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2 SEO Practices That Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Let us discuss 2 SEO practices that doesn’t matter anymore. SEO has not only changed; it seems like it took a different shape if you base it 5 years ago. There are new discussions and arguments on Search Engine Optimization almost daily. Ideas today will be challenged tomorrow.

Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates destroyed a lot of strategies that most SEO people are applying causing the SEO world to shift their focus on quality of content.

Is site submission important?

In the past, webmasters submit URLs to Google Directory. While this feature is still available in Search Console, its indispensable that it is no longer important.

The idea behind it is because when we make a Google search we are not searching the entire web, in fact, we are only searching web pages that Google have sorted and indexed in its library.

How Google does this is by using software programmed to crawl web pages and follow links, or more popularly known as spiders.


To be indexed by Google, we need to be found by Google, among SEO practices in the past, best practice was to submit your page URLs to the search console.

If you go to the Search Console submission page you will notice that even Google mentions that there is no guarantee or neither can they predict if the page will be indexed.

search console submit capture

Meaning your website will eventually be discovered by the spiders crawling the web for the content you publish, eventually.

So focus more on the content than Search Console Submission.

While it remains to not hurt your website as long as you do not over submit the URL. You can go ahead if you feel like wasting a little bit of your time. But this not on the list of SEO practices that will help you rank.

Links Quantity Over Links Quality

SEO has focused so much on backlinks in the past that backlinks company sprouted like mushrooms a few years ago. There are plenty of SEO companies offering bulk backlinks to websites at a cheap (or some expensive) price. While link-building was once a good and acceptable SEO, this was killed and made obsolete by Penguin 2.0 update.


In fact, having backlinks from poor quality or non-authority sites unrelated to your industry is subject to penalties by Google more than indexing or ranking.

Meaning when building links to improve your website ranking you need to consider the following:

  1. Inbound links must come from a reputable website related to your industry.
  2. Inbound links must come from authority website, even not related to your industry buts is an authority in news and publishing. Sites like: CNN, Huffington Post, BBC and the like.
  3. Outbound links must also be relevant to the topic on page, anchored to related text.


While links remain to be an important ranking factor, anyone who wish to rank and remain as a reputable website or blog must consider the quality of links. Investing more on quality content while link building is among the SEO practices that everyone must consider.

Conclusion about this 2 SEO practices:

Leave behind the worries that if you do not tell Google about your website through Search Console submission that you will not be found. You will be, Google spiders are programmed that way.

Focus on creating content that spiders will find relevant to your industry then you will not only be found but loved.


Review your outbound and inbound links. The quantity of the links in your webpages will only be given weight in page ranking if it is quality. Forget quantity, Google reminds us all the time that we must be writing and creating webpages for our users and not their robots alone.

While it is important we keep in mind best SEO practices to guide the robots in finding our web pages. There is so much consideration that must be placed in the quality of content for the human users.