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Ways Around Duplicate Content

Reposting your content on your other blogs like in Medium or Quora is an appealing move for anyone who wish to grow loyal readers. Nonetheless, like every other blogger out there, we fear that Google will punish our blogs and never again be seen in search results.

Google punishment is considered the death of a website. But does it really still matter that much today? What about guest posting is it okay to post them as well on your website?

These are among the thoughts clouding my head for the past few days.

Traffic diverted by search engines are great. But as we all know it takes a while and the competition is steep.

Does Google’s algorithm have threshold on identifying duplicate content?

Matt Cutts of Google says duplicate content would most likely be ignored if it is not spammy. Spammy meaning keyword stuffing is obvious. That is quite a relief, because I really do not like keyword stuffing myself. See this post by Search Engine Land.

That solves it, but why are we still concerned? Because there is a lot of rubbish out there floating about duplicate content. Those are probably marketers who does not want you to take a lead or improve your traffic, so relax.

Wait, before you repost on other websites, you should:


1.    Make sure that you first post on your website

Posting directly on other websites might affect ranking though. Allow your content to sit in your blog for at least a week or two before reposting. Google appears to warrant higher page ranking where the content was first posted. So if you wish your website to rank higher than those you contributed the content to, follow this best practice.

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2.    Rel=canonical tag

Use rel=canonical tag if possible at the head of the page if posting for other websites. This tag will simply inform the crawlers that post was originally posted from the URL that you specify. There has been a debate about how useful it is or whether it really works. But it would never hurt to use it if possible.


3.    Alter the title if you can

If possible and you have time it is better to at least make minor changes to the title. This will help in your SEO but not totally save you from the duplicate content dilemma. If you have more time, a few alterations on the body might also help.

4.    Don’t forget links to your site

I am assuming you are not going to repost your blog without links going back to your website. Of course you need the traffic coming from the third party website. But it is best if you can drive them back at your blog where you can either offer them a newsletter or any of your products. Don’t forget to link back.

Okay, so I can rest my thoughts now about duplicate content, for now. Since it will not really hurt my currently invisible Google rankings, why should I bother. You shouldn’t too! Big names in blogging has been doing it over time to get more traffic, relying on guest posting alone will get you nowhere besides piled up emails informing you of rejection.

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