10 Reasons Why People Quit Blogging

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people quit blogging. Blogging remains to be one of the most influential and lucrative source of income for people dreaming of self-employment. Nonetheless, it is not as easy as for most people. The amount of time spent in front of the computer just to kick start your blog, not even surmising the endless hours tracking blog productivity, can be tiring.

I guess the ultimate discouragement comes from these 10 reasons why people quit blogging:

1.      Unrealistic expectations

Some people that I know, including myself in the past, quit blogging because of raising expectations to heights of delusions. Well maybe that is a bit harsh to say. Let us settle with setting unrealistic expectations that are not measurable.

If you are setting goals that are not measurable by metrics provided by analytics and simple math, then, you are bound to really get discouraged and quit blogging.

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 8.07.21 PM

There is no overnight blogging success, you don’t get a hundred thousand readers in the span of 24 hours. You may end up blogging for months and still no see signs of success.

You may be promoting tirelessly in various digital channels to increase your readership and still not see great improvement on number of visits.

Relax, it really takes time. You may be reading too much stories and blogs of those who made it to tens of thousands of dollars after a month of blogging and begin comparing yourself to them.


Every blog is different. Even if you copy exactly what another blogger is doing, there are a lot of things to consider.

Just keep being original and focus your research more on how to improve your blog rather than why others are making it and you are not.

This will definitely help when you feel like you are beginning to quit blogging.

2.      Stray from gimmicky websites and success scams

The internet is infested by people and companies who will feed you with false promises just to get you to purchase an eBook, download a plugin or subscribe to their vicious cycle of link building.

Its a scam jpg

While not all of them are black hat schemers. It is best to stray away from them to avoid getting penalized by Google or other search engines. You cannot game the system.


Blogging is meant to be fun, informative and encourage your personal growth. Regardless you are blogging about technology, science, medicine or lifestyle, it must not lose the element of fun in it. Otherwise, it will be easy to get an idea to quit blogging.

 3.      Listening to dozens of experts

We cannot discredit every single blogging guru who claims to be an expert. If you see they are popular they must have really earned it. Nonetheless, not everything they suggest will work for you.

I understand that they sell so many whitepapers, books and electronic materials that contain the secret to blogging success. Well maybe it does, maybe it has helped thousands of bloggers out there be successful.

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Pick one guru, investigate on your guru whether he is for real, check editorials that has published his story.

If subscribing to an expert for classes is starting to cost you so much, remember that there are a lot of free information that you can get in the web. A little something here and there, curate the best practices yourself.

I like to get my tactics straight from Google and mix it up with some things I find online. I remain to base my decisions on Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Even if a guru claims of a best practice, I check and use it as a working hypothesis in blogging, nonetheless, if the technique sounds to be off bounds of Google’s suggestion. I stray away from it.

4.      It takes a long time to see improvement

Yes, it will take a very long time to see improvement. Especially if your idea of success is set on stone. It will help you greatly to not quit blogging if you set your long-term goals and break down those goals into smaller ones. Only then you can begin to measure improvement.


Otherwise if you think success in blogging can be accomplished with a few posts, you are delusional. You cannot just publish something in your blog and expect the world to pay attention to you.

Blogging is a noisy marketplace, take time to first gain dominance in your chosen topic before giving rise to any other expectations.

5.      Running out of things to write

This is very common for everyone, but seasoned bloggers will disagree. Blogging is a form of communication, if you are running of things to write, then you are not communicating well. It may sound harsh, but that is the truth. If you truly love a certain topic how can you run out of ideas to write about it? Maybe you are confining yourself in a certain idea.


One subject may be written a couple of hundreds of times, it may sound the same, but the angle from which it is written may be changed. Blogging is a great way for you to develop your writing skills and online writing skills. For me, those two are different.

Online writing takes various formats and there is fun in researching keywords and phrases that will help you attract attention. I use Google Trends for that.

When you feel there is a huge obstacle between your thoughts and your word processor, take a walk or talk to people around you. You will see that an idea will present itself. Just don’t keep on telling yourself that you cannot write over and over again. You might really end up not writing a single post.

6.      Criticizers and trolls

It is easy to give in to a bad review or comment. A single unkind comment can totally destroy your blogging career before you even get started and make you want to quit blogging. I am not surprised.

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The biggest critique I have is myself. I can get to a point I would criticize my sentences to the point of not even getting one paragraph written. Some other times, I would finish an article and never get to post it.


The best way to kill that internal critique is to be fast in posting and keep an attitude that blogging is for my own entertainment. That is how I work in silencing my inner monsters.

Nonetheless, for external monsters like critiques and trolls. Why give them attention? I would be deleting their comment on my blog the moment I feel offended, I am not even going to reply and defend myself.

However, if the critique is pointing something that can aid in my improvement as a blogger, I will not take it personally and respond to it the nicest way.Love your followers

Words are like weapons in blogging, it can betray and cut you deep. Mind your words a blogger as well, for it certainly can have an effect on someone. Be responsible for anything you publish.  

Concentrate on your good reviews and draw strength from your supporters and not the other way around.

7.      Surprised how blogging consumes time

I am not surprised you want to quit blogging because you thought that it takes a few minutes a day. When we read blogs we think those bloggers spent only about 30 minutes a day to come up with that post.

Wrong, a blog post can take hours of your time, if it’s an in-depth material on particular subject, it can a day or two. There is so much time spent on research, writing and editing. That is why when I am offered to write for someone and offered five dollars per article, I feel greatly insulted.


But blogging presents an opportunity for personal growth and learning. I would rather write for my brand than accept an offer from a basement bargain hunter.

Set your blogging hours if you work a normal job, and devote that time only to writing. You will improve and be faster the next time you check. I swear, I have felt the same “quit blogging now” feeling even with PATBAGANO.COM. But the mindset I keep that is why I am still posting, hopefully something with substance is, “I have something worth saying”.

Use tools to speed up your writing process. This is my favorite post about writing tools. I swear it’s worth a look.

8.      Too much competition

Of course there is too much competition. But that does not suggest you quit blogging. Instead of thinking competition think of contribution. For me the internet is a collective data of our time, history in the making. So make your mark wisely.

Every content published is a digital footprint we leave behind for someone to get a valuable insight from. So make your posts count. Contribute to the web instead of competing.


I will sound like a hypocrite because everybody is aiming to put more money in their pockets through blogging of course. But if you take a different way of looking at it, there are plenty of ways you can earn from your blog, make it an avenue that will draw in those opportunities.

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If you are focused on selling products and services, a blog is a great way to speak about it and build a network. Nonetheless, if you are focused on affiliate marketing, that is definitely tough and will get you a few bucks monthly.


Rethink the direction your blog is going if the feeling to quit blogging is dominating your thoughts because you are focused on affiliate marketing.

9.      A lot to learn

Internet is a changing landscape. Ideas today will be challenged tomorrow. Best practices today will be bad practices tomorrow. What can go viral today is forgotten the next day.

This is our time, that is the nature of internet, the sooner you accept this the easier learning will be. Prepare yourself to learn a lot, prepare yourself of the hours to understand SEO, keywords, anatomy of a blog and other technical stuff.


Although you may not need to learn how to code, a little HTML may become handy. I myself is a coding moron. But I keep the basics in mind, although not memorized, I turn to http://www.w3schools.com/, it’s an easy way to get the basics in terms of HTML.

Support forums will also be your classroom when trying to troubleshoot or learn some stuff on CSS or SEO.

Why not see it as a good time to learn, besides, I hope you didn’t assume that you will know everything upon setting up your blog.

10. Waste of money

If you really are interested in publishing a blog, you can setup a blog without spending a penny at WordPress.com. If you want to secure your brand and think that you can handle the technical challenges of self-hosting your blog.


Go ahead and secure a hosting plan. But a domain name and blog hosting is not expensive. A little over a hundred dollars can get you started and fueled for a year.

However, if you are talking about expensive audiobooks, eBooks and blogging success materials for sale. I cannot help you besides discouraging you to focus on that. It can really get expensive to learn for those, stick with the free information out there. Although the information may not be curated for you as it would appear in a book. It will definitely help.


Blogging is a good way to develop. To gain insights on your thoughts and skills. To earn from it is only an added bonus, that alone should convince you to not quit blogging. Redefining several goals of your blog will help in keeping up with those times when you feel discouraged. Do not quit blogging, it takes time to get noticed. Be your number one fan at the beginning, it will multiply in no time.

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