Why Your Blog Sucks

I am a hundred percent sure that the first person who thinks your blog sucks is you. Well, fortunately that makes the two of us alike, I think the same about my blog sometimes. Nonetheless, I have stepped out of that mentality and took on a road to improvement.

Not only improving my blog posts but improving the way I think about my work.

You don’t need to aim to be the best blogger in the world, or prove you are the best because you have a million dollars, like those infomercials everywhere. “Blog today and be a millionaire tomorrow,” if you believe in that, I wish you luck. Unless your idea of tomorrow is about 5 years from now.

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I am not being pessimistic here. In fact, I am dedicated to the success of my blog, but that success is not written on stone. I just simply allow my blog to be the medium that can make success a possibility.

Enough about me, let us talk why your blog sucks and not why mine does, I already have a very loud inner critique I want to shut up.

Your blog sucks because:

1.      You love writing a boring, irrelevant headline.

You just cannot stray away from boring headlines. It seems like someone is pointing a gun on your head and if you write something edgy, you will be shot dead. Maybe it’s just that you don’t like to get your readers’ attention. Who cares right?


I do! I use to write weird headlines and wonder why the post performs badly. Until I realized that I am the only one who can understand it. It’s not only weird, but it’s a definite waste of time. So don’t be like me.

Instead write headlines that is catchy especially when you share it in social media channels. You will definitely go a long way. Learn how to write catchy headlines by HubSpot.

2.      Your blog is “feature” focused or self-centered

If you are a business blog, I bet you think you are getting ahead by writing so much of your products’ feature. Wrong, no one wants to read features except the seller, as consumers we want the benefits. Sell me the benefits!

If you are a personal blog, I guess you love writing how great it is to be you. While I am happy that you feel good about yourself, I hope you write how I can feel great about myself too and relate.


If you are writing about a vacation you just had, write like I am involved, make me smell the sea as well through your words. Make me want to go to an airline website and book a ticket right away.

Communicate to your audience like they are the reason you are posting and how they can benefit from spending their time on your blog. This post by social triggers will give you a better idea how to capture your audience.

3.      Write outside your readership

If you do not know who your audience is, why are you blogging? Keep a journal instead and do not expect visitors. Nonetheless, if you are tracking your website visits, then you are concerned of targeting an audience.


Since you are concerned of your visitors, write for them. Stop being silly, they won’t read just because you published, they are reading because there is something for them in what you published. Being a narcissistic blogger will not take you anywhere. Know your audience by skillsyouneed.com will provide you a better understanding why.

4.      Don’t offer anything important

Just write down things that are incoherent, not even relevant to the search terms you are indexed. That is the perfect way to ruin your online reputation and waste your time and money.


Blogging is a communication, create content that is impressive. Content that not only your audience can relate to but something that can help them. Be the blogger that can help someone today through your magical words. This post from theminimalists.com will help in making your blog successful.

5.      You like block format, no spacing

Congratulations, you just earned the yourself the bars of gold in blogging. Continue writing with no spacing and you will keep on being awesome. Who are we kidding right?

The attention span of people online is different from that who loves to read J.K. Rowling. They know they are not reading a novel so please do not format your blog post like a novel.


Space it well. If possible shorter sentences apart from each other. Use lists. Online writing is different from print. You need to forget the indentions and spacing rules in print.

This is a different ball game. Noticed how I used spaces in this article. It would be illegal if I am writing something for newsprint. Learn about the attention span of online readers.

They say we have shorter attention span than a goldfish, read the full article here from time.com.

6.      You love writing without outbound links and images

You are just so good at content that sucks you think linking to another page will be doing them a favor, and of course, you don’t want give them your precious link because you feel like you are an authority website. Stop being delusional.

You need to link to another website to cite where you are getting your information, you are only helping yourself when you do.


Further, use images to divide your blocks of thoughts, it helps you become less boring. Humans love images, it is like chili in a dish, it adds kick to the overall flavor. Learn the truth how outbound links help your SEO through this MOZ article.

7.      You don’t care about other attributes

Image attributes, meta descriptions and tags are in no way going to help in making an awesome content. You probably have learned from world-renowned masters. Congratulations! If Google owns a pair of hands, it would have slapped you.

Meta descriptions or snippets offers preview of your article. You need it to give a concise short summary of what you are writing about.


Use all the tags and use relevant keywords. It will work wonders for your content and maybe make you less invisible. The importance of Meta Tags and its impact on SEO is deeply explained by wordstream.com, check it out please.

8.      Disable social media totally all throughout your website

Better yet disable the comments section so no one can ever type a word to give you a feedback. All the more reason that your blog sucks.


Aiming to get attention but not using social media today is plain stupid. So do not be as stupid as how I designed previous blogs that got nowhere and just diluted in the matrix. Be wiser, use social media everywhere possible in your blog. Importance of social media for blogs is better explained in detail by socialmediatoday.com. It is worth a read. Your blog sucks less if you follow it.


So you see, we can be less of a failure in content creation. A few additions and revisions here and there will not take a lifetime to make, so just apply it.

Before you check your analytics again and check your website performance, consider first to learn the best practices in making at least a good blog post. From there, start creating awesome blog posts.

The problem with most of us is, we are stuck into thinking that blogging is so relaxed and there is not much work involved. Sorry to tell you but blogging takes a lot of time and energy when you are just starting out. 

Nonetheless, those efforts that appears to be a lot of work, if done regularly will become natural to the blogger.

Make your next blog post a kick-ass or at lease your blog sucks less if you follow things above.

Let me know where I can find it. I enjoy reading other people’s blog.

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