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My digital marketing work speaks for itself, honest, transparent and AFFORDABLE. For many years I have been delivering personal, passionate and tailored internet marketing services small and medium sized businesses across the globe. Each and every one of my clients are given a unique services appropriate to their needs. I believe that there is no merit in “one-size-fits-all” in terms of marketing. 

My marketing methods are innovative always anticipating your business revenue. I put the intent of your customers first followed by technical methods to ensure the best search engine ranking. 

If you want clear, honest and tangible results with an opportunity to grow while keeping your marketing budget in check get in touch to get personalized consultation on your online needs.

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Smart Insights Why You Need My Services

  • Your Business is Directionless

    Many small business owners, startups or offline-established don’t have a clear strategic goal for what they want to achieve online. Conversion rates, lead generation and building valuable online customer relationships is just often vaguely executed. Just because there is potential to take your business online does not mean that it is all that it takes. Without smart digital marketing tactics, business owners are just shooting in the dark and can potentially harm their brand. 

  • Competitors are consuming your share

    If you haven’t put enough effort on your digital marketing strategies, even the smallest startups can consume your digital share of the marketplace. Competition is everywhere, a single keyword may drive them 10,000 visitors in a week and you could’ve had a slice of that. 

  • You are incoherent

    You hired a blogger, a content marketing specialist and web designer somewhere. All of them are beating their own drums and executing whatever they feel like. This is sadly not how it goes. Digital marketing needs to be coherent, from the design of your website, its functions and user experience to the content being published on it and even distribution to other platforms. A coherent marketing strategy will ensure that every effort and dollar spent is conversion-focused.

  • You don’t know your target market

    You’d be surprised how many business owners think they know their market demographics. Fortunately they know how things work in a nutshell but digital marketing is a beast. Sometimes it doesn’t just take ninja SEO skills and creative graphics but actually setting all your campaigns’ exposure directly to your target audience. It is a different game.

  • You don’t have enough budget

    You heard so many people say, “Digital Marketing is important”. But you are confused on how to allocate enough budget to get it going. More often people do the jigsaw outsourcing to various agencies to get things done at a minimal cost. Not a bad idea! But often, the outcome is not always pretty. I offer my digital marketing services for as low as $250/mo that includes everything you need to get started and notice excellent results in as little as 90 days. 

Pat Bagano, Who Is?

Although my digital marketing business was founded in 2015, you can trace my customer service, sales and marketing roots back in 2005 when I first worked with companies handling brands such as, T-mobile, Verizon, AT&T, 411, Orange Telecoms S.A., and many more. I was in a product and training manager for offshore operations.  It was 2011 when I worked for a hosting company as in billing and finance that got me more interested in building websites and hosting service. 2015 I decided to be full time freelance digital marketing specialist serving clients across the globe.

I consider digital marketing to be my strongest skill and have been greatly appreciated by people. After hundreds of clients from various industries such as, real estate, telecoms, coaching, lifestyle and medical, my agency stands strong delivering the best services.

Do you need personalized advice on how to handle online marketing issue?

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