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Why Profitable Blogging Niches Doesn’t Really Matter

You can do all the research you want about profitable blogging niches of 2016. You can get the best hosting plan and spend thousands of dollars on promotion. By the same time in 2017, things may look ugly for you. You may start to realize that the time and money you spent does not even break even with the profits you made. By that time, you might have the tendency to sell the blog or just abandon it.

There will be a few people arguing the scenario above. But to be honest it comprises most of blogging stories that are untold. Of course, we only get to read the happy yet polished stories of successful millionaires.

The main motivation why I am writing this is because I spend hours answering questions in various websites. I always encounter the question “what is the most profitable blogging niches to make money from blogging?”

The secondary motivation I am writing this is because I was once a very stupid blogger, 2011 I think is when I bought more than 30 domain names that are niche specific and thought I can make money out of every single one of them. Today, I am brave enough to share how I am stupid.


What are profitable blogging niches?

Finance, stocks, mobile gadgets, loans, digital cameras are among the top. Some even call them evergreen blogging niches. But that does not really mean you can make money out of them.

Intrinsic Blogging Motivation

Something must motivate you to write. Writing is among the skills that is really not easy, and to top that, among those activities that is hard to keep up with. Even the best writer’s the world has known have timely writer’s block.

To blog means someone is motivated with the end result. Which are either of the two:

  1. To feel good for having written, with no intentions to monetize at all.
  2. To blog purely for money.

To be honest, when I write for someone else I am wired on #2. If I am writing for my own brand, I am tapped in #1.


I find #1 the easiest. I can write roughly about 4 blog posts all ranging from 1000-2000 words if I am intrinsically motivated.

I can only write about 3 articles ranging 500-800 words if I am extrinsically motivated.

The difference is wide and clear. It is easier to write on a topic that is naturally what you like. Now even if there is bucketful of money on blogging about finance and gadgets, it will definitely result to a struggle, the very struggle that will result to quitting.

Bloggers really need to put this into consideration, while creating content may seem easy, time and experience will tell you otherwise. That is why intrinsically motivated blogging will most likely take you to success.

That rules out whether or not you have chosen a market that is among the top profitable niches in the blogosphere.

Maybe I am wrong, my experience as a content writer may not speak for the majority. I would like to invite further discussion in the comments below.

How to Be Awesome in The Noisy Blogosphere

Starting a blog is no big news, it appears that 7 out of 10 people would like to start a blog these days, 6 of those probably wants to make a ton of money out of it. The accessibility of blogging and web publishing has become easier for everyone to exploit compared to a few years ago.

This means that competition gets tougher, but for those with genuine love to express themselves in writing, it is only a challenge.

If you are in constant lookout for new materials out there and tips on how to truly become an awesome blogger you will be drowning in loads of information. To be honest, most of the information you will find are not only redundant but some are plain rubbish.

Seeking Validation

Bloggers are always seeking validation of their awesomeness. This validation can be measured through your number of visits in a day, number of comments in your blog and popularity among competitors and peers. But is it necessary?

It appears it is really. Even if you have the most awesome content in your blog, if no one is reading it then, you cannot brag about being awesome right? Gaining readership is the ultimate validation of an awesome blog, often even without nutritious content, some blogs are pronounced awesome.


Nonetheless, this should not break the dreams of a new blogger apart. In fact, it should only be a challenge. If you are just starting out, do not try to compare yourself with anyone and seek validation only from yourself. If you feel good about having written something and published it, loyal readers will come. But that’s hardly accomplished unless you truly start feeling good about what you do.

How to really be awesome these days?

1. Establish your own personal brand

Aim to be different, unique and original. Establishing your own personal brand means you take credit for your individuality. In today’s chaotic world, the only thing that will truly set you apart is if you embrace your uniqueness.

Being a copy of another person will get you nowhere, not in blogging. In the broader sense, it will not take you further in life.


2. Be proud of your personal brand

You need to believe in the brand you are establishing. You cannot create a personal brand that you yourself doubt. In fact, as narcissistic as it may sound, you need to be your number one fan. It is important that you are also your number 1 reader.

If you create anything that you do not truly believe in, how do you expect other people to accept what you have to offer.


3. Don’t be afraid to invest money

Everybody seems to want to an awesome blogger without investing a fair amount of capital into their passion. That is hardly accomplished in anything in life. Even an artist who have true passion in painting, would need to invest in brushes, paints and good quality canvass.



That is the same in blogging, if you are to create something magnificent it has to carry your personal brand’s vision and mission, it has to be secured. While free blogging services may be able to take you a distance from where you are right now, it won’t really make you awesome.

Best, you secure your domain name, get a hosting service and install the WordPress platform. This is the ultimate best move, and no other alternative.

4. Greatest devotion

In that moment you decide to really start an awesome blog, it will be your greatest devotion. If at one point you decide to stop or slow down, your blog will begin to crumble. Blogging is among the most difficult career. Blogging to some, is not only time-consuming, but life-consuming. You need to commit, even if things seem to be taking you nowhere, you need to hold on.

5. You need to learn

Luckily there are a lot of courses online where you can learn things about blogging and writing that are normally not taught in school. With the proper search skills, you can even get by without spending a single cent on a web class and curate lessons yourself.


Nonetheless, welcome to the world of blogging, where learning is essential. It is virtually impossible to decide one day you want to blog and immediately everything you need and want is right in front of you.

When you decide to want to be an awesome blogger, you need to be:

  1. An awesome writer
  2. An awesome content designer
  3. An awesome marketer
  4. An advocate of your personal brand
  5. An extraordinary researcher
  6. An empowered individual
  7. Unique, Genuine and Original
  8. Knows a little html and css tricks

That is just the top of the list, it can go on forever depending on the niche you wish you blog about. Learning to be all those, is not really difficult, there are tons of resources online.

Quora, for example, have a great community of people ready to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction for free. Participate in forums and start reading!

The point here is, there are a lot of things to learn about.

6. You need to be patient

Becoming an awesome blogger is not happening anytime soon if you are just starting out. To be honest not even happening in the near future. Some people who were able to make it big in a short period of time have tenure to back it up, some are print (newspaper and magazine) writers before they even start blogging.

Meaning those people already have readers. Some have great connections and backed up by other forms of media, so penetrating online readership is not much of a challenge for them.


But for us who only have dreams, we need to wait a little longer before a substantial amount of readers that might validate our success arrives. I am not trying to say it will not happen, but in reality, it can take longer than a few months. But if you stop now, or halfway, then you will not be able to see your blog soar high. So don’t stop and remain to be patient.

If you think that I can help you get started in the right direction, do not hesitate to contact me.