An Honest Blog Promotion Guide for New Bloggers

Are you tired of getting a lot of BS when you read tips on how to promote your blog? I do, I am no beginner in blogging. But marketing my blog is something I find as a hurdle. As a content writer I am used to working with a team.

I research and create content, pass it on to the next person and I can forget about it.

With my failed blogs in the past, I just didn’t care about promotion because, I wasn’t dead serious about them. Regrets and mistakes. But that is not why I am writing this post.

Dear new blogger, I feel you! Imagine when you google “promote your blog” in Google. I can guarantee that the top results are all web pages of people who is in the end going to try to sell you some blog promotion program.

Nothing wrong with that, that’s how to make money online. What I find weird is they try to make money out of people trying to make money. Those people, like me, probably don’t have any money to spend, so I wonder how much they really earn.

So, I decided to share how I promote my blog and the tiny little ways that proves how you can get a few dozen eyes to your content.

At the beginning of your blogging, it is best you stick with SEO for in time Google will reward you with traffic. Nonetheless, don’t forget that is going to happen “in time”. Google ranking is not achieved immediately.


So while you wait for Search Engine Optimization to take effect, best you focus on the following to promote your blog:

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1.    Social Media Promotion

Create a Facebook Page

You need to draw the line from the very beginning. Your blog is not you. When you begin to build readership, it will be difficult for them to process when you suddenly post your meal for the day when you are talking about something else in your blog.

It is as simple as, your Facebook page is the channel to distribute your blog content, not your life.


Twitter is a powerful tool to promote your content. It is probably the easiest way to get a few dozen eyes towards your blog.

Grow your twitter following and start sharing your content in Twitter. This is one of my articles that is a good read about twitter and growing followers, Bloggers Growing Twitter Followers the Right Way.

LinkedIn or beBee

These two are more business-y and serious. If you want to really get people to notice you on either of these two websites, share only posts that are strong and also relevant. Otherwise you will be criticized and put yourself to embarrassment.

There are other social media channels that you may use. The three mentioned above are just among the top that will definitely give you a little attention. Depending on the niche of your blog, make sure you join social networks that are relevant.

2.    Don’t be afraid to repost

You may want to consider forgetting about your fear of Google penalty for duplicate content. Besides, it is really counterproductive to fear a punishment from someone who hasn’t yet granted you any traffic right?

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Go ahead, repost your blog after a week’s window of publishing in your blog. Reposting will allow you to cast a wider net among audience that seeks for your content. If you don’t because of your fears of Duplicate Content Penalties, you might miss out on the whole purpose of blogging – to get readers.

Although, you still need to be careful, best you follow things I mention on “Ways Around Duplicate Content.”

I strongly recommend reposting on Medium. For some reason I really find that platform helpful.

3.    Be in

Not only is it a great Question and Answer website, Quora is great to link back to content from your website. Not only do you gain backlinks every time you provide citations on your answer that links back to your blog posts, you also get dozens of people following your link. This is one investment that can truly drive traffic towards your website long term.

4.    Secure your brand names in all free blogging platforms, and to name a few. Securing your name is not only just in case you make it big. It is also a good way to deliver your content in those networks.

You see, at the beginning of blogging it is like shooting in the dark. You might as well shoot in all directions possible.

What you can post in those blogging platforms are introductions, snippets or short content that will make people want to click a link that will eventually take them to your actual blog. This is a neat way not only build links around the web towards your main site but to really reach out to corners of the web where your target audience might be.

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5.    Build your email list

Let us be honest if you just started a few months ago, it would be unlikely that you can build high volume email list right away. I am not a ridiculous marketer with unrealistic goals.

But it is still best you already have the “subscribe to email” boxes ready in your site. This will help your promotion even if you only have a few dozen readers for now.


These are among the 5 things that keeps me busy in promoting my blog for now. I cannot say they work so good that I am about to become the next millionaire blogger. Let’s get real. They are working bit by bit but I know they are safe.

Instead of buying into marketing gimmicks by marketers this is a free way to get my name out there.

As I always say, my blog already served its purpose if I was able to assist just a few people. It doesn’t have to get huge, it will if it is my fate.

If you think have a great tactic on how to promote a new blog, the comments section is open. Otherwise, you can email me if you need further assistance.

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