Social Media or Emotional Media?

Social media marketing has not only evolved so much recently, but one particular subject worth noticing is how emotional everyone actually is. I wouldn’t know some of my friends are animal advocates and would even take time to post a crying emoji on trending posts about animal abuse.

I was so touched with this one friend who even begged the public to stop animal abuse. I almost forgot he once deliberately ran over a dog with his car when he was driving me home 6 years ago.

Group of pets sitting in front of white background

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It appears that emotional media marketing is a more appropriate term to social media marketing. Everyone wants to be viewed by others to be emotional and caring. The topic of this post is not about how fake people are.

My main point is how the public buy emotional content, any marketer would take advantage of this shift in trends.

The ability of social media to connect everyone on a global scale is a remarkable technological achievement.

However it appears:

We are all turning into emotional terrorists

I stay neutral when it comes to identifying the values presented in social media and always allow the understanding that technology is a creation existing within the society that created it. It is not independent and neutral to the needs of its users and developers.


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One obvious thing that proves everyone cannot resist emotional exhibition is when Facebook was compelled to add “how we are feeling” as a choice when updating your status. Then later adding other emotional reactions more than “like”.

fb status update

It’s a way to streamline the feeds and making it easier to be emotional on something, to some, on everything.

Social media nurtures our egos to always be in the know. For us to live within the boundaries confined within channel.

As someone who is in digital marketing and blogging. I find it difficult sometimes to stay within the middle path wherein I am safe from both sides of the extremes.


Nonetheless, I quickly pick myself up when I begin to recognized being totally submerged in everything electronic or the other way around, forgetting to update my knowledge that is essential to keep my job going.

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As a content marketer how do we navigate our moral compass in this extremely social world?

Where we choose to stand among the trending topics as a content marketer says a lot about our character. No one can deny that we spend hours and hours of analyzing which among trending topics we can utilize to bring the brands we are working on to the top.


We need to use every possible way to reach our target customers. If they are becoming emotional terrorists does that mean we are those making the explosives?



Think about it, if you are influential in your niche, it is easy to produce a content on a particular trending topic and make it explosive that you can assure the ripples will reach your farthest target audience. I find some content marketers who would try to expand their reach by deliberately relating their efforts to whatever is trending online. People seems to care less because they are just always content hungry.

I hope that we take into account that we also have duties. On top of duties as a content marketer, as humans offering honest and enriching content to our audience.

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