Why You Need Online Reputation Management?

One of the biggest nightmares in running a business is counteracting human bias. The advancement in information technology made it easier for people to define your business and more often than not to attack your business. Shouldn’t these issues just go away, naturally? 

Unfortunately, that is not likely to happen. The whole idea of Online Reputation Management is to keep the health of your brand in great shape, especially online. It takes your business away from the bias of gossip and rumors and overwhelming false information about you and your business.

The algorithms were employed to make results for our searches more relevant, but the bias will always exist, for there is no way to prove to robots how you actually feel.

Here are some obstacles brands usually suffer from:

  • Website Smear Campaign

    Smear campaigns maybe started by your competition, a disgruntled employee or customers by starting their own website that comes up in search results when any keyword is triggered pertaining to you and your brand. Some people just don’t know how to play fair and this is very difficult to fight online without the special skills of a reputation manager.

  • Bad Reviews

    With the rising popularity of review websites, it is easy to submit a false review about you and your business. It is a waste of a business owner’s time to focus on taking down these reviews and it can stick for a while and drive away your potential business.

  • Copycats

    Feel like your idea is being stolen or misrepresented by a brand copying you? Your popularity can be stolen in the virtual world. Web traffic can be diverted by copying your genuine idea. You may be losing more customers than you think you do.

  • Social Media Smear Campaigns

    With social media platforms becoming a part of everyone’s daily lifestyle, it poses as one of the best avenues to attack a brand. A single post may not do you harm, but some tactics may involve actively posting on groups and pages that relates to your business – this has the potential to break your brand’s online health faster than you think it could.

  • Wrong Target Market

    Sometimes it is our own marketing strategies that misplaces our strategies causing a chaotic result. ORM streamline marketing tactics taking you exactly to the right direction. Online reputation management is your check and balance to ensure lucrative ROI.

  • Internet Trolls

    They exist, whether you like it or not, the infamous collective group calles “internet trolls” will somehow get in the way of progress. They do not know you, your business or have anything to do with it, but as you expand your marketing efforts they will try to be in the way. Why? No one knows exactly besides, for the heck of it.

Custom ORM

Every business has it own set of needs, from operations to marketing. Moreover, business scales vary, that is why I offer Custom ORM packages designed specifically for your business. The amount will mostly depend on your marketing budget and strategies employed will be only that you are comfortable to deal with at a given time. I am always open for free consultation. I take privacy seriously and your name or brand will not be exposed from consultation to implementation.

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Online Reputation Management Principles and Strategies

  • Algorithm Generated Search Results

    Search engines function by employing algorithm, meaning results are calculated based on set of rules set forth by the engine creators. Google, being one of the biggest search engines of today have numerous set of rules that determines the outcome of an individual search. To combat bad reviews, blogs or other smear campaign materials from ranking high on results, a strong SEO strategy must be applied to your paid and organic SEO especially on relevant keywords under attack.

    Only advanced search optimization skills can help eradicate or push ranking pages way lower in search results since it is close to impossible that reporting them will cause penalty. 

  • Popularity vs. Accuracy Measure

    There is no way that algorithms and AI can tell between the accuracy of a given information over a brand against the popularity of any circulating material. In this case, it is popularity that often advance the measure. Any smear campaign employing “click bait” will often trend and gain more traction than any accurate information. 

    Reputation Management involves tactics that deploys content that can dominate online platforms putting smear click bait campaigns at the background to as little to no audience.  

  • No Click, No Link Rule

    While it is tempting to talk about the bad PR or a funny meme about you and your business, it doesn’t really help if you keep on visiting the pages. It even does you more harm if you ask your family, friends and colleagues to visit and read it. What feeds anything online is popularity, a click will mean it is relevant and interesting, sharing links and even linking to it with your own produced content is giving it the blood it needs to exist with power. 

    This is just a basic advice I give people who are going through reputation issues.

  • Use Social Media... Properly

    While we can all assume that every business is on social media, that is just not true. Most business owners are on social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, but their business as separate entity isn’t. If there is one rule in branding business owners always get wrong is mixing and mismatching their personal lives with their business. 

    Facebook pages, company groups, twitter and instagram business profiles is a meaningful first step to ensure a healthy online reputation. Consider that! Brand reputation management ensures all systems are up to speed with only the best face for the customers to see.

  • Everything Sticks for a While

    Assume that everything published online sticks for a while. For brand-specific materials, it can even gain momentum. Due to the complex application of algorithm rules, a keyword or brand-specific keyword may trigger surface of materials that anyone may assume holding no power, but it can. 

    Anyone who blogs about you may come higher in search results compared to your company website if you do not employ a good management tactics on your online resources.

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Although my digital marketing business was founded in 2015, you can trace my customer service, sales and marketing roots back in 2005 when I first worked with companies handling brands such as, T-mobile, Verizon, AT&T, 411, Orange Telecoms S.A., and many more. I was in a product and training manager for offshore operations.  It was 2011 when I worked for a hosting company as in billing and finance that got me more interested in building websites and hosting service. 2015 I decided to be full time freelance digital marketing specialist serving clients across the globe.

I consider digital marketing to be my strongest skill and have been greatly appreciated by people. After hundreds of clients from various industries such as, real estate, telecoms, coaching, lifestyle and medical, my agency stands strong delivering the best services.

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