Straightforward Long-Form Content Writing Advise

Every content marketing writer knows that long-form content writing is different from the traditional 400-600 words content.

Long-form content writing requires planning more than just keyword placements. It requires the writer to keep the form of the whole material engaging, with the readership in mind.


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The following advice guarantees that your long-form content is not a dragging version of your usual article post:

Research your material thoroughly

Knowing any subject by heart never discards the fact that you need to have your arsenal of research tools.

The readership of any topic are not conforming to your personal taste of keywords. Keyword ranking tools and analytics is a major content marketing tool that you probably already know of.

Long-form content writing grants you the freedom to add more high ranking keywords into a single post.


This is actually an avenue to getting more creative in your writing instead of trapped within the “more or less 500” words box.

Read more on your subject so you can break down your subtopics to provide more relevant and nutritious information. Otherwise do not drag the topic based on stored knowledge.


Long-form content goes terribly wrong when authors begin over exposition on the subject. Same is true when there are points that can be further explained but was instead turned into a simple list. Get it?

Readers who took time to read about a fourth of your material have genuine interest in your topic. Please do not disappoint them.


They have confidence from the material source, (you!) and expect nothing but genuine information coming from an expert.

It is best that you set your goal in every long-form content and focus on that goal throughout the material.

Consider a tighter outline to focus on.


Congratulations! You are done with your long written material that came out of a tight outline of a particular subject. If it was an entry on your personal journal, I would understand not promoting it.

Promoting long-form content is yet another marketing tactic compared to regular content. The distribution of long-form content may vary besides posting it on your website and blog.


Having a concrete plan on your content promotion that casts a wider net among multiple readership will make the effort pay off.

Consumers who prefer long-form content are more likely to be turned into leads and most likely to be easily converted.

Consider gating

If you force your target audience to provide information such as email when trying to view your long-form content, you are assured of a lead.


Otherwise, not gating your content is also fine, who needs their email and other demographics that is the whole point of marketing? More about gated content here. 


Don’t be silly, you want it to follow up on them through email. If they have taken that much time to read such a lengthy piece that means they are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

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