Challenges and Pain on a Happy December, SEO and Content Marketing Rant

I really have no idea what I am doing as a content marketer and SEO specialist. Well I have plenty of ideas but in reality, there is just so much more to learn, I am currently facing challenges faced that are mostly mentally straining. I often wonder how it would best serve me and my business if I open an office, then I realized that would be throwing away my dream of becoming a nomad this coming 2017 and work while I explore.

My soul need to grow and where I am currently does not really promote growth because I don’t get to talk to new people. I need to fill my mind with something more nutritious while also feed my sexual self with something fun.


The Battle of Moving Links Upward

My current plan is to develop a strategy through on-page and off-page SEO to bury my client’s competitor down to the search results of Google. While I am mentally strained for the past month or two, I did show results. It was similar to looking at a newborn child when I saw my link on PR2 next to the main blog. It was consistently there for 2 weeks. Then comes the server and coding issues that returned “page not found errors”.

If it isn’t sabotage, I don’t know what else it could be. The company handling development and design has had so much from me that I think they began to ignore me recently. But little did they know how much the issue has started to cause me so much stress because of the amount of work I poured on SEO to get those links active.


My right breast has swollen and tensed because of gripping my mouse tighter, to that extent. It is not even ranking low, I guess those links were penalized because of the “page not found” issues had my dreams and hard work crash and shatter in front of me. All my calculations were wasted because of unreliable coding and web dev.

So, my advice to content marketers and SEO people, work closely with your coders or whoever is handling programming.

Now I am in the verge of trying to formulate something in my head, how do I get on the first page again and rank high on the page. I am running out of ideas but I have a new one that I guess I need to keep to myself. I don’t know, I feel paranoid that when I share it the trolls just know what I am doing next and send their bots to attack me.

I guess that is how you punish such a bad bitch like me. For the love of the God of Internet, what must I do to please you and leave my links alone.


“Denying Your Geek-ness”

There is no problem with being a geek. The society has granted appropriation for the term geek now. But I can’t help but try to deny that I am not. When in fact, all I think of most of the time are “web” stuff and marketing stuff. I even had a few consecutive dreams that sort of gotten rid of my lovely nightmares about dead relatives that my heart and mind is in love with.


Yes, I dream about how I can build better strategies, like even my sleep has been taken over by my job. That is when burnout is signaled. Last night I woke up with my left foot cramping because I skipped a night of sleep.

I am a geek in distress with no sex life. I accepted another gig just to distract me but it turned out the sexiness involved in that project is just slapping me with the reality that I am not getting “digged” recently.

Forgive my honest words, I don’t see why anyone who is reading my blog (are there still any?) be interested in the woes of freelance content marketing. Besides as I always say in the other published post, the reason this blog is named after me is because it is mine and all other things that has something to do with me.

Google Search Fluctuates a Lot

I don’t know what normal is, or how normal should be seen, but I am really about to give up checking on rankings, it appears that google search for the keyword I am working for goes up and down faster than a hand jerking a D**K.

Yes you heard me right Google. I don’t know what is wrong. Often I will not even touch my links and overly promote and just create content, and boom! It changes every 4 hours. The keyword isn’t even saturated, and the other links I am fighting with don’t even publish new materials.


The most fascinating thing about this is for 2 months of monitoring, they don’t even get enough link juice. What causes the fluctuations? Is my laptop hooked on a different internet? Am getting results over the airwaves from an alien mothership? LOL.

Well it is frustrating, weird and challenging. Must I mentally strain further just to prove my worth or give up and find new gigs that pays more? Besides I really need to earn more now that I am planning a move and started saving for my 2017 quest.

That’s it for now. This bitch will rest. Be good, be kind and always be happy without having to harm another.

5 Benefits of Outsourcing for Small Businesses

What are the benefits of outsourcing for small businesses? Firstly, let us talk about outsourcing, outsourcing is the term used when contracting either an independent contractor or another firm to handle work normally done within a company.

Outsourcing is very common among big businesses even in the past. Recently, because of the advancements in technology, outsourcing became a practical choice for small businesses as well. Secret-to-Small-Business-Growth

Now that there are many skilled workers quitting their corporate jobs and offering their remote services, it became easier for small businesses to tap into this rich vein of skills and talents at a competitive cost, not only in a given locality but globally.

While outsourcing proved to make a lot of small businesses grow and be successful back in the 1990’s, it also showed downsides for countless businesses who should’ve kept most of their business logistics in-house. Today, if done right, there are countless benefits of outsourcing for small businesses.

The following are just the top few benefits of outsourcing for small businesses:

Regulate Capital and Budget Costs. One of the major concern of small businesses is how to lower capital costs. Outsourcing for small businesses may allow owners to turn fixed costs into variable costs and release it for investment on other areas of the business. For startup businesses, it can avoid large expenditures in the early stages of the operation. Doing so, small business owners can produce more capital and direct it into revenue-producing business activities.

young-entrepreneurs-5Increase Efficiency. Considering the economy where small businesses outsource, the minimum fee for specialized skills are much lower. Not only that, it also provides a much faster and dynamic trade of skills. Output may be faster since it is produced directly from an expert in a given field.

Lower Manpower Costs. Training new staff and hiring for short term projects also entails additional high cost on labor. Not only that, temporary employees are not always efficient as you expect them. Outsourcing for small businesses may allow owners to plan your human resources where you need it most.

Jumpstart a Project. With specialized skills coming from experts in their field, outsourcing for small businesses allow them to kick start a project quicker. In outsourcing, one may shift focus of works where it is needed most, while you strategize planning of other project components. Allowing easier project management in a narrow timeframe.

aed8eed868dd78a8f3cc5273218ab2e9Competitive Workers. As you outsource to freelancers, keep in mind that they are also business owners. Here you are guaranteed they are also craving for success. They also compete among other businesses in their fields of freelancing, so each of them wish to deliver not only good, but the best.

Outsourcing for small businesses should not turn out to be a nightmare now that there are plenty of collaboration tools available for free use. Gone are the days when outsourcing need to setup and worry about collaboration software, security and fast internet data exchange. We are in the age when all these tools are available even to the most common household globally.

When, What and Where of Small Business Outsourcing

Small business owners are often reluctant about outsourcing because of the risks involved. In small business outsourcing, most of these risks are easily bridged if you choose well the jobs you are outsourcing, pick the right time to outsource and screen the service provider you are outsourcing to.

Marketing Diagram on Blackboard

Outsourcing was once only a viable option to big businesses who can bridge the gap in terms of infrastructure costs. However, with the rise and development of technology, small business outsourcing is now possible. If small businesses outsource the right way, it can impact their productivity and growth.

When, what and where are the 3 big Ws that small business owners are probably having a hard time to figure out. This article is intended to raise awareness on When, What and Where of Small Business Outsourcing.

small-business-outsourcing-itWhen to Outsource

The time to outsource vary depending on the type of business. Not because it is trending means that one should go and outsource. This can have a bad impact on your business. When you and your employees can no longer handle day-to-day business it may signal growth. Nevertheless, you might be reluctant to hire new employees considering the payroll expenses.

This is the perfect time to outsource. Hiring a virtual assistant who have various specialties and set of skills appropriate for your business type can increase production without having to pay regular working hours as you can contract blocks of time.

When you arrive at a point wherein you think your business must take a leap and begin taking advantage of the internet marketing. You will begin to require skilled staff who can handle your online marketing, website design and app development.

This set of skills may either be hard to find depending on your locality, if not expensive. Then it is time to outsource without having second thoughts. If you delay this move, it can only result to losses.

Flat design vector illustration icons set of website SEO optimization, programming process and web analytics elements. Isolated on turquoise backgroundWhat to Outsource

With so many professionals quitting their corporate jobs and working as independent contractors, it seems like you can outsource almost any task. But it does not mean you should go with this option all the time.

There are things about your business that still must be done by yourself, especially if it belongs to your expertise or is a core component of the business. Do not outsource just because you do not want to do it.

Tasks or jobs ideal for outsourcing fall into the following categories:

  • Highly repetitive tasks. Tasks such as data entry, lead generation through cold calling, accounting and inventory.
  • This is ideal for business who may need a consultant to just review some components of the business.
  • Highly Skilled. For marketing and information technology related things you may not need to hire a writer or an IT specialist, this can be very expensive. This kind of jobs are best outsourced.
small business outsourcing

small business outsourcing

Where to Outsource

Now that you have identified the perfect time and kinds of jobs you want to outsource, you need to slow down on where to outsource. The options seem endless, but this is a crucial part of small business outsourcing that must be given much consideration and screening.

Begin searching within your network.

Ask your employees if they know someone or maybe utilize your LinkedIn account for good recommendations. This starting point will allow you to discard some risks you may be thinking of and have peace of mind since they are recommended by someone you trust.

Nonetheless, if you cannot find anyone within your network or find those recommended demands high fee. Then it is the best time to look online, there are thousands of freelance website you can use, some free and some for a small fee. But with the thousands of workers to choose from who is willing to work for you, make sure that you screen them well. Look for portfolio or ask for references.

A good freelance worker will have their own website besides just the job boards. Those who maintain their own website means that they capitalize on their business and like you, wish to make it grow.

In small business outsourcing, when outsourcing offshore, you need delegate tasks to someone who have a partner mentality. This will guarantee you that they wish only the success of your business.


Jigsaw Puzzle Outsourcing

Outsourcing would mean that you are building projects that are geographically distributed. Working remotely is getting more popular and surprisingly accepted by most small business owners as a way to accomplish tasks and projects.

In outsourcing, one must develop special management skills on how to breakdown projects into different phases and processes to be delegated to various skilled professional.

In the end, everything must fit together perfectly, such skill is offered by specialized virtual assistant who can act as project manager on your behalf.hand-holding-people-and-puzzle

How to benefit from Jigsaw Puzzle Outsourcing:

 1. Share all factors about the project that concerns you:
  • a. Location
  • b. Cultural affinity
  • c. Time difference
  • d. Language

You might be surprised how freelancers you hire can bridge the gap among the areas that you feel uncomfortable with. Communication is the key to bridging differences and you will not benefit much if you do not ask and discuss.

323_2_puzzle2. Focus on skills and putting expenses next. You may consider someone who have “okay” skills against someone who is excellent because of cost issues. But you need to decide putting the best interest of the project or your business. Someone overseas with very qualified skills charging a little higher might still be comparably low compared to someone locally. Give this a good thought before deciding.

3. Discuss how risks can be mitigated throughout the entire project. You need to clearly define deadlines and sanctions if deadlines are not met from the first day.

Most business owners though will not have time to delegate this tasks and follow up timely on every single worker. This is where you might want to consider hiring a specialized virtual assistant who can overlook the project and act as virtual supervisor on your behalf.


Specialized virtual assistants can help your Jigsaw Puzzle Outsourcing by:

  1. Knowing where to find best workers for any given component of project.
  2. Follow up with collaboration in terms of deadlines.
  3. Daily reporting in details on the progress of the project.
  4. Require each other worker to submit reports.
  5. Act as quality assurance officer
  6. Train newly hired employees on your defined business logistics.

What mentioned above are just a few things a specialized virtual assistant can do for you. But ultimately, because they are independent contract workers as well, they can find workers in the right place so do not dispose their input on matters of where to delegate the tasks.

Another thing that you can benefit from this is instead of having each worker answer to you should there be delay or failure to deliver on a given component of a project, you only have one person responsible for it all.

Offshore Outsourcing

Homeshore or Offshore Outsourcing, your choice!

Homeshore or Offshore Outsourcing? As technology come to a ripe age extending the benefits of collaboration tools from corporations to small businesses. It is unlikely that small businesses still cannot gain full advantage of outsourcing business processes to cut cost and efficiency. outsourcedSmall businesses outsourcing is now a current trend among business owners after hearing success stories. This gave rise to the millions of freelancers and work-from-home professionals advertising daily on job boards in thousands of websites. But this pose a question which one is better, homeshore of offshore?

I am going to try to challenge both ideas and cite their pros and cons while the rest remains to be your choice.


Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing allows you to work with someone who can be available to execute business logistics outside your working or operating hours. Tasks that include, web design, content marketing and email campaigns can continue to be operational even as you sleep. Further, if your website or business needs a 24/7 customer support, offshore outsourcing can guarantee a customer service without having to hire someone locally and pay for incentives for their night shift work.

Homeshore Outsourcing

If you decide on outsourcing locally, you may have to deal with issues of time if you require tasks done outside operation hours. Nonetheless, if you have tasks that needs to be followed up and accomplished within your business hours, this pose as an advantage. Homeshore outsourcing also allows you to have a chance to meet your employee face to face as opposed to offshore outsourcing. If this is a must for you, then local outsourcing is your best choice. Nonetheless, locally outsourced tasks may be charged the same rate if not more. If cutting cost is your primary objective, then this might be a challenge.


            Offshore Outsourcing

Collaboration will be isolated to online collaboration tools such as email, file sharing software and meetings on Skype or other similar programs. Offshore outsourcing will never work for small business owners who value face to face transactions when delegating tasks. However, online collaboration tools are focused on accomplishments more than facial expressions. Tools that have time stamps ensure that deadlines are met when you assigned it even outside your operating hours.

Homeshore Outsourcing

Should the project require face to face collaboration then go with local outsourcing. It will be easier to demand personal appearance should there be concerns on privacy and others. However, if you are outsourcing only email correspondence with your customers, calendar management, data encoding and research that can be done online. There is no reason to demand personal appearance.

Language Barriers

            Offshore Outsourcing

If you do not consider who and where you outsource abroad this will be the biggest challenge. Offshore outsourcing to the Philippines, India and other parts of the globe may mean that you have to deal with language barriers and colloquialisms. It is very important that you gauge the language skills of the person you are outsourcing to especially if tasks delegated will involve customer correspondence, content marketing and customer care. Otherwise, for tasks that involves HTML Coding, Software Development and Web Design, you can go with someone whose English communication skills are not fluent or native. Communication is the key in outsourcing, a gap should not be wide enough to bridge.

            Homeshore Outsourcing

Outsourcing locally gives allows you to forget the consequences mentioned previously. You are assured that you have someone who is a native speaker who can understand both you and your customer even in local jargons and colloquial terms. Nonetheless, this may also mean he/she cannot work outside your regular business hours or may charge more.

Diverse Skills

            Offshore Outsourcing

patbaganologobannerYou can tap into variety of skills of different levels and different trades because you can outsource with no limitations of state boarders or even continental boarders. Offshore outsourcing can get you a great lead against your competitors by bringing in something new. Although the distance may be a problem if not acquiring services from trusted and reliable services, it still is the most viable means of acquiring the best manpower.

            Homeshore Outsourcing

patbaganoseoLocally, you may be limited to what is currently the services being offered and ideas may be the same as that of your competitors. Local outsourcing can prove to be weak in terms of paying high for skills that are not as diverse to what you can find overseas. Nonetheless if you find a local freelance worker, you need to ensure that those he pitch in for your business are not equally what he promise your competitors.