What to Do If Your Brand Reputation is Destroyed

Building a brand reputation online appears to be even more challenging compared offline. In the digital age, you are not only trying to get the attention of an audience whose attention spans are less than that of a goldfish. Online, you are even trying to get the attention of people who easily believe anything published without verifying the source of information.

If building a digital brand is hard, imagine how much more it is when you need to rebuild one. Imagine all the years and investment you have placed on your brand now you are watching it crumble right before your eyes. Difficult and painful.


Risk Management Is a Need From Day 1

All business owners who are involved in any type of digital marketing has to consider establishing a risk management team from day 1. Risk managers do not have to be an additional personnel. In fact, you might want to delegate this task to content managers, writers or social media managers.

They do not have to do anything right away. What they have to do is just to keep an eye should there be distasteful content published about you. It can be a bad comment, review or a dedicated blog just to ensure your fall.

Knowing activities online that can have negative impact on your business is the key to developing a plan. It can either be strengthening your customer service, improve customer care or if it is time to call an online reputation management expert.

Luckily, if you catch it earlier, your chances of defending your brand’s reputation is a lot higher.

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What If You Are Already Under Attack?

Don’t panic, don’t react and don’t do anything stupid like publishing content to defend yourself. Defending yourself will only make other consumers think and suspect negative assumptions about you and your brand.

It is best to get an advice from an expert right away to form a strategy to counter the attacks.

If the problem can be contained and stopped by improving customer service. Get a digital marketer who is also a customer service expert who can handle the situation.

If the problem is about bad reviews, call a digital marketer or micro-influencers in your niche to aid your dilemma. This is the time to get your tribe to help defend you. Tribe marketing is among the biggest kind of marketing today that can benefit businesses online, especially online reputation.


What If It Has Blown Out of Proportion Damaging Your Search Engine Traffic?

That’s when things get screwy. It would be easier if you have a friend in Google who can secretly penalize the site you are complaining about and take them offline. That is not how things work. Google is fair and treats every website accordingly depending on fulfilling ranking factors.

If materials that are negatively affecting you has been published and you did not take action before it grew in number, it will be hard to just make them disappear overnight, or a week’s time to even a month.

Most online reputation management firms would charge $10,000 to $15,000 just to accept your case but will not guarantee success if the brand reputation is severely damaged.

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If links that randomly show up on results page next to you are getting larger. It is not totally impossible to revert the damage. However, the process will require analysis of the SEO ranking factors both yours and your peeves.

Your only defense is to weaken their content and produce stronger content of similar keywords that will hopefully bump them off to lower rankings. Proceed with caution though because there are a lot of things to be considered in terms of reviving the health of your brand. A wrong move can further fracture your SEO which will mean gain on your opponent’s pages.

If you think submitting content to bad ranking websites and article distribution will improve your content visibility, you are wrong. It might weaken your content marketing and SEO. Those pages meant to destroy you will gain advantage for higher rankings on keywords that matter to you.


Brand reputation is not to be taken lightly. A bad comment or an article intended to attack you might become like a parasite attached to all your listings online. Before it gets worse, address it right away or assign one of your staff to watch over your mentions and alerts.

Subscribe to google alerts if there are mentions of your name or your brand. Buzzsumo also offers brand mention alerts.

If things are already out of proportion and you start to lose traffic and sleep, let me know. I might be able to help without drying your marketing budget.

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