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5 Reasons Ghost Blogging Can Increase Your Business

What is ghost blogging? Ghost blogging, a new term that simply means to ghostwrite for a blog. In the age where technology evolves faster than we could’ve imagined 5 years ago or later, potential customers are now more tech-savvy than ever. The only way to get their attention and turn start conversion is be exactly where they are […]

Using WordPress As Business Website CMS

Here are 9 reasons why WordPress is best for any Business Website: I remember using WordPress years ago, and witnessed how it evolved from a blog platform into a powerful Content Management System. For some people the idea of using WordPress to power a business website is a little difficult to grasp because they are […]

Outsourcing and Small Businesses

Why small businesses need to outsource? Often small scale business owners think they can carry out every single task to make their business work and disregard outsourcing. Business owners who think this way is bound to feel stressed and lose the balance between work and life. Even small scale business owners need help in running […]

How to Earn As a Content Writer

Being a content writer is a great way for you to earn a good amount of money if you have the proper set of skills. However you need to have the willingness to do the amount of work required to accomplish projects. Writing content for websites can help in providing you a regular stream of […]

Choosing To Be a Web Content Writer

I made a firm the decision to quit my corporate job and become a web content writer. It was probably the hardest piece of puzzle to fit for most people I know. I refused every urge to explain and argue about why I would give up corporate employment. My usual response when asked about it is […]