those with under 1,000 words.

Surprisingly information consumers prefer long-form content to be shared because of the useful, well written information found in the content.


Focusing on knowledge that your audience would most probably share is the key in long-form content. Otherwise, dragging your material to reach 3,000 words will only do you bad.

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  1. Old to New Posts

If you revisit your entire list of published content. You will find some pages that have really good ideas. Nonetheless not getting attention.

Consider re-writing the material in long-form content, making it more interactive and engaging.


There may be a lot of points in the material that require further exposition, take it as an opportunity to publish new posts coined from the old. It will only give you more original content.

  1. Investment Extension

Long content is a great way to morph smaller contents from. Topics derived from long-form content can be broken down into a series, something that your consumers will be looking forward to.


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This extends your investment on content marketing, instead of focusing on the cost of long-form content, consider how it is a gateway to more content.

patbaganologobannerKeep those 5 ideas in mind on your content marketing planning and strategies should you decide on investing on long-form content. There is a huge set of advantages of long-form content besides the rumored SEO ranking.

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