How Twitter Helps (or Not)

Honestly I am someone who never really thought of establishing a strong Social Media presence. I couldn’t care less of what is happening in Twitter and Facebook. My lack of care is evident to my lack of success in previous online ventures. I did have a few hundreds of following but my mentality has always been on search engine optimization and not social media marketing. I know, that was crazy.

After launching I realized there is no other way I can improve my initial traffic unless I first establish a good social media presence.

@complexiteapat, my twitter account, was then focused on tea. I have an obsession with tea in the past. But that has been inactive since I lost that passion in 2015.

I considered changing the account but then realized, why? I mean I might as well just use the same account with a few hundred followers. I knew pretty well I’d be losing that number because I will start tweeting about SEO, content marketing and blogging.

Complexitea was a brand dear to me, it is a reminder of a great failure in life that I am building my success and goals from. I need it.


In short, I lost my tea followers, but I was able to gain more. After a month of using twitter, I gained 1,000 new followers. Mostly are genuine and truly interested in content marketing. After I launched my website, my first month traffic was mostly from twitter. I wouldn’t have thought it possible to have such traffic with an ample amount of content. But I did write like a maniac, maybe 3 posts daily on my blog just so I can offer something fresh.

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Twitter is a good platform, a great platform actually but it is filled with spammers and false identities.

New people like myself who is gaining organic followers, meaning I don’t buy followers, are the best target to most spammers and deceitful accounts. But that is okay.

only real followers please

To gain real followers you must:

1. Follow real people. Follow genuine accounts from people you are really interested about. You’d be surprised when they follow you back, either its automated or they did it themselves. At least you are within their circle.

2. Do not follow spam and pornish/escort accounts. There are a lot in Twitter these days. You’d know it is something weird if you read their bio and it has nothing to do with any industry you are interested. Don’t be afraid if they unfollow you. It is better not to have a great amount of following but a fair share within your industry.

escorts on twitter3. Thank your followers. I do three at a time or five as a mention. Depends actually on my mood. But I do not automate. I like to review my followers and read their bio. Maybe because I have only over a thousand right now. But I am not dreaming of a million followers right away. I want to get to know what they’re all about.

4. Know your followers. Twitter can be a great source of inspiration when writing a blog post. You can easily understand what your type of content your audience is craving for. So read your followers bio and really engage with their tweets.

5. Be genuine with your RT and likes. Do not just RT and like everything that comes passing by on your feed. See which ones truly matter and relevant. Help reduce the digital footprint of scam accounts by being genuine in liking, tweeting and retweeting.

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Let’s get real people

Buying followers is for me the lamest way to have a twitter account. If you are a genuine blogger who wish to deliver your content to the proper audience, you wouldn’t do this. It may be hard to get real followers, it takes time. But you will see how you would value each of them and draw inspiration from those you have a sensible Twitter relationship with.

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