The Way You Treat a Mutt Says Much More About You

I have always thought that becoming a pet owner is really the same as becoming a parent. I never really go about in the streets rescuing strays. Although I must admit, if anyone inspects my goals’ farthest backburner that idea is not farfetched. I have 2 stray dogs who volunteered for adoption by refusing to leave the front porch. Having any sort of pet was NEVER in my goals or priorities. I am too busy fixing my life and building my career.

Obviously, pets happen. In my case, I feel I am left with no choice. I would naturally take care of anything thrown under my care and have the tendency to obsess on it. This claim will definitely be difficult to prove given my numerous failed romantic relationships. But that is different I suppose.

Okay, so the point of my ranting is why do the so called “animal lovers” look down on mutts. In my country they coined the term Askals but a much more ethical term is Aspins (says some websites.) These mongrels who were supposedly cared for ended up in the streets. While everyone craved to have their own guard dogs, they are incredibly irresponsible when it comes to their pets’ reproduction, health and safety. For some, it is similar to acquiring an alarm system. Instead of buying a sensor activated gadget to install in your front yard, chaining a dog there is an economical alternative.

These dogs end up serving their “masters” who barely get enough nutrition and attention as they are only fed scraps and leftovers. Some, not even getting enough protection from the sun and rain. Disgusting masters.

When mutts are still very young. There is no doubt that some of them can compete with purebred counterparts when it comes to “cuteness.” As they age, they’re uniqueness becomes more obvious and their appearance and temperament are not as consistent as that of their purebred counterparts. Guess what happens? They are either thrown out, some still cared for but losing “inside privileges” while others starved to death. Their value is weighed upon their appearance. Lucky for some coming from a poodle or retriever lineage, they are still kept because they have longer coats compared to the regular mutt. But anything that comes to look like an ordinary stray, will definitely end up being a stray.

Just like designer purses and bags, dogs are often expected to be trendy or otherwise exotic. Unlucky for mongrels, their overall appearance is unpredictable from puppyhood to adulthood. I say, these people see themselves as short on value as well. Each day, these are the same people who harbors a ton of insecurity about their looks and overall — life. They don’t see themselves as unique and special. They treated the mutt just as they think they should be treated, while hiding behind filters.

For if they are secure about themselves, I guarantee that they have come to understand the power that lies within uniqueness and being a cross between various breeds. Just like humans! Diversity in an individual’s (organism) gene pool increases intelligence and resistance to many things. But who am I to lecture. I just judge them based on how they judged the poor mutts. I do not have proper education on dogs and genes, I did stumble upon a handful materials. I claim to be qualified to judge based on how they treat another sentient being, as I am open to criticism and character judgment myself!

I am not in defense because I only have mutts as pets. I did afford a husky and a corgi x spitz or poodle (I think) but knowing now what I didn’t know about kennels and pet shops then, I feel disgusted for purchasing them. They passed away sick with disorders. Disorders because they were irresponsibly BRED.

I hate a neighbor who mistreat their pets. On the surface they would seem like animal lovers, owning several cats, underneath they are murderers. They wish to keep the adults but kill the kittens. How they do it?

Placed in a plastic bag to suffocate after feeding them poison. How cheap and easy it is to neuter or spay your pets for fucks sake, a vet visit may sound costly to some. Hence that means owning a pet should never be on your list of priorities if you cannot AFFORD to give them the health they deserve. And don’t for one second applaud yourself for rescuing any type of animal if their welfare you cannot secure and that goes down to their reproductive health. Well obviously, they see having children as the same. They will have these spawns and blame the world if they cannot afford to feed or give them proper education.

When you claim to be a dog lover (or cat), mind you what the term implies. It’s much more universal. Else, just say that you are a purebred lover or a designer breed lover. Doing so, I grant you forgiveness for being such an ignorant fool!