Challenges and Pain on a Happy December, SEO and Content Marketing Rant

I really have no idea what I am doing as a content marketer and SEO specialist. Well I have plenty of ideas but in reality, there is just so much more to learn, I am currently facing challenges faced that are mostly mentally straining. I often wonder how it would best serve me and my business if I open an office, then I realized that would be throwing away my dream of becoming a nomad this coming 2017 and work while I explore.

My soul need to grow and where I am currently does not really promote growth because I don’t get to talk to new people. I need to fill my mind with something more nutritious while also feed my sexual self with something fun.


The Battle of Moving Links Upward

My current plan is to develop a strategy through on-page and off-page SEO to bury my client’s competitor down to the search results of Google. While I am mentally strained for the past month or two, I did show results. It was similar to looking at a newborn child when I saw my link on PR2 next to the main blog. It was consistently there for 2 weeks. Then comes the server and coding issues that returned “page not found errors”.

If it isn’t sabotage, I don’t know what else it could be. The company handling development and design has had so much from me that I think they began to ignore me recently. But little did they know how much the issue has started to cause me so much stress because of the amount of work I poured on SEO to get those links active.


My right breast has swollen and tensed because of gripping my mouse tighter, to that extent. It is not even ranking low, I guess those links were penalized because of the “page not found” issues had my dreams and hard work crash and shatter in front of me. All my calculations were wasted because of unreliable coding and web dev.

So, my advice to content marketers and SEO people, work closely with your coders or whoever is handling programming.

Now I am in the verge of trying to formulate something in my head, how do I get on the first page again and rank high on the page. I am running out of ideas but I have a new one that I guess I need to keep to myself. I don’t know, I feel paranoid that when I share it the trolls just know what I am doing next and send their bots to attack me.

I guess that is how you punish such a bad bitch like me. For the love of the God of Internet, what must I do to please you and leave my links alone.


“Denying Your Geek-ness”

There is no problem with being a geek. The society has granted appropriation for the term geek now. But I can’t help but try to deny that I am not. When in fact, all I think of most of the time are “web” stuff and marketing stuff. I even had a few consecutive dreams that sort of gotten rid of my lovely nightmares about dead relatives that my heart and mind is in love with.


Yes, I dream about how I can build better strategies, like even my sleep has been taken over by my job. That is when burnout is signaled. Last night I woke up with my left foot cramping because I skipped a night of sleep.

I am a geek in distress with no sex life. I accepted another gig just to distract me but it turned out the sexiness involved in that project is just slapping me with the reality that I am not getting “digged” recently.

Forgive my honest words, I don’t see why anyone who is reading my blog (are there still any?) be interested in the woes of freelance content marketing. Besides as I always say in the other published post, the reason this blog is named after me is because it is mine and all other things that has something to do with me.

Google Search Fluctuates a Lot

I don’t know what normal is, or how normal should be seen, but I am really about to give up checking on rankings, it appears that google search for the keyword I am working for goes up and down faster than a hand jerking a D**K.

Yes you heard me right Google. I don’t know what is wrong. Often I will not even touch my links and overly promote and just create content, and boom! It changes every 4 hours. The keyword isn’t even saturated, and the other links I am fighting with don’t even publish new materials.


The most fascinating thing about this is for 2 months of monitoring, they don’t even get enough link juice. What causes the fluctuations? Is my laptop hooked on a different internet? Am getting results over the airwaves from an alien mothership? LOL.

Well it is frustrating, weird and challenging. Must I mentally strain further just to prove my worth or give up and find new gigs that pays more? Besides I really need to earn more now that I am planning a move and started saving for my 2017 quest.

That’s it for now. This bitch will rest. Be good, be kind and always be happy without having to harm another.

How to Be Awesome in The Noisy Blogosphere

Starting a blog is no big news, it appears that 7 out of 10 people would like to start a blog these days, 6 of those probably wants to make a ton of money out of it. The accessibility of blogging and web publishing has become easier for everyone to exploit compared to a few years ago.

This means that competition gets tougher, but for those with genuine love to express themselves in writing, it is only a challenge.

If you are in constant lookout for new materials out there and tips on how to truly become an awesome blogger you will be drowning in loads of information. To be honest, most of the information you will find are not only redundant but some are plain rubbish.

Seeking Validation

Bloggers are always seeking validation of their awesomeness. This validation can be measured through your number of visits in a day, number of comments in your blog and popularity among competitors and peers. But is it necessary?

It appears it is really. Even if you have the most awesome content in your blog, if no one is reading it then, you cannot brag about being awesome right? Gaining readership is the ultimate validation of an awesome blog, often even without nutritious content, some blogs are pronounced awesome.


Nonetheless, this should not break the dreams of a new blogger apart. In fact, it should only be a challenge. If you are just starting out, do not try to compare yourself with anyone and seek validation only from yourself. If you feel good about having written something and published it, loyal readers will come. But that’s hardly accomplished unless you truly start feeling good about what you do.

How to really be awesome these days?

1. Establish your own personal brand

Aim to be different, unique and original. Establishing your own personal brand means you take credit for your individuality. In today’s chaotic world, the only thing that will truly set you apart is if you embrace your uniqueness.

Being a copy of another person will get you nowhere, not in blogging. In the broader sense, it will not take you further in life.


2. Be proud of your personal brand

You need to believe in the brand you are establishing. You cannot create a personal brand that you yourself doubt. In fact, as narcissistic as it may sound, you need to be your number one fan. It is important that you are also your number 1 reader.

If you create anything that you do not truly believe in, how do you expect other people to accept what you have to offer.


3. Don’t be afraid to invest money

Everybody seems to want to an awesome blogger without investing a fair amount of capital into their passion. That is hardly accomplished in anything in life. Even an artist who have true passion in painting, would need to invest in brushes, paints and good quality canvass.



That is the same in blogging, if you are to create something magnificent it has to carry your personal brand’s vision and mission, it has to be secured. While free blogging services may be able to take you a distance from where you are right now, it won’t really make you awesome.

Best, you secure your domain name, get a hosting service and install the WordPress platform. This is the ultimate best move, and no other alternative.

4. Greatest devotion

In that moment you decide to really start an awesome blog, it will be your greatest devotion. If at one point you decide to stop or slow down, your blog will begin to crumble. Blogging is among the most difficult career. Blogging to some, is not only time-consuming, but life-consuming. You need to commit, even if things seem to be taking you nowhere, you need to hold on.

5. You need to learn

Luckily there are a lot of courses online where you can learn things about blogging and writing that are normally not taught in school. With the proper search skills, you can even get by without spending a single cent on a web class and curate lessons yourself.


Nonetheless, welcome to the world of blogging, where learning is essential. It is virtually impossible to decide one day you want to blog and immediately everything you need and want is right in front of you.

When you decide to want to be an awesome blogger, you need to be:

  1. An awesome writer
  2. An awesome content designer
  3. An awesome marketer
  4. An advocate of your personal brand
  5. An extraordinary researcher
  6. An empowered individual
  7. Unique, Genuine and Original
  8. Knows a little html and css tricks

That is just the top of the list, it can go on forever depending on the niche you wish you blog about. Learning to be all those, is not really difficult, there are tons of resources online.

Quora, for example, have a great community of people ready to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction for free. Participate in forums and start reading!

The point here is, there are a lot of things to learn about.

6. You need to be patient

Becoming an awesome blogger is not happening anytime soon if you are just starting out. To be honest not even happening in the near future. Some people who were able to make it big in a short period of time have tenure to back it up, some are print (newspaper and magazine) writers before they even start blogging.

Meaning those people already have readers. Some have great connections and backed up by other forms of media, so penetrating online readership is not much of a challenge for them.


But for us who only have dreams, we need to wait a little longer before a substantial amount of readers that might validate our success arrives. I am not trying to say it will not happen, but in reality, it can take longer than a few months. But if you stop now, or halfway, then you will not be able to see your blog soar high. So don’t stop and remain to be patient.

If you think that I can help you get started in the right direction, do not hesitate to contact me.

personal branding

Marketable Personal Branding

Personal branding is a way to personal growth. It will provide you insights about yourself, and can even lead to define your purpose.

Branding is a common term when talking about big companies and small businesses.

Today, everyone is establishing their personal brand without even knowing it.

The popularity of social media caused this. Unfortunately, not cultivated as a marketable brand.


It is up to the individual whether or not to take the next steps in establishing a marketable personal brand.

Little do we care about digital footprints we leave behind. This age of technology even children under the age of two already have a digital footprint.

Guiding these footprints into marketability can be rewarding.

Here are some ways to make your marketable personal brand awesome.

Begin a personal brand mindset

Think of how you want people to perceive you, what ideas do you want them to associate you with?

If you want to be perceived as an expert in a particular subject matter, hold on to it. Maybe you want to have qualities linked to your brand, take note of it as well.


When you have the above figured out, building a goal and creating strategies to reach it will be easier.

This does not suggest that you alter your whole personality just to build your brand. You already have a personal brand; you are just going to market it.

In the digital age, authenticity is a key player in establishing a powerful brand.

A lot of people who made a mark in the history of digital personal branding began with great stories but remained authentic. Get to know them here.

You are unique by default

The best thing about your personal brand is that no one else is like you in this entire planet.

Isn’t it awesome that you are unique by default?

Understanding this will lead you to happily create your personal brand without having to mold yourself into a certain shape, act a certain way or even speak in a different manner.

Disregarding your feeling while faking it, will be exhausting in the long run.


Your brand is a reflection of what you believe, your passion, your strengths and weaknesses.

To market your brand, you need to maintain an authentic appeal to other people.

Fake can easily be detected by anyone. Problems can arise when a slight bit of inconsistency begins to surface.

Personal branding is a way to personal growth. It will provide you insights about yourself, and can even lead to define your purpose.

Show the world who you are, who you truly are.

Communicate from within your stance of power

To develop a strong marketable personal branding, you need to communicate either by talking or writing with strength. Speak and represent yourself from a place of authority while being able to relate to your audience.

On my venture back to freelance writing, after piling episodes of personal setbacks, I am determined to build my personal brand. I do not doubt my writing skills, even when it becomes hard to cope with the years I missed in content marketing. I am ready to keep on learning and updating my knowledge.


Online publishing is my opportunity to be heard. With domain name after my real name, I am determined to take this brand swinging. is where I publish my valuable thoughts. Hoping that it reaches a wide audience resonating with my personal brand.

Content Marketing Writers and Editors

Ways To Hire Effective Content Marketing Writers and Editors

There are so many talented writers quitting their corporate jobs and started offering their freelance services. Does this mean that it’s easy to outsource to content marketing writers? Not quite!

I have been in content marketing since 2008, stopped and focused on another job around 2012, and now going back to full time in content marketing starting my own brand. What I have learned is that there are so many things to catch up on, nevertheless easy because I have my bases covered.

Today, the number of online freelance content writers can be overwhelming and their writing portfolio may include a lot of accomplishments to brag. Nevertheless, as everyone is qualified to be a content writer, I often wonder where is the line drawn between okay, good and efficient. This motivated me to write this piece.

Content marketing is different from other forms of writing. A good content writer has methodology in creating captivating content. Before the writing process, research is an important step to ensure that you can have all your thoughts about the topic in place. Otherwise your ideas may shoot in all directions making your piece incoherent. Someone can write a good piece in a news format but if evaluated, can fail plenty of important arguments involved in content marketing.

Here are five simple ways to evaluate content marketing writers:


audience-minionsCaptivate your audience

If you know your target audience well, you know what kind of materials they want to browse. You probably have an idea how to captivate them, good content marketing writers know the recipe to make this happen. To succeed in content marketing, you need to ensure captivating content published timely for your readers to browse. Not only that, the published material must contain the essence of driving conversion. In the instance of hiring someone who used to be a good journalist, he or she may not be able to write captivating contents on topics that matters to your business. Such has to be given much consideration. More importantly, you need to ensure that they are happy with your content marketing budget and ghostwriting for someone else.

shutterstock_212138536Do they know how to write?

Be sure your writer can write. Silly statement, but is very important especially if you are outsourcing your content overseas. There’s an amazing number of people advertising as writers with impressive resumes and present well, nonetheless lacking real aptitude for writing. Also beware of the material they submit as their samples, anything can be copied now.

Some content marketing services firms have highly skilled writers to front for a project before a client contracts their services. However, the tasks will be delegated to someone else who may not have the same writing aptitude as you may have expected in the beginning. Tricky!

ipad-tablet-technology-touch-largeGenuine Interest In Your Business

All your marketing efforts will go to waste considering content marketing writers you are hiring are not interested in your type of business. Interest plays an important role in creating content that will captivate your audience. There should be resonance between your published materials and your target audience, effective content marketing writers have the know-how to make this happen and not just feed the search engine robots.

Furthermore, you are more guaranteed with content marketing writers who have a business mentality over those who have an employee mentality. This warrants you success because they also want to grow their business and not just receiving a paycheck.


It is very important that you can trust your writers not only in timely submissions and creation of relevant content. Better hire content marketing writers who takes responsibility in your company branding.

Moreover, content marketing writers who have the initiative to bring something to you table and work with your team and only one goal, success of your business. When you found someone trustworthy, you need to empower them to retain the same level of service.


An effective content marketing writer knows that editing is the key to the success of a published material. While SEO plays an integral part of any content marketing strategy. One of the key skill in this business is learning to plan a draft and edit as many times as possible checking readability of the material and grammar.

You want content marketing writers who can hold the overall logic of a material and can restructure it as many times as possible for republication. The shape of the written content must be adaptable to various publishing platforms without worry of plagiarism or weak content.

content marketing techniques

6 Content Marketing Techniques for Small Businesses

Content marketing techniques have long been used by big companies but small businesses did not follow this trend among corporations fearing high costs. Search Engine Optimization changed the game among all scales of business.

Marketing Diagram on Blackboard

It is only in the recent years that small businesses began to follow the trend to improve their search engine rankings and remain competitive in their market.


Applying content marketing techniques ensure that your marketing budget does not go to waste. Further it allows you to gain more confidence in materials you publish and never run out of topics.

Here are six tips for creating the best content:

1. Start a content calendar

This is one of the most neglected content marketing strategy that when applied can work wonders in your content creation. This is one of the content marketing techniques that guarantees timely creation and publishing of content. Planning content creation ahead saves you time and allows you to gather more ideas as possible.

Flat design vector illustration icons set of website SEO optimization, programming process and web analytics elements. Isolated on turquoise background2. Use your tools for research

Check your Google analytics data and analyze what drove more traffic into your website and which keywords you should focus on. This data is not to be ignored, it is your map to content marketing success. It contains search queries of how customers found you and which among your content pointed them to your website. Create more of those content.

Social media tools that allows you to review your content statistics are the best way to be pointed in the right track of social media marketing. This is among content marketing techniques that is often left unchecked and marketers often just keep on creating more materials without checking success data. Knowing what gets attention and making more alike will guarantee traffic.

3. Local Social Newsjacking

Social media newsjacking is one of the most efficient content marketing techniques. By helping provide relevant ideas among trending topics locally. This way you get traffic from people who are actively looking for it. Twitter and Facebook has been providing local trending data for free, streamlining your content this way will surely benefit your local traffic.

traffic-34. Create Surveys

Creating news surveys will provide you better understanding of consumer bearing on industry related topics.
This will help you create content materials that deliver what they are actually looking for. Doing so, it can create and build indispensable amount of backlinks to your website as you build a reputation of being the primary source for the information.

about website content5. Visual Content

Search engine optimization focuses more on your textual content so search engines can find and divert traffic to your website. Nevertheless, with the rise of visual content recently, online audiences are now getting more engaged in videos and graphics. Infographics and videos keep your visitors entertained and engaged. This ensure that they read and stay on your website, and will come back for more.

contentmarketing6. Spinning your Content

Finding topics and researching can be time-consuming and can lead anyone to stop creating content focused on a particular niche. This can impact your traffic badly. The best way is to spin your topic while adding supplementary information that are newly discovered regarding a certain post. With this, you create multiple materials covering a certain topic but with varied approach and data. Among other content marketing techniques, this will ensure that you have a steady supply of content to deliver.

patbaganologobannerSearch Engine Optimization or SEO now encourages content marketing as an integral part of production of content. Small businesses may find content marketing to be a difficult move at first, or waste if done incorrectly. These content marketing techniques will help anyone be pointed in the right direction. Understanding the content strategies done by experts will help newbies stay on course towards successful content marketing tactics.