Top 5 Marketable Content Writing Skills

Not every writer becomes a Paulo Coelho or J.K Rowling.

Today, most people who love stringing words to express thoughts into writing have a better earning potential becoming content marketing writers.


Writing product descriptions, e-books, website content or blog has become an avenue for most writers to make money out of their skills.

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There is much to be told of a content writer’s life, and the content writing skills that you need to learn on your own.

Although freelance content writers work from home and can choose their volume of work.

There is a lot of struggle involved and some don’t end up considering it as a lucrative source of income.

If you are like me, who is still struggling and wish to engage with better flow of work.

Together let us consider the following marketable skills:


1. Mastering different writing styles

Writing takes form from various styles.

For example:

Blogs are often opinionated, personal and friendly among its’ subscribers.

News delivers the topic in Associated Press or AP style, short informational paragraphs with the main topic on top.

Ad copy is often very short and persuasive.

Long format writing that provides solution to a presented problem is called a white paper.


Regardless of the styles mentioned above, what sets a writer apart is their ability to form the content in the best way for an audience.

Mastery of only one of the writing styles can make a content writer lose on other job opportunities. Further, isn’t it boring to discard the idea of growth?

2. Ability to write on various topics

In the online marketing industry, the creative process in finding a subject through analytics, finding a creative title and attack on writing is a among the valuable content marketing skills.


As freelance writers, we do not have a team to sit with and analyze every angle of a particular subject. That is why it is necessary to understand how marketing firms generate idea.


  • Understand your audience. Write for them and not for the company you represent, for yourself or for the brand. Knowing what your readers want will establish you as an information authority on things that matter to them.


  • Research your topic for relevant keywords. If writing about “social media marketing” you can use Google Trends or to find a better keyword to create several pieces for the topic “social media marketing”.
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These are only two among hundreds of tools out there.


  • What content related in your industry are currently trending?

What makes them successful? Use or to see how many views, shares and like the content is accumulating.

This is not to suggest that you copy them, but to emulate their style and their use of keywords on a particular topic. These content marketing skills will catapult your career from mediocre to authority.

  • A great title

Your audience will be first compelled to open your piece if they find it interesting. Having everything mentioned above will not work for you should you fail to have a good title.


There are plenty of title generators out there. Nonetheless, these generators also suggest the similar title to someone like you, careful.


Only turn to title generators when you are experiencing a writer’s block. Sticking with them throughout your writing career will not lead you anywhere.


3. Originality

Build a good reputation over your own brand. Take care of your name even though you are writing about a particular topic that has been written tens of thousands over.


Every writer can bring something new even to an old piece.

4. Cover your technical basics

HTML, SEO, CSS and WordPress are probably the common terms you hear from someone who is working as a freelance content marketer.

Do not panic, you do not need extensive knowledge, just the basics.


HTML basics can take your piece from boring to great. Well in terms of layout.

You can fix little issues on spacing and margins that are often discounted.

Presentation of your content counts.

Basic understanding on Search Engine Optimization will help you create content that can attract search engine robots and have your content indexed high, and of course the website that its being hosted from.

Nonetheless it is important that you update your SEO knowledge.


What works 5 years ago is obsolete, and what works today will definitely no longer be used a year from now.

Learn from

They have whitepapers and blogs talking about SEO in its basic sense that are helpful for writers.


5. Successful content marketers are social media specialists

Social media changed the game in terms of content writing skills.

Your content views and behavior in the social media platforms are pre-determining factors of your success.

You need to be public and friendly, this will allow you to cast a wider net upon release of your content.


Content marketing is a different ball game compared to ink on paper.

Content marketing writers are packed with marketable knowledge base.

Your bases have to be covered well to stay competitive. You will definitely succeed in the game if you update your skill set and just maybe, able to say that you have the best job in the world.

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