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10599306_10152231738557000_2897105885567347665_nYou know you need content but probably scared to spend your advertising money on content marketing. Worry no more! I have competitive pricing plus we can work something out, I do not have a single rate on projects, I usually base my pricing depending on the topics and volume. It may depend on the volume of the entire project and research involved to write them.

If you want more leads, more traffic and guarantee to establish a strong online brand, then let me help.

Hiring me is easy, but unlike other writers I do not have fix price as I mentioned earlier, we need to collaborate to ensure success of your content. You cannot just order ***x number of articles on x number of keywords for x number of dollars,*** that just doesn’t work here. You can contact me using the contact page of this website or email me directly: info@patbagano.com, lets collaborate!

Below are benefits of hiring me:

  • Publish content on a regular basis. I am reliable to finish every task delegated to me, your captivating contents shall be ready on a regular basis.
  • High-quality content. Done! I don’t publish rubbish or anything close to it. I do not only research my topics well but I also check for grammar and spelling errors and change my writing style depending on your target audience.
  • SEO content. The framework of the content is important, with it goes strategic use of keywords to make your site delicious for search engines.
  • I guarantee nothing but satisfaction and reliability. I usually deliver service above expectation and feel bad when I don’t. Let’s collaborate!
  • The language of your target. I use the language of your target audience and I try to think like them and write what they want to read and how they want to read it.
  • No contracts, no subscriptions. I work performance based. I expect to be paid depending on my output. There is no contract binding you and I, (oooh… sounds weird).
  • New ideas. I strive to do my assignments, that includes updating my knowledge about your business to write compelling contents with fresh ideas.
  • Meet your demands. If not, exceed your expectations.
  • Save on marketing expenses. As I have mentioned, I expect to be paid by performance. No extra charges and not expecting employment benefits.
  • Your brand. I understand the importance of branding. Let us work together to take your brand to the next level.
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