Rescuing Your Business

Rescuing Your Business By Blogging

According to Quora, a post by Robert Charles Lee, there are about 173 million blogs in 2011 and 152 million in the year 2013. Read the whole post with data references in this page of Quora.

Wordometer shows a count of global blog posts, as of the moment writing this it’s about 3,873,100. That’s just for today. Crazy numbers right?

Now what do you think is main reason behind these?

There are a lot of personal blogs trying to establish a business and a lot of businesses trying to add personalization to their brand.

Blogging became a tool for anyone who wish to establish a strong connection with a target audience.



Also, it sorts of leveled the landscapes of business and marketing. Anyone can blog, it doesn’t matter if you are an individual or a corporate brand.

If you feel like your business is losing, you might want to consider rescuing your business by blogging. Here are the reasons why:

1.      Building reputation

Blogging can create an avenue to collaborate and build trust among people who participate in the blog.



This type of rescue to your reputation is not confined within your manpower. In fact, it can have a huge impact to your customers, because you can inform them of important matters about your business.

Not only that, your active participation in the comments on your blog will definitely improve your customer service.

2.      Enhancing customer experience

Blogging is a definite way to enhance customer experience when the content is tailored to address common customer questions and complaints.


Further, tackling industry related topics will prove your expertise in the market without having to sell and promote the products.

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3.      Search engine traffic improvement

Blogging can improve search engine visibility. The flexibility of a blog post in terms of adding long-tail keywords improves search visibility with low risk of bounce rates because chances are, they are looking exactly for you.


You can find more details on SEO and blog in this post I published recently.

4.      Lead generation

Every blog post is seen as separate page for your website. Meaning you increase your website’s indexed pages each time you make a post.


As you increase content there is a greater chance for your pages to be crawled by search engine robots. The tendency is, as long as you keep relevant content with rich keywords that triggers ranking on relevant queries, you will likely be exposed to more leads.

5.      Brand awareness

Establishing and maintaining a blog is a sure way to increase brand awareness at low-cost. There are a lot of success stories coming from small to medium scale business.


Consumers are now relying on search engines for every type of information. Tapping into this rich vein of possible consumers will guarantee rescuing your business by blogging.

6.      Engaging with customers

Content that are thought provoking and relevant to your business will make your audience want for more. This will encourage them to come back every time they need any type of information related to your business.


A blog is not confined to text. You can add various types of visuals to enhance customer entertainment.

7.      Addition of personality to your brand

As you tackle fresher and trending topics, your brand will slowly be perceived not as automated. Consumers love to deal with humans, a blog can instantly humanize your brand simply by writing in a conversational way.

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Further, adding interactive elements will definitely make you stand out instead of just sticking with static pages on your website.


These are among a few reasons how a blog is an efficient way of rescuing your business if you feel that you are on the losing end. Nonetheless, a blog is only additional element that must be factored in your marketing, do not abandon all marketing campaigns and solely rely on blogging.

In fact, blogging can aid other marketing efforts of your business by serving as the PR platform or page to be shared in social media and email marketing. These things are worth considering.


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