5 Blogging Fears and How to Overcome Them

Blogging fears make every aspiring blogger to find getting started a hurdle. The rest of the fears like failing content marketing and search engine optimization are problems that have solutions.

Yet, what an aspiring blogger don’t understand is that if you don’t get started on the right track, it will definitely result to more hurdles causing you to fear publishing another blog post.

The essential key to blogging success is continuously grow your knowledge. Success requires constant learning of the many aspects of internet and how it affects your niche. I decided to write this post after reflecting on things I have heard from people who have potential but never got to where they could have been, because of their blogging fears.

Knowledge is the key to success written on a green chalkboard

Here are the common fears of new bloggers and how to overcome them:


1.    Fear of Coding HTML and CSS

You must have heard that to be successful in blogging you need to know your website’s coding. While there is truth in that, I doubt it would require any hardcore coding skills.

You are not blogging in the year 2000. Wake up! It is 2016, your HTML and CSS issues can be resolved in a matter of minutes by just Googling it.

For this reason, most blogging experts recommend using WordPress. Not only does WordPress allow bloggers with no technical skills to publish instantly. In fact, it has an interface where you can change various aspects of your blog’s design and functions using simple plugins.

Moreover, the WordPress.org community is so vast, you can find someone to help you solve mysteries and problems that you encounter just by asking.

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2.    Fear of Writing and Publishing

I don’t get why people would be interested in blogging if they are afraid to write and publish. As I investigate further about this fear, I discovered that they don’t fear writing itself.

They fear that if they publish a blog, they will be criticized. Blogging is a very brave act to put ourselves out there to be scrutinized by strangers and trolls.

If your blog is very niche specific and you are going to be blogging about things that would normally ignite a discussion among experts, don’t fear it. If you are truly knowledgeable about your topic, you should be confident about it.

You shouldn’t fear further interactions. In fact, if someone reacts on your blog you should see it as a positive sign that people are getting engaged. See criticism as an area to grow from, not to be feared.


3.    Fear of Not Having Enough Time

Blogging will require your time, although for business owners who are busy running other aspects of their business it might be difficult to squeeze blogging into their schedule. Hiring an editor or blogger is an ideal option. Most bloggers can write around your given topic with minimal collaboration.

If you truly want the posts on your blog written by you, you can easily overcome time hurdle by creating a simple blogging calendar. You may start by blogging about things your customers might be interested of for about 2 hours daily.

Your blogging speed will develop in time. Once you find your voice and style, composition will take less and less of your time. You might even come to realize that blogging is a way to release tension, spark new ideas and develop your writing skills.

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4.    Fear of Making Mistakes

You will definitely make mistakes beyond those caught by your word processor and spell check computer programs. This is a natural thing. Nobody expects you to publish something free from grammatical errors. The beauty of blogging is that once you catch these mistakes in the future, you can simply edit your post. Nothing is set on stone, forget your blogging fears of grammar.

Furthermore, blogging is an informal approach to deliver information to your target audience. There are plenty of writing styles out there that you can adapt. Adapt one that is very conversational as people are more likely drawn to blogs that are conversational in nature.

Unless your blog is designed to deliver scientific research that will be valued by a community of doctors, then fear mistakes.

closeup of a pencil eraser correcting an error

5.      Fear of Not Getting Enough Visits

If you blog for the right intentions, this will be a secondary fear. If you focus your intention to simply share information and help other people find solutions, it will minimize this fear.

Nonetheless, if you are expecting to make money with your blog over the course of a few weeks, I have no answer for you. There might be other bloggers out there who might be able to teach you their secret to making money online in a very short period of time. Be prepared for that is hit or miss, which will also cost you a lot.

The only way to get quality visits is to provide quality content. There is gold in quality content. I always suggest on monetizing as a secondary option once the blog has already kicked off.

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Nonetheless, if you are very new, give it a little more time until your visits reach a regular stream.



Blogging fears are temporary hurdles. I have noticed that some fears I have in the past no longer even bother me. I feel good for having written and for me that is the best part of it. I don’t fear visitors, critiques and mistakes.

They are all part of the process. If you think I can help you get blogging, please let me know and we can collaborate to get you started at the right direction.

What are your blogging fears? How did you overcome them, if you are new, how do you plan to overcome them? I would like to know in the comments below.

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