Top 5 Precepts of Making Money Online – Be Informed!

Before you decide on announcing to your friends this weekend that you will be quitting your regular job and become a full-time blogger/vlogger, make tons of money and change the world, I hope you read this no-sugar-coating article about making money online. I hope the precepts will guide you through some seemingly-idiotic life altering decisions.

I may sound like discouraging but I am not really. But if you have a good job and you are just feeling burnout and thinking blogging will save you, then yes, I am discouraging your stupid move.

I coached plenty of people whose businesses are mainly on making money online. I do not have a BIG brand out there, I coach based on what I know works. In fact I have been making money over the years by being in the background.

Moreover, I am also a blogging coach for fashion bloggers, food bloggers, travel bloggers and other bloggers thriving and failing in their niches. Haha!

Why others fail is because they cannot stick to the following precepts of making money online. If you do not want to waste another dollar or day, then take the following by heart:

1. Do not be a scammer

This is my number one precept because, let’s face it. With so many things out there that you could possibly sell to someone whose credit card is ready, you can make instant money by being a money-making scam.

By this I do not just mean actual “shippable” products. Even services can be a scam and it will revert back to be the bomb that will ruin your entire career in the end.

For example, I was handling a marketing campaign once for somebody selling coaching services who claims to be able to help people. As we progressed in rebuilding his old brand and positioning his new brand, he cannot provide me with his credentials. Turns out the guy is just a total scammer, who pieced together systems he stumbled upon and sold to thousands of people.

While he probably made tons of money in the past, he is now spending money on trying to keep his reputation intact. The worst part is, he cannot stop those people who found out about his lack of credentials and ethics from talking about his money-making scam.

Scams will last for a while, make money for a while but the volatile nature of lies piled on every cyber footprint you make will eventually result to your destruction.

Besides, karma is an immutable law of creation, so do not play with it.

2. Do not think of and expect instant results

Frustration sets in when you read too much overnight successes published by people out there. Some say they made 2 blog posts and turned it into a 6-figure industry. While some are genuine and was lucky to catch the “lucky virus” others don’t and immediately quit. What happens next is that their blogs are forgotten and their brands that could’ve made it, dissolved.

Making money online takes time and there is much to learn and when you think you mastered something, you’d be surprised how much you need to learn further to keep up. Stop thinking that you can simply apply all the strategies you read from one successful blogger and the next day you are viral and rich.

Go ahead and read as much as you want, but never compare or expect their successes and failures to yours. If you’re lucky enough, and by that, I mean hardworking enough and married your blogging or vlogging career, you might become the next success story everyone reads about.

3. Reach out to experts

Always reach out to experts and workers. Find someone to work with, either a blogging coach, a reputable and affordable digital marketer or a writer. When you expect you can do everything alone, you are on the wrong path to success.

Blogging success requires great skills and some are impossible to be embodied by one person alone. Say, a website design appealing to your audience with functions to generate money. You may think you are doing something great, but without an advice from a marketer, you might be doing something that appeals for one person only, you!

Reaching out to experts is an investment to your success and a great digital marketer will not hide facts and knowledge from you, while some may keep the “secrets of the trade” others are possibly willing to coach.

4. Write within your niche – never stop…

Write and write endlessly within the niche you wish to make money from. Stop wasting your time writing about something that does not appeal your target audience. When you are starting out you may be tempted to switch niches and write on other topics that you feel are actively swarmed by readers. This is a terrible idea and a great time waster.

Write within your niche and just keep on writing there even if you have no readers yet and you will be amazed at how you develop how your writing style. You will not have readers unless you are an established writer offline with a name familiar to people. Otherwise, if you are just starting out, you need to be very patient in building your readership. It takes time but never impossible.

5. Do not outsource to cheap services

Outsourcing will either make your business blossom or destroy your business totally. No one can blame you for outsourcing to a dollar per 500-word article for your blog and content production. That is really cheap and let us cut the chase, most bloggers have ghostwriters. There is a stigma about this whole ghostwriting thing, if you outsource make sure that you remain to be the thought leader and fully giving all the commands on topics to be written to your ghost.

Going back to what I want to say, a cheap service may equal to cheap quality. Make sure you go for affordable but excellent service.

Life Coaching: How to Market the Idea of Success, Wellness and Happiness?

I am not a life coach and God knows I cannot be one! While I may have been an efficient sales and product trainer when I was in my twenties representing top western brands. I still lack plenty of aspects to become a life coach. But in 2016, I was pulled into the coaching market with a force like an un-escapable strong current.

Today, I handle several clients in the life coaching industry and continue to learn with them. But from what I truly understand, life coaching is selling something abstract, the idea of success, wellness and happiness are not really tangible, aren’t they?

There might be modules, manuals or books together with a life coaching package, but it is not exactly what consumers go for. They buy the idea that the coach (you) can make them successful, live well and eventually achieve happiness. As a marketer I can say it is more challenging than marketing an actual product that can be shipped and is tangible. A thong for men may be easier to sell than a possibility of an idea to work.

Life Coaching: How to Market the Idea of Success, Wellness and Happiness?

Why Do People Need Life Coaches?

Unlike psychologists, life coaching opens the idea that anyone can be help a person to become better in handling life issues or recover from an invisible illness, given that without a board license, you cannot diagnose or “treat” any form of illness. If you have the skills and knowledge on how to influence another person’s life positively, then life coaching is among the best career for you. People need life coaches for a few reasons, on top of these reasons; because they were sold to the idea.

Not until a person is sold to the idea will they need a life coach. Okay, my statement may be a little harsh. But truth be told, anyone who knows how to find the answer will not need a mentor. Life coaches are mentors for those who are lost in any aspect of life. It is our culture that is massively marketing the idea, you no longer need to create the need. It is out there, present and overflowing.

In other words, since everyone is sold to the idea of stress, life problems and weight issues. Anyone who wish to become a life coach only needs to tap into this rich market of ready consumers. Which is mostly everyone, if you are not, then you are probably a life coach yourself.

How Do You Market an Idea to Confused Consumers in A Very Noisy Market?

1. Breakdown Life Problems. When we talk about life problems, there is just too many. For a life coach to be highly marketable, there must be one life problem he or she intends to be excellent at solving. Selling life coaching services as generic will not get you closer to the success you aim for. Why? Because when consumers look for a solution online (or offline) they have a specific problem in mind. You need to be that specific “problem solver” for them to attract their attention.

2. Choose One Issue and Market There. Startup life coaches must choose only one among the many trending issues that they might find appealing to match their skills. For example stress management, do not try to immediately jump into becoming a health and fitness coach without having at least a steady stream of clients from your initial choice. It simply doesn’t work that way.

I once handled marketing for one client who may truly be genuine in trying to liberate as many people from suffering. However, his belief in what he can do defies reality. Moreover, defies every rule of personal branding.

I emphasize many times of the value of personal branding, being branded as an expert of so many topics will get you nowhere. In my honest opinion, it will only confuse your audience and might get to the point of thinking that you are not genuine.

If you are a wealth and success life coach, focus on that and once you have penetrated the market, you may find clients beg for your services on resolving other issues they may have in life. As you grow, you may experiment on positioning your brand on other niches.

3. Hire a Marketer. Alright, I know you are good at what you do, you inspire people and perhaps also possess exceptional marketing skills. Nonetheless, you will never be able to view your business from a different standpoint other than the owner. Your own marketing and success skills may as well be your poison if you do not consider working with a marketing expert.

Hiring a marketer will solve so much of your marketing nightmares. As you grow bigger, the demands of your business will get bigger. Imagine handling clients, writing content for your blog, maybe recording videos, participating in seminars and analyzing sales funnels and pipelines all at the same time. Even superman needs to prioritize who to save. Face the fact, as a life coach, you are still just another human.

4. Have a VERY Good Personal Story to Tell. Oh please, do not make it up! Thing is, I believe all our lives are rich with stories of failures to success or sadness to happiness. You just need to find that good story in your life that is highly marketable to your niche. Do not make up a story, consumers are wise enough to distinguish between fake and real. Even though you think you are a brilliant actor, in time, truth will come out.

People buy stories. This is one fact in marketing. Notice advertisements are often containing bits of drama that involves something that the target market can relate to? It solves the puzzle. I can go on and on but its simply because, people love stories that are similar to them but contains a promised happy ending.

5. Collaborate! You need to collaborate with other coaches and expand your reach. You cannot and will not survive by being detached from the industry players. I would suggest go to an event, learn new systems or expand your market by using platforms such as beBee, LinkedIn and others to collaborate and share insights with other life coaches.

Bringing It All Together

Life coaching is a very saturated market, but you may find success if you consider tapping into specific issues that life coaching consumers are after. Use Google Trends then keyword research tools to enhance your content production if you consider marketing online as an option to get your clients lined up. If you are not considering online marketing, I wish you the best of luck!

You may be experiencing the worse of times in life coaching industry right now or just starting out to get established. If you are, it is best to hire a chief marketer to make sure that all your efforts are generating income. Stop wasting your time and money trying to apply tactics of other life coaches. What works for others may not work for your personal brand. A branding specialist or digital marketer specializing in brand positioning can save you from the nightmares of life coach marketing.

Contact me if you need any help setting up your brand.

The Problem with Overthinking Your SEO and Using So Many Services

I love discussing SEO and content marketing, but often I love to discuss it with people who at least have a clue what they are talking about. I may come across as “an arrogant expert” to most people, but in reality, I am a novice. I always say, “I am not quite sure what is wrong,” because each website that has been around for a while will have unique set of variables as to why they aren’t ranking.

One most common variant about this is keyword competition. If you are competing for a particular keyword ranking, it will depend on the niche and SEO competitors at play. Why? Simple fact that they are also applying SEO efforts as much as you do. To think that Google will favor only you will crush your dreams. Google has gone a long way from eliminating blackhat practices.


If you ask me and my speculative mind, I would say that Google’s effort is leaning towards, eliminating SEO specialists as they move their algorithm more to favor their own advertising platforms. It appears to me that they want businesses to be more comfortable in just using their products. Since no effort of your specialist will serve as a guarantee anyway besides what is common knowledge.

While Google simplifies SEO for everyone, it appears that it’s also putting all of us in a box, where your creativity will be challenged to create unique pages. But saddest part is that it narrows the ability of small to medium businesses to compete with the giants who have money to hire more people to produce just about everything and anything that Google favors.

As such is the world of marketing, we can say that advertising dollars doesn’t matter, but in reality it does.

For example, a client shared a story he found on reddit about a guy in the similar niche we are trying to dominate who made $250,000 in one month off sales. As he shares the setbacks and failed strategies in the article. I noticed the amount of money that he spent on trial and error. In short, I found him to have lost about $50,000 also in just a few months by trying just about anything from link building, guest posting and also hiring a relatively big team of content producers – graphic designers and writers.

Lesson of the story, he gambled big money to get big money. That seems to be what the internet is all about, unless you are ready to take risks outside your comfort zone, you will be producing the same conversions. Yes, there are success stories out there of those who capitalized small and became big. Consider their niche, and when they became big. I highly doubt that they play at a saturated niche and was able to pierce through quickly, or successfully.

In short, a few hundred dollars a month that you spend on SEO and content marketing will still be no match to the thousands others spend, they will still dominate Google and convert higher than you. One brilliant mind that you hired will never equate ten of their workers, although only 3 of those may be gems of SEO and marketing.

Overthinking SEO poses great problems and conflict with your SEO specialist. The moment you keep on suggesting and doing stuff that the person you pay for to be in charge is not comfortable with, everything may just not work or progress to be slow.

Say for example the thousands of websites capitalizing on SEO produce software that are intended to point out what is wrong with your website for you to subscribe to their SEO development. Their site may “deploy” bots to test your pages but overlook that real issues. While it can serve as a good outline to improve, not everything that “instant SEO analysis” provides is actually beneficial. For they see what is in the surface, unlike SEO workers who can really dig deeper on your market, analyze your competitors and structure of your site.

In other words, there is so much more about SEO beyond what is seen in the surface and any changes applied today, will take effect in a while, now that is relative to how big your site is. If you are talking about a blog with hundred posts, then it may be easier, but if we are talking about a full site with e-commerce included in it, the heavier your website it, the wider the window of perils are.

I say, since I often work alone, that give me time. But if you are impatient, pay me more. Not because I am trying to be an extortion but this will allow me to hire others to implement SEO tactics faster. What I can do solo in a day is nothing compared to a team. I may know stuff but I have limits.

So what we can come up with this post is that I am currently feeling pressured. Haha! In fact has been under a lot of pressure I feel like I am being thrown into burning flames each week. But that is one challenge I love and I am not giving up.

Challenges and Pain on a Happy December, SEO and Content Marketing Rant

I really have no idea what I am doing as a content marketer and SEO specialist. Well I have plenty of ideas but in reality, there is just so much more to learn, I am currently facing challenges faced that are mostly mentally straining. I often wonder how it would best serve me and my business if I open an office, then I realized that would be throwing away my dream of becoming a nomad this coming 2017 and work while I explore.

My soul need to grow and where I am currently does not really promote growth because I don’t get to talk to new people. I need to fill my mind with something more nutritious while also feed my sexual self with something fun.


The Battle of Moving Links Upward

My current plan is to develop a strategy through on-page and off-page SEO to bury my client’s competitor down to the search results of Google. While I am mentally strained for the past month or two, I did show results. It was similar to looking at a newborn child when I saw my link on PR2 next to the main blog. It was consistently there for 2 weeks. Then comes the server and coding issues that returned “page not found errors”.

If it isn’t sabotage, I don’t know what else it could be. The company handling development and design has had so much from me that I think they began to ignore me recently. But little did they know how much the issue has started to cause me so much stress because of the amount of work I poured on SEO to get those links active.


My right breast has swollen and tensed because of gripping my mouse tighter, to that extent. It is not even ranking low, I guess those links were penalized because of the “page not found” issues had my dreams and hard work crash and shatter in front of me. All my calculations were wasted because of unreliable coding and web dev.

So, my advice to content marketers and SEO people, work closely with your coders or whoever is handling programming.

Now I am in the verge of trying to formulate something in my head, how do I get on the first page again and rank high on the page. I am running out of ideas but I have a new one that I guess I need to keep to myself. I don’t know, I feel paranoid that when I share it the trolls just know what I am doing next and send their bots to attack me.

I guess that is how you punish such a bad bitch like me. For the love of the God of Internet, what must I do to please you and leave my links alone.


“Denying Your Geek-ness”

There is no problem with being a geek. The society has granted appropriation for the term geek now. But I can’t help but try to deny that I am not. When in fact, all I think of most of the time are “web” stuff and marketing stuff. I even had a few consecutive dreams that sort of gotten rid of my lovely nightmares about dead relatives that my heart and mind is in love with.


Yes, I dream about how I can build better strategies, like even my sleep has been taken over by my job. That is when burnout is signaled. Last night I woke up with my left foot cramping because I skipped a night of sleep.

I am a geek in distress with no sex life. I accepted another gig just to distract me but it turned out the sexiness involved in that project is just slapping me with the reality that I am not getting “digged” recently.

Forgive my honest words, I don’t see why anyone who is reading my blog (are there still any?) be interested in the woes of freelance content marketing. Besides as I always say in the other published post, the reason this blog is named after me is because it is mine and all other things that has something to do with me.

Google Search Fluctuates a Lot

I don’t know what normal is, or how normal should be seen, but I am really about to give up checking on rankings, it appears that google search for the keyword I am working for goes up and down faster than a hand jerking a D**K.

Yes you heard me right Google. I don’t know what is wrong. Often I will not even touch my links and overly promote and just create content, and boom! It changes every 4 hours. The keyword isn’t even saturated, and the other links I am fighting with don’t even publish new materials.


The most fascinating thing about this is for 2 months of monitoring, they don’t even get enough link juice. What causes the fluctuations? Is my laptop hooked on a different internet? Am getting results over the airwaves from an alien mothership? LOL.

Well it is frustrating, weird and challenging. Must I mentally strain further just to prove my worth or give up and find new gigs that pays more? Besides I really need to earn more now that I am planning a move and started saving for my 2017 quest.

That’s it for now. This bitch will rest. Be good, be kind and always be happy without having to harm another.

Online Reputation Manager

How to Find an Effective Online Reputation Manager

Online Reputation Management is not an easy task. Some people who have little knowledge about digital marketing might think that the primary function of an online reputation manager is to create strong content or be involved in SEO.

While there is truth that online reputation management will involve content marketing and some aspects of SEO, online reputation management focuses more on the health of your brand. It digs deeper in content marketing by knowing what the buzzes are about your brand in the corners of the web.

What is an Effective Online Reputation Manager?

  1. An efficient online reputation manager is someone who knows how to work in the background. Online Reputation Management must be kept confidential. Allowing the public to know that there are people in charge of the reputation will only cause further damage to the brand.

In short an effective ORM will not mention to anyone what you are dealing with them. Whether it is to reduce risk, fix a tarnished reputation or simply if it is to aid content marketing and SEO efforts.

  1. A great online reputation manager knows more than just on-page SEO. There are so many things involved in marketing that isn’t really learned through the blog. The aspects of brand risk management and customer service skills comes into play to effectively apply tactics in brand reputation management.

An SEO expert without background in customer service or customer care will not be an effective online reputation manager. Because the basic skills in marketing and customer service is not present. Nonetheless, they may continue to shine as an SEO master.

  1. Knowledge in calculating risks is among the talents an effective online reputation manager must have. Without knowing how to, a brand’s reputation might end up getting hurt further than saved if it is under attack.

A great online reputation manager would know how to analyze data, compare statistics and value your business or personal brand.

  1. Online reputation management will involve having to be firm on strategies. You must find an online reputation management firm or an individual who have a clear strategy, documented tactics and thorough knowledge on the ins and outs of branding.

Getting someone who might be good but comes cheap, might lead you to getting cheap services. Your content is a digital asset you must value. Without protecting your content, you give room for so many mistakes.


Top 3 Questions to ask someone you are planning hire as your ORM


  1. How will you handle our brand?

A branding expert would give you detailed answer. Expect that you will also be asked back regarding your current reputation status. Further they might tell you how they value confidentiality.


  1. If your brand is currently under attack ask, “how will you repair our reputation?”

A good online reputation management specialist will not give answers right away. They might take a quick look at your current status. The health of your digital marketing, the health of your SEO and check the corners of the net to weigh the buzz about your brand.

If you get by someone who gives you an answer right away or promises unrealistic results. Back out the deal. You are talking to someone who do not know what they are dealing with and just interested in your money.

  1. Where will you start with rebuilding or building our online reputation?

The best answer to expect is if they say they will reinforce content marketing and deal with reviews and other propaganda circulating the internet about you. You must expect your online reputation manager to also know how to build reputation in social media. But as every expert knows, social media is hardly achieved without first having content worthy of sharing the social media platforms.

Being realistic is the key to achieving success

The key to repairing a smeared reputation online is to develop a measurable branding strategy. A strategy that cannot be placed on a spreadsheet or document is no strategy at all.

If the smear campaigns about your brand has been sitting for a while and began to pick up ranking in search results, it might take a while to repair, revamping your existing content and increasing content production of better content might be applied. But still there is no guarantee that it will be totally diminished.

For as you see, Google treats every page equally, your best bet is to score better on SEO algorithm metrics and factors.

For those just starting to establish a strong online brand, it would be best that you ensure that Google page 1 is your business card. Keep it clean, and the only way to do that is to keep on publishing relevant, optimized and evergreen content.

If you think I can help in building or repairing your online reputation, do not hesitate to shoot me an email.