The Problem with Overthinking Your SEO and Using So Many Services

I love discussing SEO and content marketing, but often I love to discuss it with people who at least have a clue what they are talking about. I may come across as “an arrogant expert” to most people, but in reality, I am a novice. I always say, “I am not quite sure what is wrong,” because each website that has been around for a while will have unique set of variables as to why they aren’t ranking.

One most common variant about this is keyword competition. If you are competing for a particular keyword ranking, it will depend on the niche and SEO competitors at play. Why? Simple fact that they are also applying SEO efforts as much as you do. To think that Google will favor only you will crush your dreams. Google has gone a long way from eliminating blackhat practices.


If you ask me and my speculative mind, I would say that Google’s effort is leaning towards, eliminating SEO specialists as they move their algorithm more to favor their own advertising platforms. It appears to me that they want businesses to be more comfortable in just using their products. Since no effort of your specialist will serve as a guarantee anyway besides what is common knowledge.

While Google simplifies SEO for everyone, it appears that it’s also putting all of us in a box, where your creativity will be challenged to create unique pages. But saddest part is that it narrows the ability of small to medium businesses to compete with the giants who have money to hire more people to produce just about everything and anything that Google favors.

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As such is the world of marketing, we can say that advertising dollars doesn’t matter, but in reality it does.

For example, a client shared a story he found on reddit about a guy in the similar niche we are trying to dominate who made $250,000 in one month off sales. As he shares the setbacks and failed strategies in the article. I noticed the amount of money that he spent on trial and error. In short, I found him to have lost about $50,000 also in just a few months by trying just about anything from link building, guest posting and also hiring a relatively big team of content producers – graphic designers and writers.

Lesson of the story, he gambled big money to get big money. That seems to be what the internet is all about, unless you are ready to take risks outside your comfort zone, you will be producing the same conversions. Yes, there are success stories out there of those who capitalized small and became big. Consider their niche, and when they became big. I highly doubt that they play at a saturated niche and was able to pierce through quickly, or successfully.

In short, a few hundred dollars a month that you spend on SEO and content marketing will still be no match to the thousands others spend, they will still dominate Google and convert higher than you. One brilliant mind that you hired will never equate ten of their workers, although only 3 of those may be gems of SEO and marketing.

Overthinking SEO poses great problems and conflict with your SEO specialist. The moment you keep on suggesting and doing stuff that the person you pay for to be in charge is not comfortable with, everything may just not work or progress to be slow.

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Say for example the thousands of websites capitalizing on SEO produce software that are intended to point out what is wrong with your website for you to subscribe to their SEO development. Their site may “deploy” bots to test your pages but overlook that real issues. While it can serve as a good outline to improve, not everything that “instant SEO analysis” provides is actually beneficial. For they see what is in the surface, unlike SEO workers who can really dig deeper on your market, analyze your competitors and structure of your site.

In other words, there is so much more about SEO beyond what is seen in the surface and any changes applied today, will take effect in a while, now that is relative to how big your site is. If you are talking about a blog with hundred posts, then it may be easier, but if we are talking about a full site with e-commerce included in it, the heavier your website it, the wider the window of perils are.

I say, since I often work alone, that give me time. But if you are impatient, pay me more. Not because I am trying to be an extortion but this will allow me to hire others to implement SEO tactics faster. What I can do solo in a day is nothing compared to a team. I may know stuff but I have limits.

So what we can come up with this post is that I am currently feeling pressured. Haha! In fact has been under a lot of pressure I feel like I am being thrown into burning flames each week. But that is one challenge I love and I am not giving up.

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