The Problem with Overthinking Your SEO and Using So Many Services

I love discussing SEO and content marketing, but often I love to discuss it with people who at least have a clue what they are talking about. I may come across as “an arrogant expert” to most people, but in reality, I am a novice. I always say, “I am not quite sure what is wrong,” because each website that has been around for a while will have unique set of variables as to why they aren’t ranking.

One most common variant about this is keyword competition. If you are competing for a particular keyword ranking, it will depend on the niche and SEO competitors at play. Why? Simple fact that they are also applying SEO efforts as much as you do. To think that Google will favor only you will crush your dreams. Google has gone a long way from eliminating blackhat practices.


If you ask me and my speculative mind, I would say that Google’s effort is leaning towards, eliminating SEO specialists as they move their algorithm more to favor their own advertising platforms. It appears to me that they want businesses to be more comfortable in just using their products. Since no effort of your specialist will serve as a guarantee anyway besides what is common knowledge.

While Google simplifies SEO for everyone, it appears that it’s also putting all of us in a box, where your creativity will be challenged to create unique pages. But saddest part is that it narrows the ability of small to medium businesses to compete with the giants who have money to hire more people to produce just about everything and anything that Google favors.

As such is the world of marketing, we can say that advertising dollars doesn’t matter, but in reality it does.

For example, a client shared a story he found on reddit about a guy in the similar niche we are trying to dominate who made $250,000 in one month off sales. As he shares the setbacks and failed strategies in the article. I noticed the amount of money that he spent on trial and error. In short, I found him to have lost about $50,000 also in just a few months by trying just about anything from link building, guest posting and also hiring a relatively big team of content producers – graphic designers and writers.

Lesson of the story, he gambled big money to get big money. That seems to be what the internet is all about, unless you are ready to take risks outside your comfort zone, you will be producing the same conversions. Yes, there are success stories out there of those who capitalized small and became big. Consider their niche, and when they became big. I highly doubt that they play at a saturated niche and was able to pierce through quickly, or successfully.

In short, a few hundred dollars a month that you spend on SEO and content marketing will still be no match to the thousands others spend, they will still dominate Google and convert higher than you. One brilliant mind that you hired will never equate ten of their workers, although only 3 of those may be gems of SEO and marketing.

Overthinking SEO poses great problems and conflict with your SEO specialist. The moment you keep on suggesting and doing stuff that the person you pay for to be in charge is not comfortable with, everything may just not work or progress to be slow.

Say for example the thousands of websites capitalizing on SEO produce software that are intended to point out what is wrong with your website for you to subscribe to their SEO development. Their site may “deploy” bots to test your pages but overlook that real issues. While it can serve as a good outline to improve, not everything that “instant SEO analysis” provides is actually beneficial. For they see what is in the surface, unlike SEO workers who can really dig deeper on your market, analyze your competitors and structure of your site.

In other words, there is so much more about SEO beyond what is seen in the surface and any changes applied today, will take effect in a while, now that is relative to how big your site is. If you are talking about a blog with hundred posts, then it may be easier, but if we are talking about a full site with e-commerce included in it, the heavier your website it, the wider the window of perils are.

I say, since I often work alone, that give me time. But if you are impatient, pay me more. Not because I am trying to be an extortion but this will allow me to hire others to implement SEO tactics faster. What I can do solo in a day is nothing compared to a team. I may know stuff but I have limits.

So what we can come up with this post is that I am currently feeling pressured. Haha! In fact has been under a lot of pressure I feel like I am being thrown into burning flames each week. But that is one challenge I love and I am not giving up.

Challenges and Pain on a Happy December, SEO and Content Marketing Rant

I really have no idea what I am doing as a content marketer and SEO specialist. Well I have plenty of ideas but in reality, there is just so much more to learn, I am currently facing challenges faced that are mostly mentally straining. I often wonder how it would best serve me and my business if I open an office, then I realized that would be throwing away my dream of becoming a nomad this coming 2017 and work while I explore.

My soul need to grow and where I am currently does not really promote growth because I don’t get to talk to new people. I need to fill my mind with something more nutritious while also feed my sexual self with something fun.


The Battle of Moving Links Upward

My current plan is to develop a strategy through on-page and off-page SEO to bury my client’s competitor down to the search results of Google. While I am mentally strained for the past month or two, I did show results. It was similar to looking at a newborn child when I saw my link on PR2 next to the main blog. It was consistently there for 2 weeks. Then comes the server and coding issues that returned “page not found errors”.

If it isn’t sabotage, I don’t know what else it could be. The company handling development and design has had so much from me that I think they began to ignore me recently. But little did they know how much the issue has started to cause me so much stress because of the amount of work I poured on SEO to get those links active.


My right breast has swollen and tensed because of gripping my mouse tighter, to that extent. It is not even ranking low, I guess those links were penalized because of the “page not found” issues had my dreams and hard work crash and shatter in front of me. All my calculations were wasted because of unreliable coding and web dev.

So, my advice to content marketers and SEO people, work closely with your coders or whoever is handling programming.

Now I am in the verge of trying to formulate something in my head, how do I get on the first page again and rank high on the page. I am running out of ideas but I have a new one that I guess I need to keep to myself. I don’t know, I feel paranoid that when I share it the trolls just know what I am doing next and send their bots to attack me.

I guess that is how you punish such a bad bitch like me. For the love of the God of Internet, what must I do to please you and leave my links alone.


“Denying Your Geek-ness”

There is no problem with being a geek. The society has granted appropriation for the term geek now. But I can’t help but try to deny that I am not. When in fact, all I think of most of the time are “web” stuff and marketing stuff. I even had a few consecutive dreams that sort of gotten rid of my lovely nightmares about dead relatives that my heart and mind is in love with.


Yes, I dream about how I can build better strategies, like even my sleep has been taken over by my job. That is when burnout is signaled. Last night I woke up with my left foot cramping because I skipped a night of sleep.

I am a geek in distress with no sex life. I accepted another gig just to distract me but it turned out the sexiness involved in that project is just slapping me with the reality that I am not getting “digged” recently.

Forgive my honest words, I don’t see why anyone who is reading my blog (are there still any?) be interested in the woes of freelance content marketing. Besides as I always say in the other published post, the reason this blog is named after me is because it is mine and all other things that has something to do with me.

Google Search Fluctuates a Lot

I don’t know what normal is, or how normal should be seen, but I am really about to give up checking on rankings, it appears that google search for the keyword I am working for goes up and down faster than a hand jerking a D**K.

Yes you heard me right Google. I don’t know what is wrong. Often I will not even touch my links and overly promote and just create content, and boom! It changes every 4 hours. The keyword isn’t even saturated, and the other links I am fighting with don’t even publish new materials.


The most fascinating thing about this is for 2 months of monitoring, they don’t even get enough link juice. What causes the fluctuations? Is my laptop hooked on a different internet? Am getting results over the airwaves from an alien mothership? LOL.

Well it is frustrating, weird and challenging. Must I mentally strain further just to prove my worth or give up and find new gigs that pays more? Besides I really need to earn more now that I am planning a move and started saving for my 2017 quest.

That’s it for now. This bitch will rest. Be good, be kind and always be happy without having to harm another.

Online Reputation Manager

How to Find an Effective Online Reputation Manager

Online Reputation Management is not an easy task. Some people who have little knowledge about digital marketing might think that the primary function of an online reputation manager is to create strong content or be involved in SEO.

While there is truth that online reputation management will involve content marketing and some aspects of SEO, online reputation management focuses more on the health of your brand. It digs deeper in content marketing by knowing what the buzzes are about your brand in the corners of the web.

What is an Effective Online Reputation Manager?

  1. An efficient online reputation manager is someone who knows how to work in the background. Online Reputation Management must be kept confidential. Allowing the public to know that there are people in charge of the reputation will only cause further damage to the brand.

In short an effective ORM will not mention to anyone what you are dealing with them. Whether it is to reduce risk, fix a tarnished reputation or simply if it is to aid content marketing and SEO efforts.

  1. A great online reputation manager knows more than just on-page SEO. There are so many things involved in marketing that isn’t really learned through the blog. The aspects of brand risk management and customer service skills comes into play to effectively apply tactics in brand reputation management.

An SEO expert without background in customer service or customer care will not be an effective online reputation manager. Because the basic skills in marketing and customer service is not present. Nonetheless, they may continue to shine as an SEO master.

  1. Knowledge in calculating risks is among the talents an effective online reputation manager must have. Without knowing how to, a brand’s reputation might end up getting hurt further than saved if it is under attack.

A great online reputation manager would know how to analyze data, compare statistics and value your business or personal brand.

  1. Online reputation management will involve having to be firm on strategies. You must find an online reputation management firm or an individual who have a clear strategy, documented tactics and thorough knowledge on the ins and outs of branding.

Getting someone who might be good but comes cheap, might lead you to getting cheap services. Your content is a digital asset you must value. Without protecting your content, you give room for so many mistakes.


Top 3 Questions to ask someone you are planning hire as your ORM


  1. How will you handle our brand?

A branding expert would give you detailed answer. Expect that you will also be asked back regarding your current reputation status. Further they might tell you how they value confidentiality.


  1. If your brand is currently under attack ask, “how will you repair our reputation?”

A good online reputation management specialist will not give answers right away. They might take a quick look at your current status. The health of your digital marketing, the health of your SEO and check the corners of the net to weigh the buzz about your brand.

If you get by someone who gives you an answer right away or promises unrealistic results. Back out the deal. You are talking to someone who do not know what they are dealing with and just interested in your money.

  1. Where will you start with rebuilding or building our online reputation?

The best answer to expect is if they say they will reinforce content marketing and deal with reviews and other propaganda circulating the internet about you. You must expect your online reputation manager to also know how to build reputation in social media. But as every expert knows, social media is hardly achieved without first having content worthy of sharing the social media platforms.

Being realistic is the key to achieving success

The key to repairing a smeared reputation online is to develop a measurable branding strategy. A strategy that cannot be placed on a spreadsheet or document is no strategy at all.

If the smear campaigns about your brand has been sitting for a while and began to pick up ranking in search results, it might take a while to repair, revamping your existing content and increasing content production of better content might be applied. But still there is no guarantee that it will be totally diminished.

For as you see, Google treats every page equally, your best bet is to score better on SEO algorithm metrics and factors.

For those just starting to establish a strong online brand, it would be best that you ensure that Google page 1 is your business card. Keep it clean, and the only way to do that is to keep on publishing relevant, optimized and evergreen content.

If you think I can help in building or repairing your online reputation, do not hesitate to shoot me an email.

Small Business Owner’s Guide to Online Reputation Management

In today’s digital marketing landscape, it is easy to confuse online reputation management to simply social media monitoring and search engine optimization. In the greater sense, it is more than having an active customer service support to answer complaints in emails, comments, tweets and Facebook posts.

Small business owners need to understand that the moment you put your business online, people will start talking about you. For now, you may not receive any comment or distasteful posts, but it is best to prepare.

Reputation Risks Without Solid Content Marketing Plan & SEO

Risks are always there, has been from day 1. If you do not have a solid content marketing plan, chances of hateful comments and reviews to show up in search engine results is very high. A solid content marketing plan will ensure that you have relevant strong content that will be favored by search engines to rank.

Without strong content, you open a very wide window for hate comments to flood Google page 1 for keywords that relate to your business.

This is my perpetual appeal to my clients inquiring about the true essence of SEO. Search engine optimization goes above and beyond the goal of conversion.

A true SEO expert would understand that the methods applied to optimize a business website aims to ensure that the brand’s digital health is not only generating income but also secured.

Securing your digital assets is one thing, but securing your brand reputation is another.

internet bullying

Bad Publicity Can Kill Your Business

The saying, “there is no such thing as bad publicity,” does not apply to all. If you are among the questionable Kardashians, then maybe.

Nonetheless, if you are a small business marketing products and services online and hoping for conversions, I guarantee that a few bad publicities will not only damage you, but can kill your business.

People who finds information online will most likely be alarmed if there are so many red flags around your business. If for example my brand name “pat bagano” is keyed in Google, I get the #1 spot but if it is followed by so many bad reviews, worse, followed by hate sites about Pat Bagano. There is a very slim chance that someone would even dare open my page even if it is #1.

They might want to read the warnings placed to smear your reputation first. Unfortunately, when they read hateful comments or published materials, the chances of them going back to your website to do business with you, is very low.

There Is a War Out There

The primary motivation of most people who are online is to make money, even the smallest blogger blogging about their daily lives might have dreams of gaining readership and monetize their blogs.

For small business owners, it is even worse. Your website is the face you present your customers and target audience. Your competitors are always on the lookout for an opportunity to smear your face to make you seem unappealing. What do you do? If there is a war to gain readership and customers, it would be best to fight. It would be easier if you can call the cops.

But they have their rights, as much as you do. Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights says:

“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

So come to think of it, calling a lawyer may be wise. But how much will that cost you? Are you sure that the legal proceedings will go smooth and fast? I doubt that. Furthermore, you cannot guarantee you are going to be smeared only by one person, to sue every single unhappy person that tries to bash your business will cost you a fortune.

The best thing to do, is strengthen your brand’s reputation to the point that negative comments and publicity about your business does not affect your consumer base.

If your enemies send out the bombs, I mean create hate websites dedicated to only bash and smear your reputation. You better be prepared to understand the game and get your hands dirty with plenty of SEO and content marketing works.


Time for Aggressive SEO Plan

It is time to escalate your SEO more than just simply publishing a few blog posts and ensuring on-page SEO is in place. A thorough analysis of your current website SEO structure has to be done, this needs to be compared to other charts and data from analytics and search console. The point here is, “how do people find you?” If you are found on particular keywords but also find content from your enemies, then it is time to restructure your SEO efforts.

Aggressive SEO will ensure that you dominate your Google page 1, if possible up to Google page 2. That will make sure that negative comments will no longer show up when someone tries to learn about you.

Easier said than done, I know. That is why there are online reputation experts and SEO experts. This is not the time to trust just about anybody. This is the time to consider who you hire to do the works. Otherwise, a few wrong moves are going to cost you more damage.

Prepare to Be Stressed

If the smear campaign that aims to ruin you already ranked in Google results for the primary keyword you are being found for. It will be a tough competition. But it speaks volumes about the weakness of your content marketing in the past. I am not here to blame you for ruining your business, but only to remind you that it is nobody’s fault but yours.

You will only get even more stressed if you cling to blame and hate. There is a way to revert all of this, but as everything in this planet, it might take time.

If you are good in comparing data and can analyze top keywords for your website and how to play with short tail and long tail keywords, then you might be able to revert this yourself. But the best way is to really cut through the noise and bump your competition to lower rankings. If you still own #1 spot, it is a crucial stage to ensure you remain there. A single blackhat SEO move, you lose that spot and it will be harder to rise back up.


Online reputation management is not as simple as what you may think. It involves a lot of measuring, reading and analyzing. Boosting your content marketing efforts might help improve your rankings or get more customers. Improving your SEO will definitely get you somewhere. There is always a chance that you can get rid of bad publicity, but it will take a little bit of time to totally get them out of your way.

Call for help! If you need advice on online reputation management, please let me know.

What to Do If Your Brand Reputation is Destroyed

Building a brand reputation online appears to be even more challenging compared offline. In the digital age, you are not only trying to get the attention of an audience whose attention spans are less than that of a goldfish. Online, you are even trying to get the attention of people who easily believe anything published without verifying the source of information.

If building a digital brand is hard, imagine how much more it is when you need to rebuild one. Imagine all the years and investment you have placed on your brand now you are watching it crumble right before your eyes. Difficult and painful.


Risk Management Is a Need From Day 1

All business owners who are involved in any type of digital marketing has to consider establishing a risk management team from day 1. Risk managers do not have to be an additional personnel. In fact, you might want to delegate this task to content managers, writers or social media managers.

They do not have to do anything right away. What they have to do is just to keep an eye should there be distasteful content published about you. It can be a bad comment, review or a dedicated blog just to ensure your fall.

Knowing activities online that can have negative impact on your business is the key to developing a plan. It can either be strengthening your customer service, improve customer care or if it is time to call an online reputation management expert.

Luckily, if you catch it earlier, your chances of defending your brand’s reputation is a lot higher.

What If You Are Already Under Attack?

Don’t panic, don’t react and don’t do anything stupid like publishing content to defend yourself. Defending yourself will only make other consumers think and suspect negative assumptions about you and your brand.

It is best to get an advice from an expert right away to form a strategy to counter the attacks.

If the problem can be contained and stopped by improving customer service. Get a digital marketer who is also a customer service expert who can handle the situation.

If the problem is about bad reviews, call a digital marketer or micro-influencers in your niche to aid your dilemma. This is the time to get your tribe to help defend you. Tribe marketing is among the biggest kind of marketing today that can benefit businesses online, especially online reputation.


What If It Has Blown Out of Proportion Damaging Your Search Engine Traffic?

That’s when things get screwy. It would be easier if you have a friend in Google who can secretly penalize the site you are complaining about and take them offline. That is not how things work. Google is fair and treats every website accordingly depending on fulfilling ranking factors.

If materials that are negatively affecting you has been published and you did not take action before it grew in number, it will be hard to just make them disappear overnight, or a week’s time to even a month.

Most online reputation management firms would charge $10,000 to $15,000 just to accept your case but will not guarantee success if the brand reputation is severely damaged.

If links that randomly show up on results page next to you are getting larger. It is not totally impossible to revert the damage. However, the process will require analysis of the SEO ranking factors both yours and your peeves.

Your only defense is to weaken their content and produce stronger content of similar keywords that will hopefully bump them off to lower rankings. Proceed with caution though because there are a lot of things to be considered in terms of reviving the health of your brand. A wrong move can further fracture your SEO which will mean gain on your opponent’s pages.

If you think submitting content to bad ranking websites and article distribution will improve your content visibility, you are wrong. It might weaken your content marketing and SEO. Those pages meant to destroy you will gain advantage for higher rankings on keywords that matter to you.


Brand reputation is not to be taken lightly. A bad comment or an article intended to attack you might become like a parasite attached to all your listings online. Before it gets worse, address it right away or assign one of your staff to watch over your mentions and alerts.

Subscribe to google alerts if there are mentions of your name or your brand. Buzzsumo also offers brand mention alerts.

If things are already out of proportion and you start to lose traffic and sleep, let me know. I might be able to help without drying your marketing budget.