Bloggers Growing Twitter Followers the Right Way

Why do you need to grow your twitter followers?

Twitter is more than just a social media platform for bloggers. In fact, it is a great channel to distribute your content to people who truly cares about what you have to share.

A short story:

Before I started sharing tweets about content marketing, blogging, SEO and social media, my twitter account was based on my previous business, tea shop. When that failed back in 2015, I have not really opened twitter at all. I have no interest in using it ever again. I took my fall badly because of the unpolished stories that surrounds it.

It took me half a year before I decided to really establish another startup,, which until now is in its infancy. People were so confused about what I do in front of my computer daily and doing a lot of research.

In the lay sense I am just blogging, but anyone who has been blogging for a while will tell you that there is so much marketing and technical knowledge involved if you really want to make it to the top. And I do want to be successful.

Besides, blogging and writing is something I have been doing since 2008. Sometimes I think it is pretty stupid to have stopped writing and tried offline businesses to begin with. I am on and off as a blogger, in fact I failed so many blogs in the past and wasted so many domain names that are niche specific.

To make the story short, I reopened my twitter and was not surprised with the decline of my followers. Well I didn’t have much to begin with when I was tweeting about tea. I have roughly 700 or less.

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I know that would even decline because I will be using the same account @complexiteapat and my tea friends will not really find my marketing, SEO and blogging posts appealing.

I was right, yet growing followers wasn’t that hard. In fact, just in a month after launching I grew about 581 new followers. The numbers are not impressive unlike other marketers out there. I will tell you later why.


Twitter is a tool, this is not a popularity contest

Twitter is a tool to get people interested in what you have to say. It will be impressive to have 10,000 people retweeting me or 100,000 people liking my posts and following my account. But I guess it is only impressive if I truly mean something to them.

In fact, I really feel great when 1 or even just 5 people mentioning me on a daily basis and found the content I shared beneficial. It feels better than having over a dozen retweets from bots.

The most counterproductive idea of social media is automation. This is just my personal opinion. Buying followers and subscribing to full automation of twitter loses the whole sense of “social”.

Sometimes it feels like if I automate my twitter it will be my bot against your bot and they both interact. I guess I am among the naïve few who still takes twitter very personal and don’t want to lose the personal touch on every tweet I send out.

It is in a way for me gauge my success in reaching my audience. It can be slow, but I like it that way. I am really proud of having 1800 followers today, I have followers who really engage with me and related to my industry and not random eggheads in my list.

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I tried automating and it doesn’t work for me

I tried automating but felt bad after a week or two. The platform started thanking people randomly for following me more than twice in a day and sometimes even thank those who have recently unfollowed me. Another instance is thanking a mention that I would otherwise ignore because it is a quite a slanted comment. It is just terrible.

If you are a new blogger, I hope you don’t get intimidated with six figures or 7 figures of other bloggers. It is not how success is truly measured. Actually it is a measure of success if you truly owned and built it and guarantee that those hundreds of thousands are people within your industry or interested in further engagement. But if those followers are among the follow train you subscribed or you bought them. That is really counterproductive.

As I said at the beginning of this post, “Twitter is more than just a social media platform for bloggers. In fact, it is a great channel to distribute your content to people who truly cares about what you have to share.” Now imagine tweeting knowing no one will hear you because you purchased your followers. Who is fooling who?

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