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Taming the Unhappy Thoughts – Attentional Lapses

I cannot do this anymore! Yes, one word at a time and I shall be able to compose something for myself. For me. Just for me. Forget those pages written for a client. Those disinteresting research of a particular property for sale overseas. Endless words spun into a sentence to impress a client waiting for […]

The Way You Treat a Mutt Says Much More About You

I have always thought that becoming a pet owner is really the same as becoming a parent. I never really go about in the streets rescuing strays. Although I must admit, if anyone inspects my goals’ farthest backburner that idea is not farfetched. I have 2 stray dogs who volunteered for adoption by refusing to […]

Top 5 Precepts of Making Money Online – Be Informed!

Before you decide on announcing to your friends this weekend that you will be quitting your regular job and become a full-time blogger/vlogger, make tons of money and change the world, I hope you read this no-sugar-coating article about making money online. I hope the precepts will guide you through some seemingly-idiotic life altering decisions. […]