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Improving Your Content Marketing Strategy

There are plenty of published materials talking about content marketing strategy. For someone new to content marketing, it is easy to get lost, confused and consider quitting.

Sometimes, we consider content production for the sole purpose of publishing. When I begin with this website, I vowed that I will only produce content that is relevant, original and based from what I want and love to do and some valuable experiences.

I have been writing content for other people in the past, it felt like it is time I establish my own brand and try making money under my name.

Build a strong personal brand using Facebook as a tool(1)

While this website is fairly new, I can assure you that most of the stuff that I have ghostwritten over the years made it to good publications. Unfortunately, not under my name.

I am sharing 7 ways of improving content marketing strategy that works. Some I picked up on my own and some through collaboration with successful people I know.

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  1. Content marketing journal

Documenting your strategy does not have to be anything fancy. Keeping a content marketing strategy journal will benefit you in so many ways in identifying what works, what doesn’t and what approach remains to be neutral.

You can extract from this content marketing strategy journal your documented marketing plans for actual filing.


The point that most people miss is that they try to make documentation fancy. Almost everything written are successes and not documenting the neutral and failed attempts.

This is a very bad content marketing practice especially if you are collaborating with other people, most importantly if most of the team members work remote.

Map your content marketing plan using this as your template.

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  1. Collaborate more often

This one goes out for business owners. Most small businesses who outsource their content marketing fail to collaborate often with their team. Failing to collaborate will create so many gaps between you and your team. You need to be on top of all your marketing efforts.


Collaboration is not only for the sake of delegating tasks. The less you collaborate, the more chances of failing to tackle important content marketing strategy and tactics.

When collaborating you can talk about:

  • Discuss how effective recently published content. Whether it was able to deliver performance or not.
  • Assess things that needs to be done in the coming week.
  • Discuss competition and rooms for improvement.
  • Collaborate on new topics, keywords and styles of writing.
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  1. Define specific business goals

What is the specific purpose for a particular set of content you wish to publish for, let say, a week or a month? Directly binding a particular goal for a particular content is actually the most efficient way of content marketing.

success is target

In short, what I am trying to say is, define the content’s goal. For example:

  • Lead generation
  • Brand awareness
  • Customer retention

When you do this, you actually have a better way to measure the success of your content marketing strategy. Allowing you to retain best practices, discard what don’t work and develop better tactics.

  1. Performance tracking

Content performance monitoring will allow you determine other factors that will help accomplish your goals. Do not discard any metrics that you can monitor.

Some people focus only on the ones that they feel relevant.

With the tools available online, say or Google Analytics. Monitoring and tracking content performance should no longer be a painstakingly dragging process.


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Today it is easier to monitor 4 of the most important content metrics that matter:

  • Consumption
  • Sharing
  • Lead generation
  • Sales

Any content that fails to deliver what’s written above must be re-evaluated or discarded.

  1. Customer centric

Content must be focused on the customer, not for you, not for the writer or for the brand. It always has to be for the customers. What is in it for them?


Furthermore, do not just make your output customer-centric, your whole strategy must also be focused on customers.

Understanding your customers’ personas will help you identify how they want to engage with your brand. Like:

  • What motivates your target audience?
  • Which types of content do they prefer and where do they go to access it?
  • How do you lead them to sales?
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  1. Content distribution

Where to distribute your content? Sure it isn’t enough to just have them published in your website. Majority of the time spent in creation is useless if improperly distributed.

High-quality content requires high-quality distribution.


There is a very low number of business owners who invest in high-quality content distribution. Often they only focus on high-quality content creation.

There are many ways to distribute content in authority websites.

This will not only help you promote your brand, but will guarantee your reach to wider and better customers.

  1. ROI calculation consistency

You can measure all the metrics mentioned above but without a clear calculation of the costs involved in content creation and revenues it brings in, your efforts might not be worthwhile.


Choose a good way to calculate and be consistent about it. This will help you allocate a good budget for content creation as well. In ROI calculation, there is no one method that works for everyone. Find the best for your business.

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