Top 5 Precepts of Making Money Online – Be Informed!

Before you decide on announcing to your friends this weekend that you will be quitting your regular job and become a full-time blogger/vlogger, make tons of money and change the world, I hope you read this no-sugar-coating article about making money online. I hope the precepts will guide you through some seemingly-idiotic life altering decisions.

I may sound like discouraging but I am not really. But if you have a good job and you are just feeling burnout and thinking blogging will save you, then yes, I am discouraging your stupid move.

I coached plenty of people whose businesses are mainly on making money online. I do not have a BIG brand out there, I coach based on what I know works. In fact I have been making money over the years by being in the background.

Moreover, I am also a blogging coach for fashion bloggers, food bloggers, travel bloggers and other bloggers thriving and failing in their niches. Haha!

Why others fail is because they cannot stick to the following precepts of making money online. If you do not want to waste another dollar or day, then take the following by heart:

1. Do not be a scammer

This is my number one precept because, let’s face it. With so many things out there that you could possibly sell to someone whose credit card is ready, you can make instant money by being a money-making scam.

By this I do not just mean actual “shippable” products. Even services can be a scam and it will revert back to be the bomb that will ruin your entire career in the end.

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For example, I was handling a marketing campaign once for somebody selling coaching services who claims to be able to help people. As we progressed in rebuilding his old brand and positioning his new brand, he cannot provide me with his credentials. Turns out the guy is just a total scammer, who pieced together systems he stumbled upon and sold to thousands of people.

While he probably made tons of money in the past, he is now spending money on trying to keep his reputation intact. The worst part is, he cannot stop those people who found out about his lack of credentials and ethics from talking about his money-making scam.

Scams will last for a while, make money for a while but the volatile nature of lies piled on every cyber footprint you make will eventually result to your destruction.

Besides, karma is an immutable law of creation, so do not play with it.

2. Do not think of and expect instant results

Frustration sets in when you read too much overnight successes published by people out there. Some say they made 2 blog posts and turned it into a 6-figure industry. While some are genuine and was lucky to catch the “lucky virus” others don’t and immediately quit. What happens next is that their blogs are forgotten and their brands that could’ve made it, dissolved.

Making money online takes time and there is much to learn and when you think you mastered something, you’d be surprised how much you need to learn further to keep up. Stop thinking that you can simply apply all the strategies you read from one successful blogger and the next day you are viral and rich.

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Go ahead and read as much as you want, but never compare or expect their successes and failures to yours. If you’re lucky enough, and by that, I mean hardworking enough and married your blogging or vlogging career, you might become the next success story everyone reads about.

3. Reach out to experts

Always reach out to experts and workers. Find someone to work with, either a blogging coach, a reputable and affordable digital marketer or a writer. When you expect you can do everything alone, you are on the wrong path to success.

Blogging success requires great skills and some are impossible to be embodied by one person alone. Say, a website design appealing to your audience with functions to generate money. You may think you are doing something great, but without an advice from a marketer, you might be doing something that appeals for one person only, you!

Reaching out to experts is an investment to your success and a great digital marketer will not hide facts and knowledge from you, while some may keep the “secrets of the trade” others are possibly willing to coach.

4. Write within your niche – never stop…

Write and write endlessly within the niche you wish to make money from. Stop wasting your time writing about something that does not appeal your target audience. When you are starting out you may be tempted to switch niches and write on other topics that you feel are actively swarmed by readers. This is a terrible idea and a great time waster.

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Write within your niche and just keep on writing there even if you have no readers yet and you will be amazed at how you develop how your writing style. You will not have readers unless you are an established writer offline with a name familiar to people. Otherwise, if you are just starting out, you need to be very patient in building your readership. It takes time but never impossible.

5. Do not outsource to cheap services

Outsourcing will either make your business blossom or destroy your business totally. No one can blame you for outsourcing to a dollar per 500-word article for your blog and content production. That is really cheap and let us cut the chase, most bloggers have ghostwriters. There is a stigma about this whole ghostwriting thing, if you outsource make sure that you remain to be the thought leader and fully giving all the commands on topics to be written to your ghost.

Going back to what I want to say, a cheap service may equal to cheap quality. Make sure you go for affordable but excellent service.

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