Life Coaching: How to Market the Idea of Success, Wellness and Happiness?

I am not a life coach and God knows I cannot be one! While I may have been an efficient sales and product trainer when I was in my twenties representing top western brands. I still lack plenty of aspects to become a life coach. But in 2016, I was pulled into the coaching market with a force like an un-escapable strong current.

Today, I handle several clients in the life coaching industry and continue to learn with them. But from what I truly understand, life coaching is selling something abstract, the idea of success, wellness and happiness are not really tangible, aren’t they?

There might be modules, manuals or books together with a life coaching package, but it is not exactly what consumers go for. They buy the idea that the coach (you) can make them successful, live well and eventually achieve happiness. As a marketer I can say it is more challenging than marketing an actual product that can be shipped and is tangible. A thong for men may be easier to sell than a possibility of an idea to work.

Life Coaching: How to Market the Idea of Success, Wellness and Happiness?

Why Do People Need Life Coaches?

Unlike psychologists, life coaching opens the idea that anyone can be help a person to become better in handling life issues or recover from an invisible illness, given that without a board license, you cannot diagnose or “treat” any form of illness. If you have the skills and knowledge on how to influence another person’s life positively, then life coaching is among the best career for you. People need life coaches for a few reasons, on top of these reasons; because they were sold to the idea.

Not until a person is sold to the idea will they need a life coach. Okay, my statement may be a little harsh. But truth be told, anyone who knows how to find the answer will not need a mentor. Life coaches are mentors for those who are lost in any aspect of life. It is our culture that is massively marketing the idea, you no longer need to create the need. It is out there, present and overflowing.

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In other words, since everyone is sold to the idea of stress, life problems and weight issues. Anyone who wish to become a life coach only needs to tap into this rich market of ready consumers. Which is mostly everyone, if you are not, then you are probably a life coach yourself.

How Do You Market an Idea to Confused Consumers in A Very Noisy Market?

1. Breakdown Life Problems. When we talk about life problems, there is just too many. For a life coach to be highly marketable, there must be one life problem he or she intends to be excellent at solving. Selling life coaching services as generic will not get you closer to the success you aim for. Why? Because when consumers look for a solution online (or offline) they have a specific problem in mind. You need to be that specific “problem solver” for them to attract their attention.

2. Choose One Issue and Market There. Startup life coaches must choose only one among the many trending issues that they might find appealing to match their skills. For example stress management, do not try to immediately jump into becoming a health and fitness coach without having at least a steady stream of clients from your initial choice. It simply doesn’t work that way.

I once handled marketing for one client who may truly be genuine in trying to liberate as many people from suffering. However, his belief in what he can do defies reality. Moreover, defies every rule of personal branding.

I emphasize many times of the value of personal branding, being branded as an expert of so many topics will get you nowhere. In my honest opinion, it will only confuse your audience and might get to the point of thinking that you are not genuine.

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If you are a wealth and success life coach, focus on that and once you have penetrated the market, you may find clients beg for your services on resolving other issues they may have in life. As you grow, you may experiment on positioning your brand on other niches.

3. Hire a Marketer. Alright, I know you are good at what you do, you inspire people and perhaps also possess exceptional marketing skills. Nonetheless, you will never be able to view your business from a different standpoint other than the owner. Your own marketing and success skills may as well be your poison if you do not consider working with a marketing expert.

Hiring a marketer will solve so much of your marketing nightmares. As you grow bigger, the demands of your business will get bigger. Imagine handling clients, writing content for your blog, maybe recording videos, participating in seminars and analyzing sales funnels and pipelines all at the same time. Even superman needs to prioritize who to save. Face the fact, as a life coach, you are still just another human.

4. Have a VERY Good Personal Story to Tell. Oh please, do not make it up! Thing is, I believe all our lives are rich with stories of failures to success or sadness to happiness. You just need to find that good story in your life that is highly marketable to your niche. Do not make up a story, consumers are wise enough to distinguish between fake and real. Even though you think you are a brilliant actor, in time, truth will come out.

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People buy stories. This is one fact in marketing. Notice advertisements are often containing bits of drama that involves something that the target market can relate to? It solves the puzzle. I can go on and on but its simply because, people love stories that are similar to them but contains a promised happy ending.

5. Collaborate! You need to collaborate with other coaches and expand your reach. You cannot and will not survive by being detached from the industry players. I would suggest go to an event, learn new systems or expand your market by using platforms such as beBee, LinkedIn and others to collaborate and share insights with other life coaches.

Bringing It All Together

Life coaching is a very saturated market, but you may find success if you consider tapping into specific issues that life coaching consumers are after. Use Google Trends then keyword research tools to enhance your content production if you consider marketing online as an option to get your clients lined up. If you are not considering online marketing, I wish you the best of luck!

You may be experiencing the worse of times in life coaching industry right now or just starting out to get established. If you are, it is best to hire a chief marketer to make sure that all your efforts are generating income. Stop wasting your time and money trying to apply tactics of other life coaches. What works for others may not work for your personal brand. A branding specialist or digital marketer specializing in brand positioning can save you from the nightmares of life coach marketing.

Contact me if you need any help setting up your brand.

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