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Pat’s Noteworthy Progress 06-07/2016

Progress: Today I am on my first month publishing in

I thought it would be nice if I would write monthly about my progress to let myself and everyone else know whether I am failing or getting closer to my goals.

Goal setting is a strength I am revisiting. I somehow allowed other people set their ideas of my success in the past. They ended up frustrated and I ended up even more frustrated. That is just not going to happen again.

I am really considering including a “life story” category on this blog, but I do have self-mastery. Let’s see, how that will take form.

Let us go back to my noteworthy progress report.


·        1 month from my first blog post, I write better

Blogging is a journey. I have read from blogging gurus that I look up to, Penelope Trunk and Jeff Bullas that blogging is a great tool to improve your writing. I improved so much I have noticed.

Well I may be persecuted by my words because I keep on mentioning in this blog that I have writing experience. True, I am not a newbie but almost like one. With the changes in online publishing. Being stagnant for 4 years or so made me feel like “crawling” on eggshells most of the time.


When I say I write better I mean I am closer to the blogging style of 2016. It is different you know. Check this post by Neil Patel to learn how to blog better.

I remember how my first post looked and sounded like. I was just excited publishing content on this blog it really does not matter then how it would sound/read like. Nonetheless, I just went ahead and posted it and I am not taking it down to track my progress better. Judge me! <joke>

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·        1 month after publishing my first blog post, I have more twitter followers

My twitter has been dormant from 2013 -2015, I think. The last blog I intended to build and market was from a “dead” passion on tea, Its dissolved in the matrix. It is worth noticing that, even I had about 300 something followers on topics of #tea most of them unfollowed me because I was posting more about writing and content marketing. (I know that’s a shameful number, but I wasn’t active then)

Nonetheless, there was a rapid growth in my followers because of I publish regular content on this blog and tweeted it regularly. As of writing this I have 1,043 followers.  Shows that this is where my strength should be focused.

twitter progress

In short, it’s a noteworthy progress.

·        Some inquiries on my services

I had several inquiries on my writing services. In the past, without a website I only advertise on freelance boards and classifieds.

Owning your own website and blog really does get potential customers even just being live within 30 days. Nonetheless, I turned them down.

Here are the reasons why:

  • I hate basement bargain hunters. Content takes time to make and anyone paying $1 for 100 words can keep the money to himself. Its offending. This is the main reason there are a lot of bullshit floating online.
  • Some inquiries are just from the internet trolls, people who have nothing to do, they are just excited to use every contact form they encounter online. I am not even talking about spam bots. These are bones-blood- flesh trolls.


It is important that when you own a website, especially if you are a new one, that you are strong enough to say no.

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I would rather spend my time writing content for my blog than blog for a cheap price for someone who cannot value my time.

·        1 month after blogging, I can cope with my losses

Blogging and writing about advertising, social media, content marketing and “blogging about blogging” allowed me to cope with my losses.

  • I lost my best friend and cousin in 2014.
  • I lost my business in 2015.
  • I broke my relationship in 2015, husband left leaving each other harsh words to note for life.

So you see, it wasn’t easy dealing with some stuff, I learned though that life has to go on. Well that is after I tried many different things to cope.

Blogging pulled me back together to 1 piece as I establish my own brand I am rediscovering and empowering that writer, trainer and manager I once was.

I knew I have forgiven the past when I realized how excited I am with the future.


Check out my Self-mastery posts often to get inspiration when you feel low or just plain insights of how I am learning love, pain, attachment and anger. My main posts will always be in content marketing and blogging, and those may not show up in my front page feed.

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