Marketable Personal Branding

Personal branding is a way to personal growth. It will provide you insights about yourself, and can even lead to define your purpose.

Branding is a common term when talking about big companies and small businesses.

Today, everyone is establishing their personal brand without even knowing it.

The popularity of social media caused this. Unfortunately, not cultivated as a marketable brand.


It is up to the individual whether or not to take the next steps in establishing a marketable personal brand.

Little do we care about digital footprints we leave behind. This age of technology even children under the age of two already have a digital footprint.

Guiding these footprints into marketability can be rewarding.

Here are some ways to make your marketable personal brand awesome.

Begin a personal brand mindset

Think of how you want people to perceive you, what ideas do you want them to associate you with?

If you want to be perceived as an expert in a particular subject matter, hold on to it. Maybe you want to have qualities linked to your brand, take note of it as well.


When you have the above figured out, building a goal and creating strategies to reach it will be easier.

This does not suggest that you alter your whole personality just to build your brand. You already have a personal brand; you are just going to market it.

In the digital age, authenticity is a key player in establishing a powerful brand.

A lot of people who made a mark in the history of digital personal branding began with great stories but remained authentic. Get to know them here.

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You are unique by default

The best thing about your personal brand is that no one else is like you in this entire planet.

Isn’t it awesome that you are unique by default?

Understanding this will lead you to happily create your personal brand without having to mold yourself into a certain shape, act a certain way or even speak in a different manner.

Disregarding your feeling while faking it, will be exhausting in the long run.


Your brand is a reflection of what you believe, your passion, your strengths and weaknesses.

To market your brand, you need to maintain an authentic appeal to other people.

Fake can easily be detected by anyone. Problems can arise when a slight bit of inconsistency begins to surface.

Personal branding is a way to personal growth. It will provide you insights about yourself, and can even lead to define your purpose.

Show the world who you are, who you truly are.

Communicate from within your stance of power

To develop a strong marketable personal branding, you need to communicate either by talking or writing with strength. Speak and represent yourself from a place of authority while being able to relate to your audience.

On my venture back to freelance writing, after piling episodes of personal setbacks, I am determined to build my personal brand. I do not doubt my writing skills, even when it becomes hard to cope with the years I missed in content marketing. I am ready to keep on learning and updating my knowledge.


Online publishing is my opportunity to be heard. With domain name after my real name, I am determined to take this brand swinging. is where I publish my valuable thoughts. Hoping that it reaches a wide audience resonating with my personal brand.

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