Real Reasons Why You Should Blog

Why you should blog, you ask? Well, if you are an entrepreneur or even a simple individual who want to establish your personal brand, you should be blogging. If you aren’t ready yet, maybe the following reasons why you should blog inspire you.

  1. Blog as a resume.

You will be surprised how many recruiters out there base their decision from reading a blog. We are no longer trapped in the world of 1 to 2 pages resume. A blog is a great way for you to be known for what you do. Employers see a blog as your personal brand, it speaks greater volume than listing your accomplishments and experience.

should you put your blog on your cv

  1. Networking

Blogs bring together people of common interests. Meaning everyone commenting, sharing or liking a blog is a particular group of people sharing the same interests. It only means that blogging is a great way to build a network of new friends and correspondences across networks that matter to you.

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  1. Mapping Ideas

You should blog if you are like me who have plenty of ideas but clueless how to express them in writing. Well, I mean express them in writing the neat way. Blogs offer a way to express thoughts on a particular topic without spilling thoughts and ideas everywhere. Each blog post is a filtered written material talking about one particular topic. Much similar to a chapter in a book. Neat right? You can easily go back to a topic or make it a series, it’s up to you.

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  1. Reflections and Planning

Blogging is like a journal, but in a neater way. Every blog post is a documentation of your thoughts on a particular time frame. I am not just talking about relationships and personal blogs. Even your business ideas, you may have a different view on business matters today than you did in the past. Another reason why you should blog is if you are starting a business. It’s almost like a business planning tool with endless marketing perks. Another reason why you should blog is if you are starting a business.


  1. Mindfulness

In today’s busy world, our minds easily travel in so many directions even while we sit. Most people have a hard time to find that moment to focus. Especially when you start with your day. I for example have multiple tabs and email accounts that needs checking. Also I need to catch up on my twitter feed. It gets overwhelming sometimes and writing a blog post gets my focus back on what is important. It is not just a distraction, but a tool to bring me back to being mindful. You might be surprised of how many lightbulb moments you may encounter while you write a single post


  1. Best PR ever

In every project you work on, your blog serves as the best place to talk about it. It helps polish your views on what matters most while engaging with your readership. You should blog for this reason especially if you are an entrepreneur who wish to get messages to your audience in a timely manner. Your blog will remain in your website and not pushed down in a timeline of a social media. You might miss on great opportunities if you only rely on social media posting.

Blogs concept on blackboard
Blogs concept on blackboard
  1. Develop your writing skills

A blog is an ideal place to practice your writing. Blogging can get those creative juices squeezed. Not only that, it is a great platform to develop content writing while learning SEO. Some things you learn on your own in blogging cannot be taught or learned in classrooms.

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  1. Producing your own content

Whether you own a small business or its personal blogging, it is a great platform to produce and create your own content. Just a little tweak on SEO and you can bring so much good for your business or personal brand. As you continue to assert yourself as a content producer instead of consumer you are bound to reap huge payoffs in the future.


If you are convinced now of these reasons why you should blog and want to start, I would suggest that you look into There is a huge library of themes and plugins to customize your blog look, feel and functionality.

Otherwise, if you like, go ahead and get a full featured basic web hosting plan and a domain name.

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