The Painful Road to Success in Blogging

You want to be a successful blogger of course. But your meaning of success must be very flexible when it comes to blogging these days. An overnight success is hardly ever happening anymore in the blogosphere, and that is a fact you need to face.

We are hardly filled in between the gaps of how success happened to most of the people who made real success in blogging. More often we hear only the good bits and mixed along with the marketing gimmicks on how you can be rich like them.

Blogging is more than creating content. Just because you write does not mean readers will show up. Unless you are a celebrity with an established name. Nonetheless, even celebrities and big bloggers need to keep up with the competition.

Blogging is a tough choice, and wanting to earn from it is a gamble. Now that the entire world wide web is saturated with blogs, it is even harder to penetrate a readership who might give you a few minutes to see what you have to offer. But that shouldn’t discourage you, especially if writing is engraved in your being and find joy in weaving words.

Don’t give up easily

Most people do, especially those who truly possess the skills to create compelling content. Why? Because of the bitter truth, no one comes and read it. After about 50 blog posts and you think you have written your heart out and even formatted the post at its best, and still no one comes, it’s often a call to give up.

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Not if you ask those who made recognizable success. Try reading this article.


Your initial window to gain traction from search engine traffic is probably after 6 months of blogging. To gain real and loyal visitors it will be years. Now if that is somewhat frightening you and think you don’t have time and guts for it, you can give up. The only secret sauce to blogging success is time and patience.

Create timeless content

At the beginning of your blog, it is better if you create timeless content. Meaning content that can be used as a resource by another person and always relevant. Doing so, you create a substantial volume of content that will still generate traffic in the months and years to come. If you remain topical and blog about things that will no longer be valued in the coming weeks or months, chances are, you will just be wasting your time.


Don’t even think of monetizing your blog at the moment

Trying to monetize your blog at its infancy is equal to making yourself feel even more terrible than you already do. It will only add to the stress. Consider monetizing after years of practice, probably by then you have a good amount of traffic that you can convert to sales for either your own product or affiliate products.

It is different for a business blog however. Business blogs must include sales and lead generation efforts at the beginning.


Blog religiously

While you need to allow time to ripen your blog before it gains traction from search marketing and promotion, it is not a reason to slack. You need to religiously blog. Not because it is an additional page for your blog, but because you need to show up. You need to learn new things and post every day, if not at least post thrice weekly. This will help you learn more and as you do, blogging becomes part of your routine and becomes easier.

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See success as a process

Instead of seeing success as a spot you arrive at, see it as a process. There are really no shortcuts in blogging success, even with the help of the known marketing influencers, if you are not making content, there is no success for you.

Success is the collective process that you invest in your blog. Once you start gaining readership, your view about blogging will change. Just keep blogging.

If you think you need help with your blog or content creation, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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