6 Reasons Blog Outsourcing Made Businesses Successful

As a business owner, it is important that you recognize the signal when it is time to step into blog outsourcing. If you have decided on blogging to aid your search engine optimization and content marketing and still not seeing results today, it is time to try blog outsourcing.

For most business owners this is a very scary move, especially if you are outsourcing overseas. But in reality, big businesses have been doing this for a long time.

Blogging is a great marketing intersection for all types of businesses. In fact, it is also among the digital marketing platforms that is highly scalable in terms of budget.


Here are 6 reasons blog outsourcing made businesses successful:  


1.    Improved blog posting frequency

The frequency of your blog posts does not only keep search engine bots busy in crawling your website. Having a new page to be indexed and ranked by Google is just one of the perks.

Frequently posting on your business blog keeps your customers and prospects engaged.

Blog outsourcing saves you the time in creating high quality content if you have a dedicated and experienced professional blogger.

2.    Creation of SEO boosted content

If you are among the business owners who have knowledge in on-page SEO, you probably belong to the lucky minority.

Most business owners who are blogging overlook that the strength of their business blog is determined by the strength of on-page SEO and content distribution.

Blog outsourcing allows you to utilize people who have extensive SEO skills that can put your business where it think it should be.

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3.    Tap into a workforce who understands consumer behavior

Most professionals in the blog outsourcing industry are not simply bloggers.

You must choose to outsource your blog to those who have deeper knowledge on sales and marketing.

In fact, most bloggers offering their services to small businesses have good knowledge in understanding consumer behavior.


4.    Improved content marketing strategy

Blog outsourcing allows you to focus more on other aspects of your content marketing strategy. In fact, it will even allow you to collaborate with someone who have knowledge on content marketing.

If you are outsourcing to an individual with good content marketing skills, you can discuss and discover new ideas on how to approach content marketing. Moreover, you gain a trusted content marketing partner.

5.    Tap into social media with greater reach

A lot of freelance bloggers and blog outsourcing firms are also great social media managers. Blog outsourcing solves dilemmas on reaching potential consumers to be interested in your business.

Furthermore, blog outsourcing will allow you to have content made not only for search engine optimization but worthy of distribution in various social media channels.

6.    Gives you more time

Whether you need to focus more on other aspects of the business or focus more in keeping your life and work balance.

Blog outsourcing free you from the hours spent on content creation. When you outsource, you can discuss your expectations in terms of production frequency and quality.

Freeing you away from your computer and adjust your focus on things that matter most.

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Depending on your business, blog outsourcing may solve other common business owner dilemmas. These are only 6 of the benefits of blog outsourcing that made a lot of businesses successful online.

If you think I can help you with business blogging, please do not hesitate to let me know.

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Pat Bagano
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2 replies
  1. roamy
    roamy says:

    Hello Pat
    Thanks for a post very well written,things explained so well in an easy way to understand.
    I have tried outsourcing for my blog but up to now, l have not really liked what l got,sometimes delivery takes longer than planned or the quality not exactly up to standards.
    But as you say,outsourcing content can save time to do other things, any blogger know there are 101 things to be done to make a blog successful.

    • Pat Bagano
      Pat Bagano says:

      Thank you for the comment.

      Outsourcing can be a struggle especially if you have not found the right firm or the right individual. It is probably hard to admit but outsourcing is really a hit or miss and can cause more $$$ instead of saving. It takes time but when you do find the right blogger, things will get easier, that I am sure. Good luck with your blog!


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