Personal Branding for Bloggers

7 Undeniable Power of Personal Brand for Bloggers

It is true that people care about the product or services you offer. However, unless there is a brand behind this product or services, people couldn’t care less. Would you agree? This is what makes marketing very interesting for me.

During my years working with sales and customer service oriented companies in the past, If I am involved in recruitment, I ask applicants to sell themselves to me. Like if they are a product in a shelf, among other products, why must I choose them?

Same is true in the sea of endless blogs online, to cut through the noise and get readers, you have to sell yourself to them. What will it take for a reader to choose your blog against another one?

That is where personal branding plays an important role. The strength of your brand measures the strength and influence of your online presence.

Brand Identity

I have listed the 7 undeniable power of personal brand for bloggers of whatever niche:


1.    A strong personal brand can easily build or penetrate a tribe

Once you have established who you are, it will be easy for you determine what you want to be and where you should belong.

Tribe marketing is becoming a popular type of online marketing that seems to be the next big thing. Your online tribe will be your avid supporters.

This can lead either in collaboration or they can be your customers because of sharing the same interest.


2.    Permission to Blog as Yourself

You do not need to be anybody else, just be yourself. We have to admit that it is easy to be persuaded to blog as a different person, copy someone within competition or be swayed by internet trolls.

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If you have a personal brand as a blogger, you will have a center come back to every time you feel like the world is against you. It is easier to be inspired and continue doing what you are doing.


3.    Personal Branding Makes You a Confident Blogger

Among the hurdles most bloggers face at the beginning of their career is the fear that their ideas will be rejected by the readers.

In the process of creating a strong personal brand, you will gain more confidence in publishing ideas that matter to you.

Your motivation will be more intrinsic, hence making you blog with confidence. Although you are writing, readers still know whether the information is coming from someone confident or not. So beware!


4.      Personal Brand Helps in Building Good Reputation

If every post you create validates and aligns the personal brand you are trying to establish, people will see this as a sign of credibility.

People read from credible sources and only those who remains to be aligned with who they say they are, are the ones capable of becoming successful.

5.      Personal Brand Can Make You Special

Without branding it will be hard to tell readers your uniqueness. With millions of blogs floating around the web, what makes you unique is your strongest engaging point.

If you work on a personal brand that can truly set you apart from your competition, it will be an instant boost to your value online.


6.      Your Personal Brand is Your Legacy

In the digital age, we leave digital footprints everywhere. Be it social media, blogs or websites. Everyone does it.

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In the process of establishing your personal brand, you are leaving a mark in the entire web. Make that mark count and make it align with your goals.

7.      Your Personal Brand Is the Key to Readership

When people recognize your value, they want to engage with you. Without a strong personal brand as a blogger, this will be very difficult to establish.

In fact, impossible. Make sure you establish a brand that can bridge the gap between what you are saying and what your target audience needs. Create a brand among your target audience that is easy for them to relate to.

When you do this, you earn loyal readers that you can turn into customers in the future if you want to start monetizing your blog.



There are more we can list about the power of personal brand for bloggers. However, some of the benefits a blogger gets from their personal brand is realized in the process.

A personal brand is not established overnight. For some, it may take a while before you finally complete the puzzle. But that does not suggest you do not start establishing your brand now.

How did you establish your personal brand? What benefits did it bring your blogging career? I am interested to know. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you think I can help establish your online presence and start blogging with the right foot forward.

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